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#AlexOLoughlin – First weekend after #H50 filming wrapped.

It was belt testing time at Egan Inoue Jiujitsu again over the weekend. Looks like Alex got the first stripe on his Brown Belt which he got in May 2019.
  • From Frank Bailey

Promotion day. Congrsts to our new blue belt John and our new purples @kimim and Dr. B! Alex on his brown belt stripe and anyone I forgot! #grapplingunlimited #eganinouejiujitsu #jiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #bjj #promotionday #bluebelt #purplebelt #brownbelt #hawaiifive0 #hawaii

  • From Kimi Morton

Words can’t express how grateful I am for our @eganinouejiujitsu family and for EVERY day I get to spend on the mat with this amazing team. We have the most dedicated talented coaches, the fiercest most high vibe team members, and the most amazing keiki team members and families. There’s just no family like jiu jitsu family. Thank you all for helping me and inspiring me to be better every day (and for the welts on my back). ⁣

Big shout out to all of our keiki who did an amazing job on their belt test today! You did it, kids! And big hugs and high fives to all of our adults on their stripes and belt promotions! ⁣

There are SO many reasons I love jiu jitsu but one of my favorite things is how every stripe, every belt, every win of any kind is a result of so many people helping and supporting each other on and off the mat. ⁣

Everytime someone gets promoted, you just know how many sweaty hours they spent on the mat with great partners and coaches, how many helpful conversations they had with those teammates and supportive higher belts, how much time they spent listening and learning from those that are willing and excited to share what works for them, not to mention all the people supporting them in other ways so they can get in their mat time in. It’s a group effort – always – and it moves me to tears. Congratulations again to our whole Grappling Unlimited/Egan Inoue Jiu jitsu family. ⁣



Alex can be seen near the beginning of each video

Kids belt testing just finished up and now adults are warming up #bjj #jiujitsu #eganinoue

Sensei Egan Inoue #jiujitsu


  • From Egan Inoue
Egan Inoue

Great Training today with an unemployed guy from #h50 #alexoloughlin Thanks for jumping in with us today Tyson. Missed you today Eric. #eganinouejiujitsu #grapplingunlimitedhawaii

And the first fan picture after H50 filming ended.

  • From Julie Garcia
julliieeeeeee  After 10 seasons, I finally met Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) 😍😍😍 #hawaiifive0 #stevemcgarrett #hawaii

As always – Thank You to those who post their pictures with Alex!!



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#H50 – Commander Steve McGarrett and His Last Birthday?

It is 10 March – Steve McGarrett’s birthday!

(Please do not confuse it with Alex O’Loughlin’s birthday.

Alex’s birthday is on 24 August)

Will this be the last time that we celebrate Steve McGarrett’s birthday? Will Steve McGarrett survive the series finale of Hawaii Five-0? The man who has lost so much during the past 10 years that we have followed his life.

He lost his best friend and SEAL buddy  Freddie a few days before we met Steve in 2010. Then Steve had to listen to the shot that killed his father, John McGarrett, minutes after we first saw him. His Aunt Deb died with him at her bedside in 2016. His friend and mentor Joe White died in his arm in 2018. And in 2019 his mother Doris, who kept om lying to him, died tragically in his arms when the only thing he wanted to do, was to save her.

Will Steve’s fate also be to follow them to the eternal rest of the big beyond, or will there still be some rest, tranquillity and love for him still here on earth till his old age?

For that, I guess we will have to wait and see what the series finale on 3 April hold for him …..

In any case, I am kind of sure we will still find a way to remember and to celebrate this day in the years to come.

The birthday of our fictional hero Steve McGarrett!!

Here is your chance to make your prediction.

What do you think will happen to Steve in the finale of Hawaii Five-0?

  1. Steve dies at the end
  2. Just another day – life goes on as usual.
  3. Steve moves away from Hawaii and leaves Five-0 behind.
  4. It will be a cliffhanger and we won’t know.


Ten Seasons Of Steve McGarrett:


And on a happier note …..

Happy Birthday



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