507 – left overs

I never got these posted. Took me ages to get past the shirtless wet Steve. Actually, I´m still not completely done with those. Too yummy to forget 🙂 Anyway, here´s the 5.07 left overs.

Anyone scared of what a let down 5.08 will be 😉 I mean we all raved about Alex´s acting in this epi. I personally doubt any other episode will surpass the brilliant entertainment of 5.07… Alex deserves to work on “meatier” material. (why does this sound like I´m still drooling over all the skin we got to see…hmmm…)



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12 responses to “507 – left overs

  1. Leftovers….yummo. I will drizzle some gravy on him and lick away. OH did I say that out loud?


  2. karen1228

    You’re right, after 5.07 I’m pretty sure all other episodes will be a major let down. But 5.08 might not be so bad. We get to see Steve in a tux and that’s pretty incredible too! Love the gifs!


  3. Keeping with the “meatier” theme: Our Alex will always be the succulent,mouth watering filet mignon when the menu has just plain hamburger.
    He makes the most of every poorly written scene and of course, when we are lucky, he shows us some skin. 😛 Unfortunately in this episode, we had to endure watching his body once again be marred by the malevolent WoFat. Thank you for all your wonderful editing in the past posts. His torso is a canvas that should be stroked ever so gently. (Well, maybe a pinch and a nibble in the right places wouldn’t be bad.) :mrgreen:
    The uniform never looked better on him than in this episode! His hair was perfect, tie mostly straight, no scruff (for those that were complaining about it not meeting Navy uniform standard) and the dress blues fit him like a glove. YUMM!
    Also, I love all the buddy gifs. Especially the db-bye gif. 🙂 Fabulous!


  4. Colleen

    With people magazine announcement of this years sexiest man alive I can’t help but wish Alex would win. I know all if you ladies agree with me! 😊


  5. buttercup4u

    The white Navy shirt looks so hot on him!
    I especially like it (him) with the s1 kevlar! I could watch him do the “gun-dancing” all day long, and that little bit of white shirt btw belt and kevlar is frkn hot!!!! … not the mention his sun-tanned arms glistening against the white shirt (is that Navy conform to roll back the sleeves 😉 )?

    And concerning the fact that Alex deserves “meatier material” – I really want to see him in Baywatch Season12, I want him to wear those red shorts and dive into the ocean! Maybe he can take Chin with him 😉
    Thanks Paula, always a pleasure here!


  6. gracenotpark

    Heh! Meatier. Funny…but I do agree. 🙂


  7. well i’ll be damned, I adore a man in uniform especially if its Alex 😉


  8. Cyber Essie

    Hai Paula and Foyeur,

    I recently discovered Hawaii-Five-O en your website and I’m trying to read everything. I love your website, so thank you very much for that!!!

    I loved epi 5.07, so I have one request: can you maybe do a Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter with this episode please? I’m very curious to see the score!!!

    Thanks again for all the hard work you girls do for this website!


    • Hi, we saw the request, and I think this epi deserves another post. What it will be like and when, I can´t tell. I will leave it to Foyeur´s imagination. She´s got a wicked one 😉


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