#H50 10:19 – Giddy Up, Steve!

During this episode, we can really see how they are winding down Steve’s story. But on the other hand also still trying to set up other characters for stories that might continue after Steve leaves – if the show should have gone on.

Seems like Steve’s place is really a frat house now. The question is, if Danny can’t have his own room because of space and he is already on the couch listening to Steve pacing upstairs, where does Frank Bama sleep?

Wow, the labs in Hawaii really work at warp speed …. collecting bones, dating them and running DNA – all in a few hours?

For a Navy SEAL, Steve did not really plan this tracking operation very well. He knew there was a large number of guys with enough firepower to arm a small country (his words). Yet he and Danny did not take much firepower with them – really clever? Maybe it is time for him to retire.


In the end, I have only one question to ask. Who closed the grave with the guy and his wife and the bag of gold those many years ago? The guy shot himself but somebody else must have covered them up, otherwise, they would have been discovered. That person who covered them would have known about the gold still being there ….. ?? But who cares about a story making sense.

This is classic Five-0!

Nincompoop – I guess after 10 years the writers are really scraping the bottom of the barrel on juvenile words for Danny to use to insult Steve with. 😉

Yes, Steve, we will miss seeing you every week.

You were never taken for granted!


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6 responses to “#H50 10:19 – Giddy Up, Steve!

  1. Magnólia

    Saudade – palavra bonita – que diz tudo o que sinto! Tenho esperança que Alex tenha de novo um personagem forte, carismático… Menos físico, mais emocional, ele é magnífico no drama.
    Grata, Paula e Foyeur 🎶 🎸

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  2. mamayorkie

    These really great pictures.They remind me of the episode with Lori in season 2. Also, wasn’t there an episode with Grover and Steve also with a horse? I think it was when Steve and Grover were not getting along. But that’s history.

    No idea where Bama slept. I could not understand why he was in the episode at all unless it was to plant the idea that Steve was sleeping “in” because they had a late night and were up talking about whatever was causing Steve to pace the floor all night. He wouldn’t tell Danny what was bothering him but maybe Bama was a surrogate for Joe who treated him as a son and he could talk to him without being judged. I have a feeling we are about to find out what is causing Steve to start appreciating the little things. Is that a hint Steve is getting restless and perhaps reassessing his life? Maybe he doesn’t want to put the job first anymore. I hope so. Is this his exit plan? Just one episode and a two hour series finale to go until we have all he answers.

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    • Yes, there are a few similarities with Episode 2:02 and Danny & Lori
      Then there was – Steve and Grover on horseback in 4:08
      – Steve and Cath on horseback in 4:21
      – Steve and Joe on horseback (and the sunset) in 9:10 ( I felt a bigger connection with this scene during this episode)

      Steve on Horseback is always great!! 😛

      Maybe with all the pacing, Jack Lord’s ghost from 7:01 finale left Steve and he will now move on ….. to happier times without the weight of the whole Hawaii on his shoulders.

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  3. D. Havard

    I was thinking that wherever Steve plans to go, he’ll have Frank fly him there, that and it’s nice seeing Frank 1 more time.

    I have a feeling it has something to do with Mrs.
    Fat. Maybe Steve thinks he’s lost enough Ohana and that he’s better off alone to finish up what his parents started.

    The story was ok. Typical plot holes, plenty of Steve. Just how I like it. 😉

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  4. CassG

    What I do love are all these gorgeous pics of our Steve!❤❤ Good bad or indifferent I just want to make the most of the last eps as soon there will be no more H50.
    Thanks much Paula.

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  5. Effie

    Since Hawaii is ended. They should team Steve up with his one true love.

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