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#H50 – Some More Farewell Messages

Some more farewell messages posted during the last few days since we published the first one here.

I guess there might be a few more coming over the next month until the final episode. We will try to post as many as possible here.

  • From Chi McBride (via Julissa – his wife’s IG page)

shoejitsu  Dear Five-Ohana,

With my deepest gratitude thank you all for tuning in for the past ten years. You are the source of our success. Thank you for your laughter, tears and dedication. Thank you for welcoming Lou Grover into your homes and embracing The Grovers as part of the Five-0 universe. I’ll miss you as much as you’ll miss the entire Five-0 family. It’s been my honor. Roll to the wave, baby. Roll to the wave.



Casually exiting Alex’s trailer @rachelcerettophotography

  • From Kimee Balmilero (aka Noelani)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU🧡👩🏽‍⚕️🧡

I’ve already gone through a lot of feelings, but the one that I keep coming back to is GRATITUDE. When I made the decision to move back home to Hawaii in 2012 I NEVER IMAGINED that I would get to be a regular role on a prime time TV show. It didn’t even cross my mind. I started teaching at some private schools, I started some creative stuffs, I started directing theatre, and I kept my head and heart focused on all of these projects. I loved it! I was happy to be home with my husband and my family. Everything felt right.

When I booked the role of Noelani on @hawaiifive0cbs in Season 7…I couldn’t believe it! I was so thankful for the opportunity. “Three episodes?! Wow!” Three episodes turned into eleven…turned into a series regular…turned into a crossover character on @magnumpicbs…turned into me learning how to surf and my parents being on the show😂 Hawaii Five-0 gave all of us endless amounts of moments that we NEVER expected and will treasure forever.

Am I sad? Of course. But not because I’m losing a “job,” but because I will never see this exact team together again. What we had was special. What I learned was priceless. And what we brought to the local entertainment industry was magical.

I will miss ALL of these people like crazy. TRULY. We really have the best team both on and off camera. I know I post a lot, but the photos and clips I’ve shared these past 4 seasons will never truly explain the support I felt on that H50 stage.
This show not only provided me with a dream job with a dream team, but it allowed me to do what I really love doing: CREATING HERE IN HAWAII. I will be forever grateful for that.
The show has 3 more days to shoot, but yesterday was my last day❤️ I’m so glad I got the chance to share my feelings with my #H50 Family because I love them all SO MUCH. There are too many people to thank and I need some time to figure out my words, so expect A LOT of personal shout outs from me in the next month🙋🏽‍♀️ Thank you to everyone that reached out. I appreciate it, but don’t worry about me. I’m still EXACTLY where I need to be. Doing all the things I love for a community that I will NEVER stop working for. MUCH LOVE to you all🧡

  • A short video of Kimee on her last day on set:


  • From Meaghan Rath on IG

The one where we say goodbye. 💔 So grateful for this cast and crew: you have been the very best part of it all.


  • From Shawn Mokuahi Garnett (aka Cousin Flippa)

This was my first scene ever on @hawaiifive0cbs. My ONE line was “Howzit”. I was with @taylorwily, @teilorgrubbs, #scottcaan and #alexoloughlin. Unreal. Being a regular Hawaiian dude…as local as you can get…this moment right here would stick with me forever. This definitely started a chain reaction of more episodes, more cameos, generating this wave of opportunity…which I rode with deep gratitude. Mahalos to @plenkov for giving me an opportunity to work, act a little and show the world my music. And most importantly, provide for my family. To the crew, who works day in and day out. Always making sure everyone is taken care of. I only send my love and aloha to everyone I have met along the way. To the cast and guest stars on the show….super cool to know that I KNOW them. To my tv cuzzin, @taylorwily…always know, if you ever need me, I’m there for ya. Anytime. Love you cuz. To the fans. Because of this show I’ve met SOOOOOO many from around the world!!! It’s fascinating to know how much this show really means to a lot of people. Love you all! As this door closes, I know the universe will be directing me to other ventures in the near future. Aloha….see you in the FLIPP side. 🤙🏼#h50#hawaiifive0#ridingthatwave#bitw

