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#AlexOLoughlin CBS Watch! Photoshoot again

We hear heat kills the corona virus and want to do our part to help keep Alex fans safe. With some of the Watch! photoshoot pics published bigger, thought we should share these again. They have been edited for publishing, not by me, this is how they were posted. So here is Alex, a bit smoother than normally. Be sure to click on the full size to count the greys on his chest 😉

Photography by Nino Muñoz. You can view  20 more here.

Ps, whoever came up with the captions is clearly one of us fangirls 😉

Ripped to shreds

We’re ab-solutely grateful for Alex O’Loughlin’s core values.

Ruggedly handsome

Even his bad boy look is full of charm.

Home sweet home

At first, Alex O’Loughlin was unsure if he should relocate to the tropical state. Thankfully, he found his aloha spirit!

Alex O’Loughlin delivers a soulful stare

We could gaze into Alex O’Loughlin’s beautiful blue eyes forever.

Dear diary

Forget screen time. When you’re surrounded by all this Hawaiian beauty, there’s nothing like good old-fashioned journaling to pass the time.

Model of a man

Alex O’Loughlin has the Blue Steel look nailed.



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