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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #99

We continue our story from here

Before we start this episode I just want to put in into perspective of time.  Steve and Danny were in Colombia somewhere before 20 September. By my calculation either Monday 8 September of Monday 15 September, because it must have happened before Steve met Ellie for the first time on Saturday, 20 September. I presumed Ellie paid Steve a visit to thank him on Sunday 21st, the day after they solved the murder. From what we saw in the last episode, that was also the same day Jerry got kidnapped. But now with this episode we are suddenly at 3pm, Friday 31 October and Jerry is still held captive, more than 40 days later. 😀

(More than a month later? Really? Tsk, tsk – there is my problem with the “soap opera” endings they started to do this season)

So after more than 6 weeks away from Hawaii, to help his family in Jersey to sort out things around Matt’s death, Danny returns back home.

Steve: How you doing?

Danny: I’m all right.

Steve: You know it’s not your fault, Danny.

Danny: I don’t know about that.

Steve: The coroner told us Matt was dead before Marco even got to the island.

Danny: I think about it like this. Three years ago, if I did not let my brother get on that plane, right now he is sitting in jail, not in the ground, right.

Steve: What are you doing? Don’t do that.

Danny: That’s true.

Steve: What? Are you going to second guess every decision you made? I did that with my old man, Danny. I did that with Freddie too. The truth is I could not have saved either of them. Don’t do it to yourself.

This seems to be Steve’s standard “Halloween speech” lately, because exactly a year ago on Halloween 2013 (Epi 406), this is what he said to Cath after Billy’s death:

Steve to Cath: “Would you please just listen to me. I’ve been there, okay. I promise you, I’ve been exactly where you are right now. When you loose somebody like that, you start second guessing everything you do. And you start thinking of all the ways it could have been different. You gotta stop, ok. I promise you, you do not want to carry that weight. I’m not saying forget, Catherine. I’m saying you gotta forgive yourself a bit. And… and give yourself a chance to move on.

And interesting that Uncle Steve does not even enquire after Gracie’s welfare. And Danny also does not say anything about how she is handling it at all. In my opinion, she is at least a regular character in the show and loved her uncle Matt a lot, last time we saw them together. Maybe she was worth a mention? 

(Sorry, but the way this whole story arc was handled, just inspires me to nitpick about it 😦 )

To make a long story short, Jerry was in fact right about the counterfeiting organization. And the team catches the bad guys and put their funding towards a terrorist group to an end…….

And a lot of fans thought that it was a bit insensitive towards Danny when they found the fake money in barrels – Why, oh why more barrels?? And with lots of money in them? Really? Poor Danny – but he seems not to be bothered by it? Silly us…. 😀

Barrels of money

Okay, I will stop moaning and let you enjoy the pretty…….. 🙂

 Some normal Alex Steve pretty.

And good to see Steve relaxing and having some fun with someone, without it having to be a whole crowd …….

 Can you believe it, for 99 days we have been looking at Steve’s story 

– And tomorrow night they promise us something BIG…..

And if you were wondering, it was “Roll out the Barrel” in my head again after this one. 😀

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 506 –

Hoʻomaʻike (Unmasked)

To be continued here



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