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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #93

We continue our story from here

By the looks of how well Steve’s torture injuries recovered, some time must have passed since his return from Afghanistan. He also seems to be in good spirits. He must have worked through  the trauma of what he went through over there…….

WoFat escapes from solitary confinement in maximum facility prison in Colorado…….. The team believes WoFat must have had some inside help.

Chin: I just got of the phone with the prison Warden in Colorado. Steve, you might want to sit down for  this.

Steve: Why?

Chin: WoFat only had one visitor when he was over there. Guess who it was.

Steve: My mother.

Chin: She went to visit him twice in the last month.

Danny: Wow. I’m gonna sit down actually.

Steve: Were her visits recorded?

Chin: No. Apparently their sit downs were sanctioned by someone in the DOD and they were ordered, non-monitored visits.

Danny: Let me get it straight. Nearly a year since your mother disappeared and she decides to go and see this nut job instead of her own son. You actually need this couch more than me. Why don’t you sit down?

Steve: This is all about WoFat’s mother’s grave in Cambodia.

Danny: Why do you say that?

Steve: Two visits in the last month. It’s right on the heels of our trip to Cambodia. Doris must have found out we went there and discovered the truth. I’m telling you she must have found out that she killed his mother, instead of his father.

Chin: If that’s true, maybe WoFat escaped to find him.

Kono: Guys, come and see this. We got a positive ID of WoFat a few hours ago. This was taken at a gas station near Colorado Springs.

[They look at footage of WoFat setting a guy on fire]

Kono: The driver was DOA at the hospital.

But first the team have more eminent business they need to attend to. The Governor asks them to escort a large shipment of money. A hundred million dollars needs to be loaded on a plane and they need to escort it to the airport. While they are in the car, Steve gets a call and Danny inquires about it, after he ended the call.

Danny: So?

Steve: WoFat is still in the wind.

Danny: You should call your mother. Ask her where he is.

Steve: You realise that hurts me, when you say that?

Danny: I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry. I was literally just trying to be helpful. I know you can’t even get in touch with her. Anyways, she avoids you like crazy.

Steve: Stop being helpful, okay!

Danny: Okay. Sorry.

Steve: Thank you.

Danny: Well, speaking of missing persons. Have you talked to Catherine at all?

Steve: You being genuine?

Danny: Yes

Steve: Okay, yes I have actually. We texted last night. She has a solid lead on Najib’s whereabouts and she’s heading to Hindu Kush.

Danny: Doesn’t sound like she is coming back any time soon.

Steve: Probably not till she finds that boy.

Danny: I’m genuinely sorry. I know that that is tough.

Steve: Thanks man. Yeah, it´s tough. But I get it. Catherine has been in the military half her life. She’s doing what she was trained to do. She’s not coming home till the job’s done.

Meanwhile battling a problem of his own, Grover’s daughter, Samantha, has been kidnapped by Ian Wright. And that is  where the team and Grover’s worlds collide. Ian forces Grover to help his team with SWAT gear, in order for them to get in to steal the money from Five-0, before it is loaded on the plane. But Five-0 was also fooled, because the agent that gave them the money, actually stole it in the loading process.

Now they need to work together to locate the money. All their leads lead them nowhere, until Ian actually helps them with the information of where to find the money.  A local gang help the corrupt agent. They manage to get into the gang’s compound and get the money back. While they are waiting to meet Ian to hand over the money for Samantha’s release, they get a call that Samantha is safe and walked into a police precinct. When they reunite with her she’s got some shocking news.

Grover: What happened to Ian?

Samantha: A man shot him

Grover: Okay baby, what man?

Samantha goes on to tell them that WoFat came to the house where Ian held her hostage and that he shot Ian without saying a word. He walked in and set her free. He then gave her a message to give to Steve.

Samantha: He wanted me to give you a message. He said that you and he need to have a talk.

Chin: He’s coming after you.

Steve: Let him

Interesting to me that WoFat came to Hawaii with such speed saying that he and Steve should meet, but up untill present moment he’s made no effort to make it happen. And he must have some real fantastic connection, if he could find out exactly where Ian was. 😀

In the end Grover gets fired from SWAT because of his conduct during the kidnapping drama, but Steve and the Team offer him a job with them.

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 422 –

O ka Pili’Ohana ka ‘Oi (Family Comes First)

To be continued here



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Happy Halloween! Mick takes a bath…

Trick or treat?

I think… Mick treat 🙂




Happy Sweet Halloween!


Ps I wish I knew who to credit for that brilliant gif in the banner. That is awesome work!


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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #92 (Epi 4:21)

We continue our story from here

Earlier this year after this episode was first broadcast, I already wrote my feelings about it. This episode is mostly about Steve’s horrific time in Afghanistan and his story can’t really be separated from the events of it. This is the link if you are interested to read it:

Hawaii Five- 0, Episode 4:21 …………. oh no, I had to travel far for this one! 

