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#AlexOLoughlin Pic for the day – Steve making us sigh

Many of us have noticed that Alex seems to be getting more handsome each season on H50.

There´s few stunning moments where his beauty just makes me lost for words.

This “quiet” moment in 5.06 was one of them, for me…




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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #95 (Some more Steve lite)

We continue our story from here

Danny is interrogating Marco in the blue room.

And my mind is spinning. Danny is wearing different clothes than when we last saw him. And I’m wondering about the time-lapse. Last time we saw these two, they were in Danny’s house. If this is not happening immediately after Danny found Reyes in his house the day Steve got shot, when then? When we see Steve, he also shows no signs of his leg injury and he is already driving again. And of course the Camaro is already fixed from all the bullet holes it got that day. 😀 So it really looks like at least a few days must have passed. How did Danny then get Marco here in the blue room now? Did he just walk up to him on the street again and arrest him with no cause or was he holding him (illegally) somewhere the whole time? 😕

 I’m a bit confused about why the Detective in Danny, did not ask Marco what it was that Matt had of him 3 years ago? Why did they not finish the first conversation between them? It just does not make sense to me.

But let’s continue and you will see what I mean….

Danny: I ran you through Interpol. Marco Reyes, clean record and prominent real estate developer. And Colombian. That’s all crap, right?

Marco: I understand that you’re upset with me  for showing myself into your home, but I really saw no other way to reach out to you.

Danny: Well, up here we have a device called a telephone.

Marco: Yeah. But some business should only be done face to face.

Danny: Okay, let’s talk then.

Marco: When your brother disappeared he was in possession of a significant amount of my money.

Danny: How much money?

Marco: Eighteen and a half million dollars.

Danny: Wow, that’s a lot of money. I unfortunately don’t know anything about that. I haven’t seen or spoken to my brother in 3 years.

Marco: I’m sorry to hear that, because I’m here for my money.

Danny: Well then you have come a long way for nothing.

Marco: Detective Williams, you ran me through Interpol. So you know who I am. Do you really think that I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t get what he wants?

Danny: You’re not listening to me. I don’t know anything about your eighteen and  a half million dollars.

Marco: Well you better then go find it, Detective.

A bit Weird that Danny found nothing illegal about Marco at Interpol, but Marco still thinks the info must be telling Danny how ruthless he is 😕

Steve arrives at the blue room and they talk outside.

Steve: Why is he coming after you, if Matt owes him money?

Danny: Well, I guess because he thinks I know where it is.

[Steve gets a call from Chin]

Steve: We got to go.

Danny: What about him?

Steve: Book him for burglary. Have HPD take him on a nice slow walk through the system. Maybe a few days in the whole will help Mr Reyes realise who he’s dealing with.

And there it is again – book him for burglary – after finding him in his house a few days ago?

A Navy SEAL’s daughter is kidnapped and it is very personal for Steve…….

While Danny and Steve is driving trying to solve the case, Danny gets a call from Duke about Marco.

Steve: Marco Reyes?

Danny: Yeah. His lawyer showed up, arranged for bail. So, he’d be out in a couple of days.

Steve: What are you gonna do?

Danny: I am gonna give him a ride to the airport.

What seems to be a day or so later, Danny waits outside the police station for Marco to be released.

Marco: You have my money?

Danny: Look. I strongly suggest that you just get on a plane and never come back.

Marco: As soon as I get my money, it’s exactly what I’d do.

Danny: I don’t have your money. How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t know where it is. I don’t have it.

Marco: It’s a funny thing, because Matthew tells a very different story. Of course people tend to say anything, when they have a gun to their head.

Danny: Where is he? You got my brother? Where is he?

Marco: Some place you’ll never find him, unless I get my money.

And again we with this open-ended ending H5-0 Soup Opera style ……. “Tune in tomorrow to see if Danny can solve the mystery of  Marco’s money”……….

Can you hear the song in my head? – “Money, money, money”

– Hawaii Five-0:  Episode 502 –

Ka Makuakane (Family Man)


To be continued here


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