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#H50 – #AlexOLoughlin Reflects on McGarrett (Transcript)

Great to hear Alex talk about his love for the show and his character and what it meant to him.

But it is also clear, that his wife and kids are still the most important part of his life.


Alex: Pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life, everywhere I go on this planet, in every language, I am McGarrett to all these people.

[Clip from the Pilot Episode]

Alex: You know it started losing Dad, then it was Joe, and then it was Mom.

[Clip from Episode 100]

Alex: I feel a little like McGarrett, has come full circle now. I feel a little like he has done what he set out to do. Learned what he needed to learn. McGarrett has a realization that he needs to roam the earth a little bit.

[Clip with Eddie – Episode 8:02]

Alex: Similar to the realization that I’ve had when I work in my garden. I want to be with my kids.

[Clip from Episode 10:15 ]

Alex: Talking about it makes it so surreal.  If it wasn’t for the show, I wouldn’t have met my wife,  … my kids. Like it’s profound, what this show has meant to me on so many levels. It’s hard to talk about.


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#H50 Memories

Building up to the last episode this Friday.

Some Hawaii Five-0 memories and thoughts ….

Countdown to the @hawaiifive0cbs series finale🥺 Sending you all some virtual hugs. Happy Aloha Friday.🌊🤙🏾🧡 #H50

Violence is my last option. Buttered toast dipped in Milo is my first.

Eric Norris, Beulah Koale, Jim Beck, Chuck Norris & Alex


Hard to believe that the series finale is fast approaching. Duke’s first scene was with this two great gentlemen. Great actors and even better people. What a privilege it has been to work with them. The first picture was taken the last day I filmed and the second is from Duke’s first appearance. Remember to watch the series finale this friday. Stay safe and healthy.
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As my last ep of Hawaii Five-0 airs tonight, saved the big man for last. Alex O’Loughlin, mahalo brother. Happy the gods brought us together. Happy I got to shoot your first 3 Directing spots. It was an amazing 36 eps I got to make with you. Aloha wau i kou kaikaina !! 🙏🏻🤙🏻🙏🏻 #alexoloughlin#director#actor#cinematography#H50

It was a great ride 🙏🏻🤙🏻🙏🏻 Mahalo and Aloha Hawaii Five-0 #alexoloughlin#chucknorris#H50



  • You can also click on the link for scenes from the show for which Kurt was the cinematographer.
jonesydop  H50 Love Letter.
Here’s some footage from a few of my eps in Season X.
  • Some memories from Episode 10:07 

I wished we could have done a 2 part Episode with Alex’s first 60 page script.

It would have been EPIC.

Kurt Jones on IG

– 9 November 2019

Video: Cast – Best moments


Alex: He has done what he set out to do. Learned what he needed to learn, in regards to his father’s investigations. And gotten to the bottom of everything with his mom. And, so I think its a really perfect moment.


  • If I understand Alex’s words in this video correctly, I would guess that his best moment will be in the finale.


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