The story in short: Cath gets a call from a family in Afghanistan, who helped her in the past when she was injured. Their son got kidnapped by the Taliban. She decides to go there and help them to find the boy. Steve travels with her and in the attempt to free some kids, Steve gets caught.

(I feel the need to add something here, that I also said in my review earlier. I have seen so many people saying that Cath let Steve be captured and left him there, when she could have taken on the two men who captured him and saved him. But any attempt from her to shoot at them, could also have killed Steve. You do not shoot in the direction of captors, if you are not sure that you won’t also hit the person they caught. She was on foot and far away from them. I guess they think she should have run after them – to where beats me every time) In my eyes, they  were actually stupid not to attack her. She was vulnerable, alone and with the kids to protect……. )

Cath calls Danny for help and the military launches a rescue operation and save Steve’s life, just as he was being set up to be beheaded. With it a dangerous terrorist who was presumed dead, gets killed with his men.

Although Cath saved a number of children, the boy (Najib), who she wanted to save, was not with them.

I think it must be a very traumatic experience for anybody to survive what Steve did. No matter how good your training was, something like this must rip at the very core of a person’s being……….. And I think even acting it, must be a disturbing experience

After being rescued, Steve has to accept the fact that he can no longer help Cath to find the boy and needs to return back home.

Cath phones, and says that she is okay. She wants to and needs to stay there to try and find the boy…… And Steve does not have any other option, but to accept her wishes.

Unfortunately Steve’s story is closely related to this episode. With it effectively came the departure of his longtime lover and colleague. Because of the sad circumstances surrounding this development in the story, I personally would have liked to see a more clearcut ending to it. And nothing is more clearcut and final, than killing off a character. It might have been hard for Steve, but maybe not as cruel as waiting for someone you love. And maybe less cruel towards the fans of Cath and the Steve/Cath romance, by making them believe that there is still hope for it to continue further down the line…

Many question the fact that Steve is not trying to help Cath and bring her back. But he was told in so many words by the CIA and the Military that any attempt like that, will have dire consequences for him. And trying to get others to help her, will be against her wishes and would actually maybe put her life in more danger. Not to mention that knowledge of that will also have severe consequences for her and her relationship with the military.

It is actually refreshing to see that Steve, as a man, can respect Cath’s needs and her decision well enough, to let her do her thing. He did not leave a colleague behind on the battlefield. He is just granting her, her wishes. This is how I feel what an attempt from him to “save” her, would look like 🙂

Neandethal man

I have always seen Steve as a man who respects the abilities of the woman in his life, and it seems I was right……..

This was our tribute to Steve’s lover and friend ……Aloha, Cath…..

Steve singing with Barry White ………… a requiem for a romance?

And this was Steve’s Story for:

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 421 –

Makani ‘olu a holo malie

(Fair Winds and Following Seas)

Story by: Peter M. Lenkov & Ken Solarz & Eric Guggenheim
Teleplay by: Eric Guggenheim

Directed by: Jeffrey Hunt

(2 May 2014)

To be continued here


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Pic for the day – Alex is so lovable

Alex and I have “chemistry” going back years. Unspoken but there. Love working with him. It’s effortless. – William Sadler Oct 2014




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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #91

We continue our story from here

After the team was assigned the case of a murdered pool-guy, they follow the trail of evidence and stumble upon a terrorist cell, planning on killing some soldiers. They are three students. The two young men die. One takes his own life and the other dies in a shootout with Five-0 and SWAT. The third member is caught alive. She is the girl who looked after the house where the murder of the pool guy took place. Steve met her when he questioned her earlier about the security at the house she looked after. At that time he saw her as an innocent surfing student.

Steve: Ah, so you surf and you kill people and you make bombs, huh. You’re a real renaissance woman. I don’t think you get it, Dawn. This is the major leagues, right. This is your life. Right here in this room. Right now. This is it. Okay, anything, anything else happens as a result of those explosives. Anybody else gets hurt. Anybody else dies. You gonna pay for this for the rest of your life. You understand what I am saying to you? Do you want to end this? You can end this right now. Tell me where those explosive devices are, we end this right here, right now.

Dawn: You think you scare me? You think I’m afraid? Go ahead, beat me, torture me. Do whatever you like. Because you’ll never get in my head.

When searching the house where they caught her, they find lots of material  and instructions of how to build bombs. They realise that the three students were part of a larger network.

I think it must be any soldier’s worst nightmare, when the people he swore to defend and protect, turn against him…….

Steve: I know you where not acting alone. I know you had help. I want names.

While you’re thinking about that. Why don’t you do me a favour and help me understand something. Help me understand, how somebody like you, a smart, standout highschool athlete from Seattle, born in the greatest nation on earth, turns against her own people?

Dawn: You are not my people.

