Life around #AlexOLoughlin – 3 weeks in review (26 Jun – 14 Jul 2017)

Yes, can you believe it, hiatus for cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 ended more than a week ago already. It will definitely be a different kind of season for the show, and hopefully there are a lot of fresh new stuff to look forward to. Of course we are here to support Alex in his career and he remains our No 1 priority.

I am sometimes kind of bemused when people come here and try to insult us by calling us Alex-obsessed, and accuse us that we tend to place Alex on a pedestal. Well DUHwe are a fansite for him, so? And about the pedestal – most of the time he just gets himself up there, by who he is, what he does and how he does it. Sometimes those who work with him, or meet him, do it for us. They do it  without somebody even asking them for it, or them getting reward for it. They just can’t help but sing his praises. And most of the time, the praises are about him just being a very grounded dude who does his job with passion. What is there not to love about that?

Just to explain some of our logistics again, apart from this blog, we also have supporting pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. As we have done for the past two years, when fresh news and pictures come in during the week, we first post the worthwhile things on our Facebook and Twitter pages. At the end of the week, we make this summary post of all the latest stuff happening during the week and post as many of the pictures as we can find from people who post news regarding Alex. All our pictures and news will mainly be about him and things that affect him. We also try to add some fun to the post, and not just report the news ……

As always Thank You for those who take pictures and post pictures of Alex. And Thank You to those who find pictures that were posted in obscure places away from the tags where we normally look for new information – if we can see who found it we will normally credit them for the find. And Thank you to Bee for helping us locate all the stuff that we need to post – You are a star!

Here are some of the accounts that are worth your while to follow to get regular updates of pictures:    ,    ,

Most of the pictures we add here are cropped and edited to correct some parts of it and to make Alex more visible. And remember that the credit and links to the original posts are in all in the names. And you can click on the pictures to make them bigger in order to see better.

Hope you enjoy our first post for the new season!

Life on the Set (Season 8):

  • Filming at the pool at the Hilton Hawaii Village.

anelawings  5-0 in the house 🤙🏻#hawaii50#H50 #hawaiifive0 #five0redux


sheila_piggy #hawaii50 filming in the #hiltonhawaiianvillage this morning 😍😍😍


Hawaii Isla 808  (12 July) ·This morning July 11, 2017 shoot filming near Hilton Hawaiian in Hawaii. Alex Oloughlin and Scott Caan today..


Joe Gizzarelli (12 July) Look who’s filming Hawaii Five-O right now at the hotel we’re staying at!!!


ryanimal47  Got be with the Hawaii five-0 cast for the day at the tapa tower

Kimferly Ann H. Ocampo-Vidal ·Hawaii Five-O Season 8 in Action

  • And if any of you are wondering who the actress is who are on so many of the pictures on set with Alex and Scott – It is Meaghan Rath. And although we could speculate that she might be a new regular cast member, there are no official news about it yet and we do not know if she is just a guest star in this first episode or if she will be there for more. Guess we will have to wait and see during the next few weeks if she remains on set, or if any official information about new cast members come through. Please don’t jump to conclusions and condemn the poor woman already before we know more.


Life on the SetVideos:

  • Posted by Hawaii Isla 808



  • You can spot Alex in the middle of the screen greeting people.



  • Alex and Scott with Meaghan


Life on the Set – Earlier days:

(‘New’ old pictures found by the scouts)

David Stoker (20 November 2010)  Hawaii 50 filming today at the church. Here is a photo of Alex O’Loughlin who plays Steve McGarrett. Very nice guy. In fact the whole cast and crew are super nice. They are great representatives of the Aloha spirit of Hawaii.
Hale Koa  (21 January 2011) ·  Hawaii Five – 0 at the Hale Koa Hotel

Fan Photos:

  • New fan photos from the set this week:

jeffreys808  #hawaii50 is still here shooting at SIN lounge, but I think I need to stop sneaking shots to Alex. Haha! #tvshow #hawaii #McGarettgettingallbus


djcox15 Met the boys #Hawaiifiveo #h50 #hawaiifive0cbs


Other News for the week:

  • The new season kicked off with a Blessing ceremony at the studio on 7 July, with no footage from any news outlets. We only got some glimpses of the event. It looked like everybody was in good spirits. Of the main cast Alex, Chi and Jerry were there.
  • Blessing:

alexnwunderlaaand  Blessings on blessings 🙏🏼🎬🥂 #HQ #hawaiifive0season8

(Alex and Chi standing with their backs to the camera)


