H50 5.08 – Steve all smiles again

Wasn´t this a happy episode after last week´s “horror”. I wasn´t surprized a bit, that they didn´t even refer to his torture. It must be that lovely and magical Paradise air (Aloha spirit?), that heels them so quickly 😉



And we finally got the goodbye from Cath…
I guess in H50 this means Steve is officially ready to date Ellie. Maybe they could recreate that great bed moment in 1.05 😉



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12 responses to “H50 5.08 – Steve all smiles again

  1. spurschick

    How awesome is Carol Burnett?! Show was so blessed to have her. The song at the end was amazing and so appropriate. I am glad that we finally have closure on Cath, but damn. Way to pile on to Steve’s abandonment issues. She found the boy but decided to stay in Afghanistan?! Brutal. I really hope that they don’t force a new ship with Ellie. At least not right away. I know that guys move on more quickly than women do, but he told Deb that he had opened his heart, something he hasn’t done much of, and it just got trampled on, so I hope that we see him take some time to ease into the next ship.


    • I agree!! I am glad that they closed the book on Catherine. I hope, like you, that they don’t force the Ellie relationship. I personally think that he needs to be single for a while.

      In a way, I was glad they didn’t touch on the torture but they did leave a scar (on his forehead). Maybe they will address it in another episode down the road. I read that they will be addressing the consequences of Danny shooting the drug dealer, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they addressed it later…especially if it was an episode with Doris.

      Did anyone find it interesting that Deb made the comment that she didn’t know where his mom was? She mentioned that Mary didn’t either…a future episode.

      It was a nice episode that had, IMHO, everything we expect: Smiles, action, humor and of course Steve. Who could ask for more. I might also like to say I think they balanced the teams screen time quite well. Yeah!


  2. So PL did it again, I really don’t know what he is trying to do with the show,I’ve read that H50 is in risk of being cancelled is that true?
    Carol was great as usually.


  3. Just scooting out the door, but had to check what goodies you posted for us. Thank you for these! He was so gorgeous with big smiles and down right heartbreakingly beautiful in that last gif, tearing up. Loving the gray hair!! RRARR! Will have more comments later, I am sure. Thanks again. ❤


  4. buttercup4u

    I love the eye-rolling gifs, it’s amazing when he rolls his eyes! 508-kevlar-2 😉 it makes him vulnerable just in this moment!
    The wedding gifs with his close-up is dashing, doesn’t he have the most beautiful facial expression on earth! He is just so gorgeous, I know it sounds blunt, but gorgeous HE IS!


  5. I love smiling Steve, so beautiful. And so James Bond looking in the tux 😉 Overall I enjoyed the episode however, I give up on this show ever having continuity. Yes, the scars were visible but not one mention of what happened in the previous episode. I have never seen a show so disjointed. Every episode is basically a stand alone episode and no one episode leads into the next, like it should.

    The way Catherine was written out was pathetic. You want us to really believe she wouldn’t choose Steve over all else? Everyone knew she was never coming back. The right thing to do would have been to kill her off and let him grieve. Let her go out with dignity and love, not like this.

    If I didn’t enjoy watching Alex and the other actors so much, I would bail on this show. The ratings keep going down every week. Unfortunately, I think the show may get cancelled at the end of the year. Part of me thinks that is a good thing so Alex can move on to roles that really showcase his amazing talents.

    Thanks, as always for great pics!


  6. I liked this episode, the way Aunt Deb’s storyline was dealt with and the fact that Steve has a positive maternal figure in his life after all he has been through with and because of his mum.
    I would have liked something to be said about the ordeal he went through with Wo-Fat but maybe that will be dealt with in future eps.
    Happy there was finally some closure to the McRoll thing even though I agree it wasn’t probably written in the best of ways.

    On a positive note the ratings were good last nights, i just read that Five-0 hit 10 million 🙂 , I am glad because a part from some continuity issues I’m enjoying S5 much more than S3 or S4.


    • Yep, 10 million and a 1.3, season high so far. Half hours: 9pm 1.4, 9:30 pm 1.3. I hope in the final it is at least steady. As for cancellation I think H50 is definitely on the bubble. 😦

      Loved this episode and the appearance of Aunt Deb (Carol Burnett is always a win), especially, of course, the parts with Alex. Thank you for capturing him in your wonderful gifs. 🙂


      • Seems WP got a little confused and your comments landed amongst the spam. (sorry)
        Yes, it is great news that it recovered and had so many viewers this week and apparently won the Demo for the timeslot as well. (which I think is even better)


  7. Brenda V

    Loved Carol Burnett on the show. But my favorite part was hearing that Catherine won’t be back! Steve is officially on “the market” again and I hope he and Ellie end up together. On a sad note, I agree with other comments on the possibility of the show getting cancelled at the end of the season or year. On the other hand, I would love to see Alex doing some morr films for tj big screen.


  8. Lee Ann

    Started out with a take off of the infamous Mendez brothers case and gladly it didn’t end that way. They finally closed out Catherine and she made a choice I would never have done, sorry to see her go but at least that’s ended. Carol Burnett is always great and her storyline was good – had some meat to it. Next week show’s on at 10PM & a rerun. Hope the stories get stronger, LESS beating up of Alex.


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