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#H50 – Today 10 years ago – Filming at the Punchbowl #tbt

On 12 March 2010, the Hawaii Five-0 scenes for John McGarrett’s funeral were shot at the Punchbowl in Hawaii.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of that day.

In the end, only a small scene of the funeral was shown in the episode.

A scene with Steve and Mary was filmed that day but never made it into the Pilot episode.

Mary’s character was only introduced at a later stage in Episode 1:04.

Screenshot from the deleted scene

Video of the deleted scenes from the Pilot:


Click on the link to read an article about the Pilot which we shared here in December, as well as my own thoughts at the end. 

#H50 – a Perfect Pilot?

With the show now ending, it was interesting for me to see what I wrote only 3 months ago.



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