Dennis Chun  (8 July) Update from #dennischun Aloha, Most meaningful and beautiful Blessing Ceremony today. Great to see everyone and feel the eagerness to begin filming. Have a feeling that Season 8 will be a most unpredictable, meaningful and exciting one.
Mahalo all your aloha and support.
Malama Pono


Angela Gerstner (8 July ) Saved the best for last. Here’s a personal message I got from a crew member about this Friday’s blessing ceremony of H50 Season 8. I would like to share this for my fellow Alex and H50 fans: “Alex gave a great uplifting speech today. And Lenkov spoke highly about the cast and crew.”

  • Short Video taken at the event:


Alex and Charity:

  • Congratulations to Lynn who came in as the highest bidder of the CharityBuzz auction at $13 500. I am sure Taylor’s Gift Foundation and Alex are grateful that the bidding went that high. Lynn, we can only wish you the best of times there in Hawaii, and hope you enjoy you time on the set with Alex.
  • Here is a post from somebody who on a previous occasion also won a bid – this time not spesifically to meet Alex, but apparently Peter arranged it for them.

@PLenkov CharityB auction tomorrow also reminds me of how gracious you were in letting me & my dad meet Alex 2yrs ago when we won. Thx again

Alex & Family:

  • Belated birthday wishes to Alex’s eldest son Saxon, who celebrated his 20th birthday in the beginning of July.


Next Week:

  • They should wrap up with the first episode of Season 8 somewhere during this coming week and move onto Episode 8:02. Can you believe it?



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54 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – 3 weeks in review (26 Jun – 14 Jul 2017)

  1. Okay ladies maybe it’s me but have any of you noticed that the recent pictures (even when greeting fans) there is no wedding ring? I am NOT wishing/hoping anything bad…i just know from other past articles and even a blooper reel that he wears his ring all the time (and he even forgot to remove it during filming). I hope things are okay.

    Looking forward to Season 8 and wondering what stories will unfold as the season progresses.


  2. I’m glad he’s happy. Please be careful when you come at someone like you did with me it came across and rude….as I stated before it was just an observation.


    • It was meant to be rude, because that is how rumours start – with ‘innocent’ comments like that. I needed to reply because it is BS.
      I am so tired of people just coming here and posting BS. What about – thanks for the nice wrap-up of the week. We appreciate what you do. Alex looks great. Great to see them back at work?
      I always wondered why Mizzoh became so abrupt with people at the end before she closed down AOLR – by now I understand.


      • It wasn’t meant to start a rumor I apologize if it seemed that way. I will not comment on my “observations” any more but at the same time you could easily have approached it a different way instead of being rude. You could have said something like, “please don’t post things like that as it can be construed as a rumor…” I would have understood but being rude makes yourself look bad and hurt others in the process.


      • I have posted before about thanking you for all you do.


  3. mamayorkie

    I am only responding because I want to see if my WordPress problems are solved. I have apparently also screwed up Mostly again and I think Sam may be pissed at me.

    Otherwise, I m looking forward to a terrific S8 and a mellow cast.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. karen

    How MUCH money????? Wow. I hope Alex lets her hang around all day! I’m sure I know who she is. How wonderful for Lynne. All the comments from the cast and Peter appear very upbeat and positive. Fingers crossed. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “Alex gave a great uplifting speech today.”. Trust him to bring peace, joy and professionality where he steps. S8 will be great, you’ll see!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Cassandra

    FOYeur thank you for your post. No truer words were ever spoken! By the way, those individuals who say that we are Alex obsessed and putting him on a pedestal…..seriously????? What are they doing here at AlexOLouglin – An Intense Study????? What would they expect to see? We are fans – staunch fans!!!😍😍😍

    Also I want to thank all those who contributed those wonderful pics and videos esp of the S8 filming. Alex looks quite well😍😍 I must say. I am totally psyched about the new season! I hope H50 S8 does well by us and gives us the best they can shell out. Loyal fans deserve it!!!!!
    I’m in it for AOL!!!!♥️♥️♥️ Yes I’m obsessed!!😍♥️😍♥️