Steve: Who are your people?

Steve tries his best to reason with Dawn, still believing that she can be reached with logic…….

Steve: Don’t you get it, Dawn. They found you, okay. Because they look for people like you. They look for people who are vulnerable. People who are emotionally fragile. Who have a big wound on the inside. Who are trying to get at somebody for something. And they make you feel that you’re an important part of something. A cause. A cause, bigger that you. So  big in fact, that it’s worth giving your life for.

Dawn: I am a soldier of Allah. And we must fight you as you fight us. Those of us that believe, must fight, in the cause of God.

Steve: What are you talking about? These words that are coming out of your mouth, they’re not even your words. They’re phrases that have been cherry picked from a holy book and tailored to fit the lies they’ve told you. Listen to me, all right. I get that it was rough growing up. Your mom was an alcoholic. Your old man, he was never around. I get it. How old were you when he died? You were about 8 or 9, right? I lost my old man too. I know what it’s like to lose a parent.

Dawn: I didn’t lose him. He died. Okay, he died fighting your imperialistic war against the peaceful children of Allah.

Steve: You’re wrong. Your dad was a hero, okay. He was a patriot. A soldier fighting for his country, Dawn. You got to remember him. What would he make of all this? You got  to know somewhere inside you, that this is wrong. Some shred of regret.

Dawn: My only regret is that you stopped me.

You can see the horror, hurt and confusion, these words dealt Steve. He is really trying hard to understand it.

In 2012 there was a similar bomb found, but it was never looked at and processed properly because it did not detonate. It was found after a first bomb exploded and killed four servicemen and mutilated another. After processing that bomb now, they find fingerprints on it that leads them to two terrorist who are living on the Island with their families as refugees. They arrest the two men, one at his boys sports event and the other at work.

Because they have families, they give up the detail about the planned attacks and their overseas sponsors.

Steve: The only thing I need out of you Dawn, is why? I understand why these guys hate us. From the day they were born, they’ve been bred to believe that we’re the enemy. But you? With the opportunities and the freedoms that you were born with, the life……

Dawn: You think you know me? But you know nothing about me.

Steve: I know that your dad was probably your last chance and when he died, you lost your way.

Dawn: You’re pretty proud of yourself aren’t you? Brian and Joseph are dead. You got me in a cage, wrapped up neatly in a bow. Do you think we’re the only ones? We’re not. There are many more like me. And we will never stop fighting, till every single person who walks this earth accepts Islam and all the wonders of god.

Steve: That’s never gonna happen. Not in this country anyway. Because for every one of you, there’s a thousand of me. And like you, we’ re willing to die for the cause too. And no matter what you do. No matter how hard you come at us, you’ll never change the way we think and never ever change the way we live. You wanted to sacrifice your life for the cause? Congratulations, you just did.

Steve and Danny fly to the mainland to visit Kirk Emerson, the soldier who lost his legs and one arm in the explosion in 2012.

Steve: I’m Steve McGarrett and this is Danny Williams. We’re with the Five-0 Task Force in Hawaii.

Kirk: You’re a long way away from home, man. What can help you with?

Danny: Help us? No, you’ve done enough.

Kirk: What, this? Was just doing my job man. Call it a bad day at the office.

They go on to tell him that they caught the guys who killed his friends and caused his injuries. He thanks them for coming all this way to tell him the news in person, about catching the men who planted the bomb.

Many might say that this visit at the end, was maybe too sentimental, but looking at it gets me in tears every time – it is just too real. When writing this story, I actually got the courage to look up Bryan Anderson who played Kirk, to see what happened to him in real life. Bryan was injured in 2005 in an explosion and had to ‘walk’ the very difficult path of adapting his life without three of his limbs since then.

Fact is, with better medical support on the battlefield, a lot more soldiers survive, but have to continue there lives in spite of their injuries. Bryan, with his positive outlooks seems to be very actively involved , to show support and to motivate these injured war veterans. Most of them who have lost a lot less than him……

I found these personal quotes from Bryan on IMDb:

  • I’ve had many, many people come up to me and say I’ve inspired them. I don’t see it as that big of a deal. I’m just living my life. I got hurt, I got better, and now I’m just moving on, doing what I want to do… It makes it easier that I don’t have to go to work every day.
  • I could be on prosthetics, and they could blow my legs off. – joking that he could be a stuntman
  • “I’m still me. I’m just 75 percent off. Get a great deal on Bryan Anderson this week.
  • Sometimes I’m like ‘Man, why did this have to happen to me?’ But then I’m like, ‘Well, I’m alive, you know? I am alive.’
  • It’s not always what you do, but how you do something that can define you.

This episode said a lot about what Steve McGarrett represents. It touched at the core of who he is and it leaves one with a lot to digest and think about ……..

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 420 –

Pe’epe’e Kanaka (Those Among Us)

To be continued here


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