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#AlexOLoughlin and His Final #H50 Interview (Transcript)

This is the transcript of Alex’s interview on the Season 10 DVD.

A Special Big Thank You! to Marcela, one of our fellow fans, who provided us with this transcript. It helped a lot, because I did not have the time to do it myself this time around.

That is what makes fangirling great – when we can all share in the fun!

A decision like this is not a decision that is easy to make when you’re as invested as I am. And I know that the audience and the fans are deeply invested, for which I’m incredibly grateful. Because without you guys, I don’t have a job.

That investment comes at a cost. And it’s been a really, very difficult decision to make. But I was so invested and I cared so deeply about keeping this show on the air and keeping everyone employed and … and making it work, that I just figured, like, I’m going to do whatever I have to do.

I… I don’t really know how to do this job half-heartedly. I don’t know how to phone it in. I don’t want to … know how to cheat, or just pose my way through it. Anyone in this business knows this kind of gig is a little more steady … steadier than… than most. But it’s always… there’s always that … the footing is always precarious, you know?

And I was just thinking to myself, “How much longer is this show is going to go for?”… and then I started thinking about … sort of just the big moments for me … for McGarrett over the years. This recurring thought kept coming to me that I was… I just sort of had this dissatisfaction, I suppose, this… sort of slight anxiety with the fact that we hadn’t really dealt with McGarrett’s mom, you know. The Doris McGarrett character. And then I got into, like… the little tantrum in my head, like, “Why would they do?” Like… “I can’t… why hasn’t that been a priority?”! And almost immediately, that sort of grown up in the room in my head. You know, the head of the committee up here, was like, “Why don’t you do something about it?”

And so I started thinking and I started thinking, like, “What? What could that be?” And that turned into the … like a creative dreaming space. And over the next couple of days, I started… it always comes to me late at night when I’m working on something like… whatever a creative idea is, it’s just like… I sort of design my house, that I built. And all of it happens between like 12 and 3 a.m. Which is extremely inconvenient because… Malia is like… “Turn the light off. You’re a psycho”. But I’m writing all these notes down. And in the end, I sort of had this pitch that seemed like it made some sort of sense in this world.

And then I called Peter and I said to him… “Hey, listen, can I… can I have five minutes of your time?” He was like, “Yeah, sure”. And I pitched it to him. And at the end, he was like, “I love it. Do you want to write it?”. And I was like, “Wow! I’m not really a writer”. Like, I’ve written some things that were horrible. That never got made. But … and he was like, “Just give it a go”. And he was… He was so supportive. He was so supportive. And… for the most part during the process, he… he left me alone. Like he never… He never treated me like a boss, or like, you know, he was… he was… he was so respectful. And … the notes that he gave me, were suggestions. And they were all really helpful. All really good notes … really helpful. And as it turned out, I probably implemented like eight out of ten of them, you know. And they were …. they made it better.

And in the very first draft, I killed her. And I think the network… if I remember correctly, they read it. And they were like, “This is great… That’s not… that’s a little dark when… you can’t do that… We can’t do that.” So, but, yeah, I sort of… There had to be… for me anyway… There had to be a finite ending. Like there had to be… you know, because we live in this… we live in this make-believe world, which is so much fun. It brings so much joy to everyone. And that’s, you know, we love the catharsis of turning on the telly and …. and soaking it all up. But to be a part of it. Even as an audience member, I think sometimes …. even with the broadest fantasy, we needed to sort of like drop into reality a little bit here and there. So… so we can anchor… the story that provides the catharsis for us to aspects of our own lives.

The other thing I really wanted that episode to represent, was my gratitude to Leonard’s legacy and what Peter Lenkov’s done with it and everyone’s acceptance of me being the guy. You know, it’s weird because, from the very beginning, I was like, “These are big shoes to fill.” It’s been intimidating to me from day one, you know. And I had to sort of approach it in my own way, to be able to make it my own and… and… and bring it into today.