    Liked by 2 people

  7. DoubleL

    I’ve always ♥ loved ♥ that first picture. Wish they’d let Steve wear jeans more often. Thanks for the wrap up and pics!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Lulu

    You did a great job finding all these pics, most of which were new! Alex looks well and, hopefully, does not hurt himself anymore doing stunts. I’m looking forward to S8 and more Alex!!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Great to see cast and crew back and also your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Michael Rose

    Always liked Alex and I hope he stood up for Daniel & Grace. When I read here that the “whole cast and crew” were there. I must admit that I felt a bit sad. Only time will tell if the show makes it through S8. IMHO, it won’t, they for sure lost this loyal viewer…


    • gracenotpark

      DDK said the cast were all supportive. And I imagine they were, Alex in particular. This crap endangers his Show and screws with the honed equilibrium of it. And given that Alex is THE lead, #1 on the call sheet, the one who pulls the heaviest load, it likely makes even more work for him now. I’m sure he preferred the co-stars had stayed.

      And I don’t know specifically why you are no longer watching, but I likely would understand. Alex makes this show. He IS this show. Alex is THE ONLY reason I watch H50. I never watched, and never will, the S2 eps he missed due to his medical issue. If he leaves 5-0, so do I. Pronto. There’s a shite-ton of folks just like me. I imagine many posters here, on this site, feel similarly, including our 2 very generous hosts/mods.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I’m with you Grace. I watch H5-0 for Alex. I too can’t get trough a re-watch of S2 when he was going though his health problems right before our eyes. It heart so much to worry about him the way we did. I’m glad his stem-cell therapy is doing him good. I hope he takes full advantage of his stunt crew to give us the best McG they can safely. He’s gonna have a lot of weight back on his shoulders this season without Daniel and Grace to lighten some of the load, but I have faith in our man to give us his best as always. Alex has never phoned it in and I don’t expect him to start now. ♥

        Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Michael
      Can I just ask? Where did we write: “whole cast and crew”
      I wrote: “Of the main cast Alex, Chi and Jerry were there.”
      Of course we are all sad, but. Daniel and Grace made a choice – they left. And they were a BIG part of the Ohana. But for them it was just another job. Maybe some dedicated fans like you were more invested in them and their characters than they were.
      If you watched the show for one of them – then it is all good to leave. I can certainly understand that. I watch for Alex, and would diffinitely not watch it if he was no longer there.
      It will truly be sad if hunderds of people (cast, crew, stunt team etc) abruptly loose there jobs if the show does not make it and it ends halfway through the season. Them losing their jobs make me a lot more sad, than two already well paid people deciding to leave.
      If the people know in advance that the show will end, then at least they could look for something else to earn a living with.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. kathysr

    Thanks for the videos and photos from the first few days of shooting Season 8. It’s exciting to see everyone. In the videos, several crew members touch Alex, lightly embrace him or give him a quick kiss on the cheek. Alex, Scott, Chi and Jorge have to be feeling a little lonely right now. They’re missing two good friends and great cast members. Starting the season without them has to feel odd and unsettling. In one video, Alex is pacing around a lot. People are teasing him about his shirt collar. Scott flips it lightly in one video. Later on, some other people do the same thing!! It’s cute to watch. I think everyone’s just teasing Alex to relax him and to let him know that they’re there for him.

    I hope that everyone had the opportunity to say good-bye to each other and to let one another know how much they care for each other, since they’re not getting the chance to do it in person on set. I wish Daniel and Grace the absolute best. I’ll miss them deeply. I wish THEY had agreed to come back to say good-bye in person. It appears that they chose not to do that.

    I hope that somehow, some way, sometime during this season, Chin and Kono visit FIVE-O so that Steve, Danny, Grover, and Jerry can give them the emotional and loving farewell which they deserve. We the fans, and especially the cast and crew, who worked with them for seven years, all deserve a genuine, heartfelt farewell to two beloved characters on the show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • From the looks of pictures I saw. Grace had a very nice send off from the cast and crew. She gave everybody in the crew presents and they gave her a signed surfboard. I think everybody knew she was going.
      Daniel also got a send-off with a small party and fireworks etc.
      I think in the end there was still a small chance that they would come back – but I think at the time at the end of filming everybody already knew that the writing was on the wall.
      Daniel also already started saying goodbye, when they began shooting the last episode. By then, his mind was kind of made up already, I think, if you look back at the posts he made.
      But I agree, that hopefully the characters will also be well remembered by the script and the other characters will mention them – with good and heartfelt reference to them leaving.

