Breathing in…

“Sometimes the best way to appreciate something, is to be without it for a while.”




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15 responses to “Breathing in…

  1. karen1228

    I don’t want to be without him for any period of time! I appreciate his beauty and humanity everyday!


  2. Oh wow! Just wow. Perfect editing!


  3. annama

    Hello!!! I think is a beautiful man.


  4. vanduyn

    That’s a beautiful pic Paula! Thanks so much!

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  5. Superb Paula! Wouldn’t we all love to put this look of exhaustion on his face. Of course, our torture would be much closer to pleasure than pain. 😛 Thank you for the editing. Can’t handle those welts on his gorgeous torso. 😥

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  6. buttercup4u

    A man with the perfect amount of hair, what a perfection! Gorgeous, breathless! Thanks – this is just what I needed 😉


  7. that image is brilliant… I’m speechless as to how good looking Alex is (sorry to be so shallow)


    • Don´t apologize for liking his good looks. I bet every time someone writes those words, there´s hundreds of fans nodding “yes, I feel the same” 😀
      Alex has been blessed with great genes. I love pretty things, I´m a Libra, and can´t help it. I´m built this way.
      Surely we are allowed to be a bit shallow every now and then.


  8. Eve

    ****nodding head*****


  9. He is adorable for sure. Thanks Paulafor sharing this Amazing picture of Alex.


  10. Even Tortured his beauty takes my breath away Thank you Paula.


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