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Alex on the red carpet – Sunset On The Beach 4, 26 September 2013

Alex & reporter for StarsChasers 101

Reporter: Happy belated birthday.

Alex: Thank you. Thank you.

Reporter: I just learned that pretty much your whole team is born in August.

Alex & Teilor

Alex: A lot of us are. How about…… Did you know that Scott and I were born, like the same time?

Reporter: No

Alex: This is crazy. Check it out. Yeah, Scott was born on the 24th… on the 23rd at night in North America and I was born on the 24th, in the morning in Australia. So…..

Reporter: That’s exactly the same time?

Alex: Virtually.

Reporter: Pretty much.

Alex: Isn’t that weird?

Reporter: You guys the same age?

Alex: …. Well yeah. [Laughs] Like exactly.
That’s why it’s cool. It’s the same year.

Reporter: You guys are brothers.

Alex: Maybe. Maybe.

Reporter: Who knows?

Alex: Evidently I got the smarts. I kind of got the looks. There are differences. A lot of differences, but we’re…..

Alex SOTB 4

Reporter: And your son Lion.

Alex: Yeah.

Reporter: Turning one in October.

Alex: Yeah, 25th

Alex 2013

Reporter: Where did you get the name from? Lion?

Alex: Well we thought. Actually Malia was convinced that is was a girl. And I did not question that cause mothers know best. So we were thinking up names for a girl and the middle name was going to be Lyon. She’s a house in France. And I always loved the town of Lyon. And I loved that as a name.

And we had our first ultrasound and we discovered that our little girl had a penis. And so we couldn’t call her what we were going to call her. But I was like, “We still can call her Lyon”. And we were like, “What about Lion?” And we were like, “No we can’t”. It’s the greatest ever.


[Just some information: Lyon is a city in east-central France, in the Rhône-Alpes region, situated between Paris and Marseille]

Reporter: The best name.

Alex: Yeah. Thank you.

Reporter: Almost like Tiger Woods.

Alex: Thank you. He’s a… he’s pretty…

Reporter: Is he a lion?

Alex: OMG. I couldn’t bring him tonight, because…. Well for two reasons. First of all he had his Frank Zappa…… Gail Zappa sent us a little baby package and one of the things was a onesie with “I love nipples”. Zappa, like Frank’s, ‘I love nipples’ shirt. And he had that on. But he’s kind of a bit….. He would have got drunk. He would have taken over the carpet. And it’s my night. It’s my night.

Reporter: Season 4. How excited are you? Is Hawaii home for you now?

Alex: It is. It has been for a while. I love it. I love it.

SOTB 4 - Alex

Reporter: Are you excited that it’s Season 4 now?

Alex: Yeah, I am. Listen, with a TV show. I mean success in Television is people coming and turning on their television and watching. That’s what success is. It doesn’t matter what happens on set. Doesn’t matter what the papers and tabloids say. It’s people tuning in and watching. And what we do every year. The turnout we get.

Like, I don’t know what we’re doing right? But we love our jobs. We get to employ like hundreds of people locally. And feed families and help pay mortgages and all the rest of it. And people watch us as well. Every single day that goes by, especially these days, I’m indebted to the universe, man.


Reporter: Does Steve find out who killed his father?

Alex: Um, um….. Does Steve find out who killed his father? He still doesn’t really know, does he? He’s pretty confused and upset. I’ll tell you next time.

Reporter: Okay, thanks, bye.

Alex: Good to see you.


Link to StarsChasers 101 interview.

My Thoughts

  • If I had to choose my favourite years from the 5 years of SOTB, I must say, I liked Alex from SOTB 4 the most. The suit and tie were classy and gorgeous. He looked really happy and relaxed the whole time. Maybe the people who’s been to more than one SOTB in person, might also have their year that they “liked” him the most?
  • Cast of Season 4 with birthdays in August: Alex – 24th, Scott – 23rd, Daniel – 4th and Michelle – 19th.
  • I know it is just some mindless trivia, but I’m still wondering about the birthday/birth time thing. It’s been mentioned in a number of interviews, but every time they give different information about the times. It would be interesting to know the exact time of Scott and Alex’s births. This is the story we did about it in 2013 on their birthday: Alex O’Loughlin – Because the world is round……
  • How does being born at the same time make you brothers? I would say it makes you twins. 😆
  • It is clear that the reporter does not really know much about the Hawaii Five-0 plot. (Or does she? 😀 )
  • Reporters sometimes ask and say such stupid stuff with these interviews. And Alex looked a little bemused at stages during this interview with some of the questions asked and statements made by the reporter. But I’m sure if it was me, I would be totally tongue-tied and not even be able to say anything, much less say or ask him anything that makes sense at all. 😀

Alex on stage 2013


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