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Here is Alex O’ and Scott on ‘The Talk’ – 7 November 2014

Julie: Next up, the sexy good guys from Hawaii Five-0, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan.

Sheryl: Over the last four seasons, our first guest have been part of a TV crime fighting bromance. They play Detectives Steve McGarrett and Danny “Danno” Williams of the hit series drama, Hawaii Five-0. These island-agers are riding a wave of success, as the show celebrates a huge milestone tonight, with their 100th episode.  Please welcome, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan!


Julie: The set just got a lot better.

Sheryl: So Alex, part of the success of Hawaii Five-0 is the love/hate relationship that you .. your characters have on the show. What’s your real life relationship like?

Alex: It’s the same thing. We argue all the time. We’ll probably argue at some point during this segment. You can cut that out though, right?

Sheryl: No, we can’t do that.

Scott: They told us we were sitting next to each other. And we argued about that.

Alex: We did. We were actually half way through the argument when,  they were like, ‘Get on stage’, great.

Sara: Now, part of your love-hate connection, might be that you were born one day apart in real live. So you guys..

Alex: Not even that actually

Sara: So you both just celebrated your 38th birthday.

Alex: That’s true.

Sara: Okay, Scott. Who’s the better gift giver?

Scott: I think Alex, definitely.

Alex: Be honest.

Scott: Alex is definitely the better gift giver. He gives gifts all the time. He’s such a good guy.

Julie: What are some of the gifts that you’ve gotten from Alex?

Scott: He’ll…..

Alex: Friendship is the first thing.


Julie: Which keeps on giving.

Alex: Keeps giving.

Scott: I don’t know. I don’t wanna get too specific, because I don’t know what is appropriate and what’s not appropriate?

Julie: We like the inappropriate stuff.

Scott: Okay, I’ll do borderline. Cuban cigars. Some nice Cuban cigars.

Julie: Hear what you say.

Scott: That was the appropriate one.


Alex: But here’s the thing. It’s actually not a day. It’s more, we did the equation, it’s more like a few hours. Like 4 or 5 hours, I think.

Julie: So who is older?

Alex: It’s kind o freaky.

Scott: I’m a few hours older.

Alex: A few hours older and he behaves like it too. You never hear the end of it.


Julie: Now, each of you I understand have made many trips to the emergency room, after doing your own stunts on Hawaii Five-0.

Alex: I got to stop you right there. How many trips have you made? You don’t do stunts. You got a guy who opens your car door for you.

Julie: Okay maybe just Alex has been to the emergency room?

Scott: No, no, I actually tore my ACL.

Alex: That’s true. Actually it’s true.

Scott: I’ve broken some ribs. But keep going. Embarrass me, please.

Julie: Why do they let you do your own stunts?

Alex: I mean, these days. Scotty, he doesn’t….

Scott: Yeah, if they ask me to jog, I get the stunt double now.

Alex: He’s a hair dude. He has a hair stunt guy. They finally found a photo of the hair. He’s got a car door opener.

Scott: The first season……

Sara: This is actually his  stunt double right here.

Julie: He’s not even here. He’s busy. To dangerous. He’s soaking in Hawaii right now, the real Scott Caan. [Pointing to Alex]So you’re the one who goes to the emergency room?

Alex: You know what, it’s not true. He actually does as plenty of stuff. I’m just not as coordinated. And so….

Scott: That’s not true, he’s an athlete.

Alex: I’ve been hurt a bunch. But it’s part of the action thing.

Scott: The first season we both were pretty gun-ho. Wanted to try everything and do everything. And then by last week they asked him, get out of the car and he asked for the stunt double.

Alex: Yes, I like, I might break a nail on the door handle and then we can’t continue.

Julie: You never know.

Alex: Yeah right.

Sheryl: But Scott, Alex mentioned your trademark slick back hair. That was perfected or started way back at the age of twelve from the classic film ‘The Outsiders’.

Scott: ‘Outsiders’, yeah.

Julie: I loved that film.

Sheryl: What made you come up with that?

Scott: I don’t know the movie was the first movie that ever shift the way I thought. I don’t know, I saw it and whoever those guys were, I said I wanted to be like those guys. So I immediately got a bunch of grease, but it in my hair and slicked it back. And that was it. Later in life I found a blow dryer.

Julie: You just wanted to date Diane Lane. Come on.

Scott: That’s true. I still want to date Diane Lane.

Julie: Who doesn’t want to date Diane Lane? Much, much more with Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, when we get back.