  • Click on the link below to watch Shawn’s memories on the show

Best times ever with the best people I know!! #memories #h50 #hawaiifive0 #partofthejourneyistheend @plenkov @pronouncedhorhay @danieldaekim @hawaiifive0cbs @taylorwily @teilorgrubbs @ziggymarley @bedaloha @drft1_808


  • From Cinematographer Kurt Jones (Still misspelling Alex’s surname 😀 )

One of my favorite Five-0 memories. When my kids were on the show. EP 816. Directed by my good pal Jerry Levine. 🤙🏻🤙🏻 #Aloha #h50 #alexolaughlin



  • From Teilor Grubbs (aka Grace Williams)
where to start… hawaii 50 has been apart of me for over half my life. i have met such amazing people and have made memories that i will remember forever. i really feel like i have grown up on this show and i am so grateful for all the lessons i learned along the way. i’m so sad this show has to come to an end but i cant wait to see what life has in store next. for my hawaii 50 family, lets hope they bring a new show to hawaii bc they would be honored to have such an amazing crew. last but not least, i want to thank all our amazing fans for your support over the last 10 years. we couldn’t have done it without you❤️ #h50
  • Video with Teilor with – taking pictures Alex & Scott 
  • From one of the stunt guys – Darin ( you can click on the link to his page to see the video about some of his stunts on the show)

10 Seasons of Hawaii Five-O has come to the end. I’m very grateful to have enjoyed the time with longtime friends and new friends along the way. Mahalo & Aloha
#fiveostuntteam#50stuntteam “50th State Stunt Team”


  • From Stephen Hill (TC on Magnum PI – also on cross-over episode)

I‘m really glad I had the chance to take my dad to the @hawaiifive0cbs studio lot. Thankful that they turned on the lights for us and gave us a tour. This is my dad’s favorite show! Sending big BIG Aloha to the 5.0 Ohana and their fans. Sooooo many fans here in #hawaii🌺 and abroad love Hawaii Five-0. 10 years is such a massive accomplishment. Your presence will indeed be missed. Sending love from your @magnumpicbs Ohana. Aloha Nui. Mahalo.



  • From Meaghan Rath on Twitter (aka Tani)

  • From Christopher Sean (aka Gabriel Waincroft)

  • Another picture of Alex on his  last day on set:

. Thank you for 10 years, and thank you! Mahalo Alex!




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#H50 – Last day on Set for #AlexOLoughlin (2 March 2020)

Although filming will only wrap up today (3March) with the stunt team, it seems that yesterday 2 March was Alex’s last day on set. Just a few days short of 10 years ago when on 5 March 2010 they started filming the first scenes of the Pilot episode.

Thank you to Mailani Photography/Tours for posting these pictures.

Please note that they were actually filming the second last (or rather first part if the 2-hour finale) last. The final episode already wrapped last week.

  • Alex and his assistant  Dillon Rafdal arriving on set.

“Five-O-Gourmet Photo Tour” has been upgraded to “Five-O-Gourmet Photo Tour”!
We’re the only company on the Five O’s Holy Land pilgrimage tour to stop at Kono’s House, McGarrett’s House, Rachel Grace’s House, Catherine’s House, Chin’s House (now), Lou’s House, and Adam’s House! If you are looking for a Five O Tour, by all means.
# Hawaii Five-O #Hawaiifiveo # Hawaii Five-O tour # Hawaii Five-O Season 9 # Hawaii Five-O Season 8 # H50 # unusual Hawaii # Hawaii tour # Hawaii tourism #Hawaii Five O Holy Land pilgrimage # pilgrimage # Five O # Hawaii Five O Season 10



# Discover McGarrett in the really true last shoot of Five O !
It’s like taking a picture today at a cargo ship wharf and launching a crank-up …




# Discover McGarrett in the really true last shoot of Five O !
Alex, crank up. Thank you for 10 years, and thank you! Mahalo Alex!


Hopefully, there will be some more pictures coming through of this final day of shooting.


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