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#H50 10:20 – Mother’s voice from the grave?

The Steve McGarrett Story No #238

To refresh you memory – a clip from the episode:


Steve is being haunted by the words and the last images of his loved ones – John, Joe & Doris.

What he hears:

  • From the Pilot episode before John was shot by Victor Hess

Steve: Dad?

John: I didn’t say it enough. I love you, son.

Steve: Dad? Dad! No, no, no! ( We hear the gunshot that killed John )


  • From Episode 9:10 (Joe dying)

Steve: Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe.

Joe: It’s all right, Steve. I couldn’t be prouder… of the man you’ve become.


  • From 10:07 (Doris dying)

Doris: I’m so sorry.

Steve: Mom!

Doris: I love you so much.

  • From Episode 2:06 (After Wo Fat  killed Makoto)

Joe: You continue to go down this road, son, you got to ask yourself, ”How many more lives is that gonna cost?”

  • From Episode 2:14 ( Flashback when young Steve was sent to the mainland)

John: And pretty soon, you’re gonna need to decide what kind of man you are.

  • From Episode 5:13

Joe: You’re the closest thing I ever had to a son, Steve.

  • From Episode 3:18 (When Steve realized that Doris made Cath lie for her)

Doris: I wasn’t trying to hurt you.


  • Episode 2:14 (Flashback when young Steve was sent to the mainland)

John: I just hope someday you can understand.


  • Episode 9:10 (Before the gunfight that mortally wounded Joe)

Joe: Don’t wait as long as I did to find someone. I don’t want that to happen to you.

  • From Episode 7:07 (After Steve & Cath and the team saved Doris)

Doris: I love you.


They all said that they love him. They all lied to him about things. They all proclaimed it was to protect him. He never held it against them. He kept on loving them and moved forward. Will he find a reason for it all?


Some of you might remember that I “reviewed” the episodes from the beginning under the title of Steve’s Story. But at some stage, the Story just got lost in no man’s land and I stopped writing about it. This last season they kind of picked up on some of it again and my guess would be that they wanted to get to some conclusion of it.



 It is clear by the way Steve handles this situation during this episode, that he is tired of people dying.

He even risks his own life by giving up his gun, to stop just one more killing.

Voice on phone: Mr McGarrett. My name is Michael Claypool. I’m a barrister here in London, and at my client’s instruction, I’ve been tasked with hand-delivering a package to you. If it works for you, I can be in Honolulu in two days’ time.

Steve: I’m … I’m sorry, who’s your client?

Michael: Doris McGarrett.

Steve: There must be some mistake. My mother, she died, … months ago now. Her estate’s all been settled, so, …

Michael: This is a separate matter. And your mother’s instructions were very clear. Upon her death, I was to wait a period of four months before contacting you.

Steve: This package, what is it?

Michael: I’m sorry. I don’t know. I’m just following the instructions I was given.


Will there be a correlation between Steve’s story and the story of Hirsh’s uncle. That everything was not what it seemed. That there was real love, but that the situation caused everybody pain for SO MANY years.


Will Doris (& maybe Catherine ) be vindicated with this package?




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