Some #H50 Memories – Old and New

Here are some more Hawaii Five-0 memories posted in the past few days.
Unfortunately, Alex did not feature in the cast and crew wrap video and without any photos of him at the wrap party, we guess that he did not attend.


  • From K Murakami:  Alex (and his canister) on his last day of filming
808kstyle Oahu, Hawaii
  • From Dave Reaves (Guest on Epi 10:19)

Sometimes I get to work with some pretty awesome people. #alexoloughlin is such a great guy! #ScottCaan too! It was a true blessing working for stunt coordinator and second unit director, Eric Norris. Coordinator, choreographer, and stunt double Paul Lacovara is a beast! We battled hard! We had an all around great group of stunt performers. A little R&R in #Honolulu wasn’t too bad either. Checked out the North Shore beaches, went to Pearl Harbor, and got a sweet tattoo on my leg. @paulo_hnltattoo ❤️🙏🏼 #StuntsUnlimited#HawaiiFive0 Director Geoff Shotz is the man! Good memories for a lifetime. #Grateful Blessed to have made some awesome new friends.

  • From Mondo

It was recently announced that sadly, this year’s season of Hawaii Five-0 will be its last. Here is a throwback to when I was a little puppy and the show filmed at my house. I met many members of the crew and actors, including the kind, dog-loving Alex O’Loughlin who snuggled with me between scenes.

  • From Peter Lenkov (March 2010)

I wasn’t lying when I said we went on a shark dive. Here’s the very brave McG paying his respects to the Aumakua. #H50

I would actually say that it was Alex and not MCG

First poster. First photo shoot. First writers room dinner. First group hug. #H50 – 2010

Lovely poster – a pity they never used it


Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me
Other times, I can barely see
Lately, it occurs to me
What a long, strange trip it’s been…

So many memories of Peter and Alex together

  • From bwallace808 on IGStoryAlex and his assistant on the last day of filming.


Photography by @keithandreen
#hawaii @kinleyandreen

Link to the wrap video:


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8 responses to “Some #H50 Memories – Old and New

  1. I’m still so sad! I can’t believe Alex didn’t attend to the wrap party. I guess it’s surely a very difficult thing for him, to say goodbye to the entire team he worked with for 10 years. Thank you guys, for letting us keep watching the latest news and those images from the last episode, that really have me on the edge of my chair! Can you tell me where to watch the wrap video you mention? Thanks Paula and FOYeur. Thank you so much!!!


  2. Thank you! FOYeur, but the link doesn’t work! it pop ups a message saying the page is not available. Is there another link? Thanks!


  3. dawn russell

    Aloha Alex Mahalo for 10 wonderful years we will certainly miss you all especially your Aussie fans!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sally Baylor

    This has been my FAVORITE show and will certainly miss seeing it on Friday nights. Mahalo

    Liked by 1 person

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