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#AlexOLoughlin with Access Hollywood – Hipsupbaby & Dish of Salt – 2007

While making the sixth episode of ‘Moonlight’ and shortly before the series started to air in September 2007, a reporter from ‘Access Hollywood’ paid a visit to the set………

Access reporter: Do vampires walk among us? You’ll find out when CBS’s new show ‘Moonlight,‘ premieres on September 28th. I got an interview with the very cute Australian actor, Alex O’Loughlin.

Access: I’m very sad, because in the opening of this,  everything I knew about vampires, apparently is not true?

Alex: Some of it……well some of it’s not true. No, a lot of it probably is true, but we’ve just we sort of …. There’s few little shifts in our mythology.

Access: So you have decided … the show has decided that they’re gonna debunk some of the vampire myths?

Alex: It’s funny because the creators of this show, are …… I read the pilot and I’m the fan of the genre. I have been since I was a little kid, and so when I read, that they were changing a few things, I was “How dare they? Really. I’d be the judge of that”.

And I read the changes that they’ve made and they’re actually okay. Like, our vampires are … it’s actually the approach to these vampires is …. people ask what is the difference between other vampires that you’ve seen on TV and the vampires of Moonlight?

And the answer to that is; our vampires walk among us. Our vampires are like, if vampires exist today in 2007, and they walk among us, and work among us and they live and love among us. Then how would it be for them exactly?

And so garlic is fine, they can eat garlic, but they don’t eat so it doesn’t matter. Holy water doesn’t do anything. Crucifixes, if you are a religious vampire then sure, but I mean ….. Fire …… fire and decapitation kill our vampires. And they don’t sleep in coffins, they sleep in freezers.

Access: Is it cold in that freezer?

Alex: It’s cold in the freezer. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But they sleep in the freezer, because …… What they worked out is that our vampires, what happens is once they are turned into a vampire, their bodies, their physical bodies decay over time. Over the hundreds of years, thousands of years for the eternity they are alive. Over the years their bodies decay, so the cold sort of slows down that process of decay.

Access: So, I was watching a little bit, it must be hard having a beautiful woman, trying to seduce you?

Alex: Where?

Access: Earlier in your scene that you were rehearsing.

Mick & Beth

Alex: Oh yeah, she’s really turning it on there. Umm, it’s ah …. It must be hard? It’s a funny old thing [laughs]. Weirdest job in the world.

We’re great friends, so it’s, ….. Sophia and I, so it’s sort of like a dance really. We’ve got to make …. It’s going to get a little bit steamy.

Access: Yeah, you’ve got to make it sexy.

Alex: Got to make it steamy

Access: That’s right.

Alex: Yeah.

Access: And you’re on after ‘Ghost Whisperer’.

Alex: I know.

Access: That’s a good spot to be in, on a Friday nights.

Alex: And before ‘Numbers‘. Yeah, it’s a great spot.

Access: You’re on after  ‘Ghost Whisper‘ [laughs]. That’s a good place to be.

Alex: Yeah, we’re on after ‘Ghost Whisperer‘, and it’s a great place to be. Yeah, I really like the show and….. [laughs]. I missed something there didn’t I?

Access: You did. ‘Numbers’, ‘Numbers‘ just isn’t sexy.

Alex: It’s not sexy? See, I don’t know. I’m just like ….. I don’t know these things. Why is ‘Ghost Whisperer‘ sexy?

Access: Have you seen Jennifer Love-Hewitt?

Alex: I have, okay, that’s why it’s sexy, okay. But ‘Numbers‘ isn’t because the boys, and the girls…….?

Access: It’s not a sexy show.

Alex: Alright.

Access: There’s no vampires.

Alex: ‘Moonlight‘ is sexy.

Access: That’s right.

Alex: Wow.

Access: Is it sexy?

Alex: Oh, you’d better hang on with both hands. It’s sexy.

Access: Well tell me what makes it sexy?

Alex: Well the characters are. [Laughs]

Access: Well, besides yourself.

Alex: It’s a ….. I think the film noir style. I think noir, film noir is sort of sexy anyway. The way the place is lit. The way the scenes are lit, is sexy, before you put the actors in.

We’ve got a great cast. All the girls on the show are just beautiful. The guys are young, good looking, intelligent guys. And of course we’re vampires everywhere, if you like that kind of thing.

But there’s a lot of action, it’s action packed. The stunts are fantastic. We do a lot of our own stunts. I do a lot of my own stunts.
There’s more nudity than I’ve seen on network TV for a while. There’s all sorts of things. It’s good. It’s quite hard-hitting and cutting edge for CBS, I’ve got to say.

Access: Nudity, does this involve you?

Alex: Yes. Yeah.

Access: So what will we see?

Alex: Hips up baby. [Laughs] I think.
Despite…… even if I am not wearing anything, they kind of shoot up.

[Alex, showing how the cameras always go up above the hips]


Access: Maybe a little bit backsi …. butt?

Alex: A little backside ….. a little booty? Maybe you get a little bit of booty, if you like.

Access: Mmmm ….. That would be nice.

Alex: Oh yeah?

Access: Did I say that?

Alex: [Laughs] How do you know?

Access: Wait a minute, speaking of booty. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard about this very wild scene in ‘The Shield’, involving you. Am I right?


Alex: Yeah.

Access: That’s right?

Alex: Yeah, there was a sex scene in ‘The Shield‘, where I was nude. I was fully naked, yeah. On a chair.

Access: Ooh, it sounds like a fun scene.


Alex: It’s funny, because I mean it’s fun to watch, when you’re not in a scene like that. But there’s nothing fun about doing a scene like that. I’ve had to do a couple of them in my career and it’s like …….. it’s like just weird, sort of icky.

You’re doing this thing. I mean you’re simulating sexual penetr ……. you know, sexual intercourse with someone you don’t know. And naked and rubbing bodies and trying not to rub. You don’t know each other …. it’s like 50 people standing around and a camera pointing up your ass. And it’s like, there’s nothing really very fun and nice about it. 

So you sort of just wanna make it as realistic as possible and bring truth to it, like you do with all the other scenes. But yeah, I did have to do a pretty raunchy scene for ‘The Shield’


Below audio clip of the “Chair Passion”, a little grunting by Alex 😉

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My Thoughts:

  • It is interesting to hear that people think all vampire mythology should be the same. There are so many different films, shows and stories about it, and all of them make up their own mythology. It is the nice thing when they work with something that is not real, creators can use their own imagination. There is no right or wrong here.
  • For me, Moonlight was sexy, but there were definitely not as much nudity in it, as Alex makes it sound here.
  • The chair scene from ‘The Shield‘ is okay 😀 , but I really think they could have done a bit more with it – after all the trouble they went through  to shoot it. 😛


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