      Liked by 2 people

      • kathysr

        I’m glad to hear that, I didn’t know. Where did you see this information?Was it posted anywhere? I do remember seeing Daniel with the fireworks in the background. I just thought that was for the end of the show, not especially for Daniel. lol, leave it to FOYeur to know everything!! Thank you, that makes me feel a little better.


        • The fireworks was not really for him I guess, but they were all there shooting at Kamekona’s:

          Pau. Thanks to everyone for another great season. Hope you like what our finale has in store. Cheers!🥂#H50

          A post shared by Daniel Dae Kim (@danieldaekim) on


        • Here was when they started to film the last episode:

          … Into the final homestretch we go. #tbt #H50

          A post shared by Daniel Dae Kim (@danieldaekim) on


        • Here is Grace with her signed surfboard on her last day of shooting:


        • Cast and crew saying goodbye to Grace:


          • gracenotpark

            Thanks for posting these pics and, as it turns out, hints of how things had already turned out.

            I enjoyed Grace and Daniel. But as I’ve said, I’m in this for the Alex. So I await this season and wish those who left the best year off ever, and to Alex and his fans, the best season yet!

            Liked by 2 people

          • kathysr

            Thank you for these photos, which clearly show that Grace was given a heartfelt “good-bye” and also that she officially left the show at the end of Season Seven. Which is why, to me, the news that she was negotiating (right up to the very last minute) to appear in Season Eight is strange. Guess CBS had a change of heart and tried to lure her back for an 8th season?

            I thought Daniel was saying good-bye to us for this season, not forever. Once he was green-lighted for his new show, I did wonder how he would be able to integrate his new, exciting and very time demanding duties as Executive Producer for a TV series on ABC (shooting in a different location) with his equally demanding job as a lead character on HAWAII FIVE-O on CBS. So, I wonder if part of Daniel’s new package included asking for a reduced workload on FIVE-O. Grace was negotiating to appear in twelve episodes. Daniel was probably asking for something similar, to accommodate his EP duties.

            This is just my opinion, but I don’t think CBS could handle three of its four main cast members asking for reduced air time and for the FIVE-O shooting schedule to be juggled around their other lives and careers. It would cause chaos.

            Thanks again. I’m looking forward to Season Eight and let’s see what happens!! I hope Peter steps up and writes great episodes. He really does write some of the very best. Peter, give us some great Steve-centric stories again, like the golden olden days. Bring back his sister? Where the heck is she? How about what’s in Mom’s diary? Where did Joe White go? Will we see Alicia Brown again?

            All the great storyline possibilities are right there.

            Liked by 1 person

  12. Ally

    Thank you as always for the wonderful pics! I admit that I’m a person that hates any kind of change, but for some reason I’m really excited about season 8! Alex looks great and well-rested. I’m looking forward to seeing him this season.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mamayorkie

      I am like you. We sometimes resist change but when change is forced on us, the human spirit rallies. Here’s to safe stunts,and no serous injuries, less mean spirited, over done “bromance” dialog, more interesting characters and quality story lines, continuity, strong intelligent women, no “fake-funny ” therapy sessions which belittle a very real problems faced by many, and the answer to the show’s most burning question— Where is Alicia Brown?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks for keeping the humour Mamayorkie.
        Agree whole heartedly with your wishes.
        I think Stebe is keeping Alicia in the basement of his house – 😀
        My big question will always remain – what was in Uncle Leonard’s box?

        Liked by 1 person

        • mamayorkie

          Uncle Leonard’s box? Bet the writers forgot all about that one. We get new writers, so the old stories out the window. I never realized Steve had a basement. I thought it was just a crawl space under the house because it was so close to the beach. I wonder what other toys he has hidden. Now there’s a game for us to play. What would McG hide in his basement. Oh the possibilities!

          Liked by 1 person

      • Ally

        I’m not able to do the like button so I’ll just say, thank you mamayorkie! You said it all and with a touch of humor. I too, wonder where Alicia Brown is! Here’s to season 8!!