[They show’s clip from the episode]

 Alex: The best part about that. He said, Ono-eats with an Italian, like a New York inflection, “Ono eatsss”

Julie: It’s got to come out.

Sara: In the being. So tonight, congratulations btw, 100th episode.

Alex: Thank you.

Sara: I heard, that this episode is like a real departure from what you guys really do. So Alex, tell us, what is going on?

Alex: Yeah, it’s a pretty….. I read it, I was. We’re doing 25 episodes this year. We do usual 24. It’s a lot of stuff to do each year. It’s a lot of stories to tell. When I read this, it was different. So, I was very excited about it. And it’s more of….. It’s gonna be a fan favourite, because we touch on a lot of things that have happened over the last 5 years. But it’s, what can I tell you? The team is looking for McGarrett. And McGarrett ends up having to make a big decision at the end, with his sort of nemesis. The whole thing for McGarrett is about his connection with his father. What loosing his dad, meant to his life..


Scott: It all works out though. I want everybody to know that. It all works out.

Alex: It all works out

Scott: Everything’s gonna be all right.

Julie: Now Scott, thanks to you and Alex, there is a new word in the Urban dictionary and that word is “carguments”.

Scott: Carguments.

Alex: Yeah.

Julie: Because your characters always get into arguments in the car. In your real life, do you get into carguments with friends or family?

Scott: We argue everywhere. I come from an Italian-Jewish family. So, all we do is argue.

Julie: That’s how you communicate. Waiting for like a moment with your dad? A Godfather moment. You know a cargument? Or is it just how you guys communicate?

Scott: No, that’s how we communicate. ‘Pass the salt’, turns into an argument.

Alex: Do you really argue with your dad, though? Cause in my experience, when I met Jimmy and I saw the both of them, Jimmy was like, “Scott sit down”, and Scott sat down like that.


Scott: Yeah, yeah.

Julie: You don’t argue with Sonny.

Sheryl: But the carguments I guess was part at the start of the season , what put you both in couples therapy. Am I right?

Scott: Yeah.

Alex: Well here’s the thing. Everything is fine. You guys need to know? We’re good, right?

Scott: Yeah, yeah.

Alex: But sometimes….

Julie: I like how you check with him first.

Alex: It was a mandate from the Governor, because ….. My suggestion was after we did that scene, it was so good, that … So much fun. I suggested that we sort of have this massive public argument. And the general public see. And the government gets wind of it and mandates that we have to do it monthly. And so it would become a part of like with the Soprano’s. Every couple of shows we go to therapy….. I haven’t heard back.


Sara: Now Scott. I want to know where is the strangest place someone said “Book’em Danno”?

Scott: A brothel.

All: Ohhhhhh

Scott: I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Probably like a…..

Alex: At a bath house, like your steam house.

Scott: At the urinal, I think so.. hey, “Book’em Danno”


Julie: What’s wrong with people? The rules? The etiquette?

Alex: Which brothel?

Scott: What?

Alex: I mean which urinal?

Julie: That was a Freudian slip.

Sheryl: So Alex. The original McGarrett, Jack Lord, was a beloved Hawaiian. A statue and it’s my understanding that you salute the statue, whenever you pass it.

Alex: Yeah, yes, he has a bust outside Kahala mall, which is a cool little mall right by my house. And every day people put fresh lei’s on the statue. And I go past and it’s like intimidating at first. And I was like, “OMG, how do I live up this?” And people would come up to me on the street and go, “You know, bud, don’t mess this up man”. Tough people. So I started walk past it and do a little Bruce Lee salute, like.

Julie: It’s good luck too.

Alex: “Thanks for paving the way.”

Julie: Absolutely. You are doing something right, because you guys are celebrating 100 episodes of Hawaii Five-0. So in honour of that, we have a little cake. Not that either of you look like you eat this stuff. Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan everybody.



 My Thoughts:

  • Interesting that Steve McGarrett is now a ‘Detective’ in the introduction. 😀
  • I thought Scott’s hand action/gesture was a bit suspect , when he talked about ‘Book’em Danno’ at the urinal. 🙂
  • Interesting that Aisha (and guest presenter Deborra-Lee Furness), was not at the table for the interview.
  • I know it was about Hawaii Five-0, but still interesting that they did not even hint to mention Alex’s recent (April) wedding or Scott becoming a first time father in July.
  • It was a nice fun interview and they at least gave them some time to talk!




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