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My Top 10 #H50 Episodes

It is a difficult thing to do. After 238 episodes of a show, how do you decide on the top 10? Until I started doing it and in the end realised it came easy. The only question that remained for me was, in what other of importance will I have them?

1) The Pilot

Perfect set-up to wonderful characters in an idyllic and special place on earth.

2) Episode 10:07 (Doris dies)

The emotions, the music, the story – the love letter of Alex to his character.


3) Episode 1:24

(Season 1 Finale – The Governor is dead)

A seemingly shocking end of team Five-0. How do you get back from this?


4) Episode 2:01

(Restoring Five-0)

An interesting new era unfolds as the team works together to restore their order.


5) Episode 5:07

(Number #100 – Wo Fat eliminated)

An alternate world – perfect celebration and end of a villain. An epic battle!


6) Episode 3:20

(Bringing Freddie Home)

Showing us the heart of the man – Steve McGarrett

7) Episode 2:22

(Wo Fat returned to Hawaii)

So weird that the tables were turned during this episode – Wo Fat gave himself up to be captured by Steve. Steve had to protect him against the Yakuza.

Not only were the scenes between Steve and Wo Fat great entertainment, but the sight of a healthy Alex,  back in full strength and on top of his game, makes it one of my favourites. And the reunion of the team on-screen and behind the scenes made it even more special


8) Episode 3:06

(Danny and 911)

An event happening in one place, that shook everybody around the world – worked into the character of Danny. And both Alex and Scott (and the guest stars) gave great performances on this one.


9) Episode 4:21

(Steve captured in Afghanistan)

The story ripped my heart out!


10) Episode 4:10

(Japanese Internment Camps )

The episode delicately highlighted a period from the past, not only of the USA – but specifically in the history of Hawaii, that was not known to me before. And added with it, a beautiful story of grandfather Steven McGarrett.

You might ask, how I decided on these 10 episodes and my easy answer will be – I knew the episode number and the stories in these episodes by heart. I did not even have to look them up or search for them – I just knew them and the reason why I liked them.

There were a few others that I could think of that might have made the list (like the epic Episode 200 and many of the earlier episodes), but when I weighed them against these that I already had on here, they kind of fell short in some way.

I admit that many of these episodes are stand-alone or milestone episodes and that for that reason it makes them easy to remember. They were also mostly about Steve and not the procedural show. But I watched the show for, and because of Alex and his Steve and that makes it easy to pick those episodes around him.

One day, when I rewatch the series again, I might find that there are other episodes that impress me more. And of course, there is also still time for one of the last two episodes to replace one on this list. And I really hope the finale will do so …..



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