        Liked by 2 people

  13. gracenotpark

    Ladies, I loooooove this post! Well and beautifully (and with a lovely dose of humor) said, Foyeur, and as always perfect pics. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Ladies I love your wrap ups they are so well done and researched. ((HUGS))

    I’m looking forward to S8 and hope things go smoothly for everyone.
    Chin and Kono will be sorely missed and I find myself feeling melancholy watching our fab 4 in past episodes working so well together. I too don’t like change, but life will force change on you so you just have to learn to role with it or get crushed.
    I’m also looking forward to another year of our “Alex-obsession” being thoroughly explored here at AOLIS! I’ve been blissfully obsessed coming up on 10 years now and I’ve yet to see my feelings for our man Alex fading away in the least bit. ♥ Y’all keep this blog going and I’ll keep visiting for as long as Alex wishes to keep entertaining us. ♥

    Liked by 2 people

  15. MetooAnnie

    Thank you also for this post. I’m hoping this year will be one the best. My only concern is the fact that Steve is supposed to be sick. Hopefully whatever treatment he supposedly went or is going through brings back the former healthy Steve. If for some crazy reason this Season 8 is the last that CBS wants then maybe and hopefully we will see Chin & Kono again. Maybe at some sort of reunion or wedding. Love your post and am always looking forward to them. Please keep up the great and time consuming site.

    Liked by 3 people

    • kathysr

      Ooooh, a wedding! I love that idea. Hmmm, now who do we think might get married? At the end of the series? Hmmmm, maybe Steve?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks MetooAnnie
      I guess whether we see Chin and Kono back, will all depend on the terms on which they left the employment of the Network. If there were bad blood between them for some reason, then maybe not.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mamayorkie

        Maybe Kono, but I doubt Chin. Sad, really but it is what it is. I just hope the writers don’t kill Chin or Kono to explain their absence.


  16. If the writers do a good job, by ep 3 Kono and Chin will only be a happy memory and they’ll fade away. As long as Alex is there, no worry!

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Almost cheered when I read Grace’s comments above about it being Alex’s show, was tempted to private email FOYeur and Paula to say as much, but you beat me to it. Feel so strongly about this as most of us here clearly do, but have to try to keep a check on this obsession of mine!
    Lovely to see all the affection towards Alex as he moves around the set, all the touchy feely things from so many, and also to hear that he made a speech to Cast and crew. What a beautiful man.
    Hopefully new doors open as others close for him and H50. Still hoping to see S8 here in Australia otherwise will have to wait to buy DVD.
    Thanks FOYeur for your fantastic work, you are the voice of reason and constant support of Alex. Hope he knows someone who reads AOLIS and tells him how much love there is here for him and his work.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Thank you esp. for your introducing words FOYeur. They are oh so true! I found myself nodding while reading.
    It’s so much fun seeing Alex back and surrounded by people who appreciate him so much. Would’ve loved to be the fly on the wall during his speech. I remember his spontaneous “Relay for life” speech and he was really good at it.
    I can’t help and I can’t really explain why, but I’ve got a feeling that season 8 will be a really good one. Maybe the new changes will lead to a breath of fresh air!
    My wish? You know me, I would love to see tons of McGrover scenes. And Duke joining the team would be wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I also wish for more and better stories between Steve and Grover again. The two of them are great together and fun to watch.
      I somehow feel that Duke as part of the team will not be good – they need somebody at HPD to have there back and support them. If Abby is gone, then they will need him to still be there. They can maybe just give Duke more to do.

      I am forever an optimist about the show …. maybe your feeling come to life. That will be great!

      Liked by 3 people

  19. lindae5o

    Another great post, Foyeur !! Thank you. I’m happy and gratified that Alex is
    so well-liked. I hope everything goes well for him and he stays healthy and injury-free this season.
    I always believed Grace and Daniel were leaving, regardless. I hope the nastiness and negativity that was generated by some, will be forgotten.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. lindae5o

    In this thread, Kelbelle made a reference to Grace Park having said ‘this is Alex’s show’. Can anyone tell me where she said this.


    • It was a comment made by gracenotpark on this very page, not Grace Park actress. No wonder rumours spread


      • My bad, I see I have misquoted gracenotpark, but the drift is veeery similar. And my apologies if anyone thought I meant any disrespect to cast and crew. Not at all, just IMHO Alex is the leading man, central character, and I only watch for him even tho no man is an island as FOYeur also stated. Phew, let my inner mother hen out there for a minute 😉


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