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H50 5.08 – Steve McGarrett stills

I got carried away a bit with this episode. Alex looked amazing, and really hard to delete any of the stills. And for some reason I think black and white goes well with tuxedo pics 🙂



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #101

We continue our story from here

Because this is my account of Steve’s story, I just want to remind again, that the thoughts I write are not a review of the actual episode, or to evaluate or reflect on it at all. There are plenty of great episode reviews out there and they are all worth reading. 🙂

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So let’s get on with the story………

Aunt Deb and her fiance Leonard arrive, via a cruise liner, in Hawaii. Steve meets them as they disembark. Aunt Deb met Leonard at a cancer support group and they immediately knew they belonged together. Steve is a bit shocked when they break the news to him, about them getting married the next day. He does not really trust Leonard and gets Jerry to investigate him.

Sorry ,  but I am going to moan about stuff again – I did not really expect any mention of the horrible events of the last episode, by any of the team. But I feel disappointed about a great opportunity lost, of having some mention of the drama with WoFat!! Something without too much focus on it, but just as a mention or acknowledgement that it actually happened…. so what do I mean?

If Aunt Deb had no knowledge of the  WoFat drama, that would be completely understandable. I would also not tell  all my troubles with a psychopathic killer, to a sick aunt (or any aunt for that matter). But why does Aunt Deb not ask or say anything about his scars? They made it so carefully for continuation, why not use it? Why not use it for a little mention of what happened? Why did Aunt Deb not just touch or stoke them lightly or lovingly and asked Steve what caused them? Or at least show some concern about them? With the little we know about Aunt Deb’s character, it seems a bit odd that she does not show interest in it at all?! 😦

Steve could have maybe then just answered her, that it was a long tragic story that ended with great relief. And that he can not really explain it all there, but that he is okay now and moving on….

On the other hand, if Aunt Deb did know anything about the WoFat drama, she could at least just have touched Steve’s boo boo’s and asked if he was okay now.  And he could have said that it was a great that that chapter in his life ended.

……. like I said, just some small acknowledgement, with a few words!

After confronting Aunt Deb about Leonard’s past with some criminal clients, she tells Steve how she found love at last.

Deb: And now, I can leave this earth, knowing that I have experienced the most profound life altering thing a person can. I just hope that some day you’ll know how wonderful that feels. Steve, you’re so willing to risk your life. When are you going to be willing to risk your heart?

Steve: I did.

Deb: Where’s Catherine?

Steve: She’s in Afghanistan, Aunt Deb.

Steve goes on to tell Deb of Cath and him going there to find Najib and that she stayed behind to go looking for him.

Steve: Catherine found him. He is okay, but she is worried that the Taliban will come back. So she is set to stay a while, trying to protect these kids in the village. She’s teaching in a littles school. She’s making a life.

Deb: So she’s not coming back?

Steve: ………. she said to me I shouldn’t wait for her. That she’s found her place.

Deb: Oh honey, I’m so sorry.

(I just want to mention here, that Alex looked so freakin gorgeous in this scene – my “old” heart can hardly take it! *sigh* )

I know Aunt Deb is older and wiser than me, but I just want to add that that profound life altering love only happens when both partners love equally. So risking you heart, might not always bring the life altering love…….

I really do not want to say much about this, because I have shared my thoughts about Cath on many occasions already. Other than killing Cath off, this seems to be the best way they could have ended her story and give her character some respect (or did they end it?). For me there is still that door that they left open – and I do not know why?  Only death or finding another guy to fall in love with, could have been more final. I just feel this whole Cath/Michelle Borth-fiasco should end now – together with all the online ugliness surrounding it! (Please).

I also just want to mention, that fans who want to believe that Steve never loved Catherine, are actually now calling him a liar. Here he says without a doubt, that his heart belonged to Cath!!

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 My other general thoughts

  • Just in regards to the case of the week – the writers did a great job motivating why the mother hired the hitman, and then they (the writers) mess it all up at the end for me! Why do I say this? The Cougar lady said that the mother felt guilty about what her husband did to other people, and then she tried suicide by taking pills. Cougar lady told her to stay strong and think of her kids. So that is why she actually then “committed suicide” by gunman. But then in the end everybody thinks she just wanted to look after her kids with all the money. I would have written it, that she actually wanted to give her children their dignity back, by not only giving them the means to look after themselves, but also the means to give back to the people that their father have wronged. That would have given her choice a LOT more dignity. At least it seems that Steve & Danny thinks the boys would do the right thing – I would have just prefered, if they (the writers) also thought that that was how the mother intended it to happen.
  • Scott looks a lot more relaxed this season, no more frowning all the time and looking like he would rather be some place else – maybe fatherhood has given him some sort content, in life and with his work on H5-0? It is also good to see that he is more visible off screen as well, with him doing some nice interviews with Alex, after 2 years of not attending any H5-0 promotions or doing interviews for it. Together with it, Danny seems more digestible this season.
  • I also think the producers/writers or shoot planners (or whatever you call them 😀 ), somehow are getting the rotation and scenes where Danny is involved better done, and accommodating Scott’s off periods better. And also the 5 Five-0 members get swapped around better, giving the others resting periods as well. It is hardly visible, that there is always one of them missing. Really a lot better done than in Season 4. Let’s hope they can keep it up.
  • I personally think those expecting to see any serious PTSD stuff happening with Steve, can just forget about it. This is a procedural that does not have time for that type of drama in a main character’s life. (I also think that Alex was maybe even making a little bit of fun of the PTSD expectations, in the interview on ET)
  • Just my thoughts on the mystery box (I think most probably a scenario set up for season series finale) Traveling with a weapon, most probably a gun (even when wrapped nicely), on a cruise liner might not be permitted?! I am not that lucky to have travelled on one before, but I am sure they would do some sort of scans on luggage, like with air travel, to make sure that no weapons get on board? But then this is the Five-0’s and anything goes! 🙂

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 508 –

Ka Hana Malu (Inside Job)

To be continued here


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