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#H50 – Only Two Episodes Left – Who Or What Will Be Left Out?

With only the second last episode on 27 March and the finale on 3 April left, will there be time to see any of our favourite things or people around Steve?

Will we ever see:

Steve in Uniform again?

Shirtless Steve?


A well satisfied Steve?

The content of Uncle Leonard’s box?

(Sorry, I know nobody else cares, but I still do – it really bugs me)


Over the years Steve met so many wonderful people with who he had a great repour.

Will we ever get to see them with Steve again?

We already got to see Harry and Frank Bama (well he was kind of there).

But what about these people?

– Mary & Joanie?

The Governor – any Governor for that matter?

Who even is the Governor now?

– Odell Martin –

– Harry Brown-

– Alicia Brown –

– Nahele –

– Mamo –

– Kawika –

– Ellie –

We saw Wade Gutches and Cathrine last year after Joe died, and after they finished their revenge of his death.

Was that their last goodbyes?


What other thing or person would you love to see with Steve, that one more time?



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