But that scene that I wrote when McGarrett decides to share that moment with Junior about the dream. Like I was writing it even on the day when we were going to shoot it, I was like, “I don’t know if this is any good”. Like, it feels a little on the nose…

Steve:I’ve been having this dream. Every night I wake up and she’s sitting on the edge of the bed, she’s reading to me like when I was a kid, you know”.

It’s my life. Like I’ve always had really crazy, vivid dreams. And I have really cryptic dreams. Like, that’s like a dream I would have. And my mother is reading to me as an adult. And I’m like, this is weird and why… But I can’t hear her and I can’t, you know, that running in mud sort of thing. And I just wanted to give… I mean, the Moby Dick reference, is probably a little on the nose and obvious. But I just wanted to give McGarrett a little bit of me and also just… Sort of like, I don’t know, let… let everybody into the… the constant, obsessive, unrelenting connection that he has with his mother, that he just needs… needs … needs closure on.

Doris:Whatever you think. Stop thinking it. Yes, my mission went sideways, but I swear to you, I’m staying dark for the right reasons. Your life will be compromised in a way that I can’t help you, Steve. If you don’t leave this country immediately”.

Steve: “My life was compromised the day you walked out of it”.

Like she’s a flawed character. And that was… I had the grace of that, going in, you know. So it gave me freedom in the storytelling, you know, and… from the very beginning, she was flawed. She faked her own death. She kind of like… bailed on her family. On her kids for the sake of, you know, her … for the sake of the government. In the end, she was like, “How do I make this right?

Doris:You don’t get it, Steve. I got nothing to show for all my years in the agency. Nothing. A whole life of fear and… and guilt, for what? For what? I lost my identity”.

Agent:She stayed on target till the end. She did her job

Steve: “Dad?”

John: “I like to say… I love you son…”

Steve: “Dad… Dad!… no, no… No!”

“Joe… Joe…Joe… Joe!”

Joe: “I’m sorry Steve!… I couldn’t be prouder of the man you’ve become”.

Doris: “I’m so sorry!”

Steve: “Mom!”

Doris: “I love you so much”

Joe: “You continue to go down this road, son. You’ve got to ask yourself, how many more lives is that going to cost?”

The huge part of my life, that no matter where my life or my career takes me from here, this is always going to be a home for me. I have no intention of leaving… the island. Despite the fact that I’m leaving the show.

I love raising my kids here. I love being a part of the… the Kamaʻāina. Being part of the people here. And… I was sort of a blow in for a while. But at 10 years, you kind of get to like… You can have a discount on the orange juice. And I’ve been here long enough, you know. And so it’s… it’s a very, very special place.

The episodes that I have seen the way we shoot this island. It’s extraordinary. All you’ve got to do is point a camera at whatever and it’s like, “Wow!” We’re so blessed to have the production value insofar as the cinematography with the natural vegetation, the incredible mountains, and the waterfalls and everything else that we have here. I think you sort of can take that for granted sometimes. But it to me, it’s always played such a massive role in the show. You know, I like she is like… this aina is… the true lead role of the show, you know. I mean, it wouldn’t be a little different than Southern California, you know, it would be it’s just… There’s nothing like it.

[Clip – Shooting H50 action scene]

But as far as… being a part of this place and the people from Hawaii, I’ve never really felt as welcome as I did here.

Steve: “Aloha. A Hui hou.”

Grover: “Oh, man.”

I really wanted to get 10 years. I didn’t want to walk away before then. It just didn’t feel right. And I think I got to a place now… and it’s not of frustration or fatigue. I mean, I’ve been fatigued. We’re all fatigued. But it wasn’t as a result of that. It was just… I just got to a place, a really quiet place. And a calm place, where I realized, like… I’ve done it. I’ve done 10 years. I’ve cared as deeply as I can. I’ve brought what I possibly could, to the table. And I hope that it’s been enough. And now I need to focus on those little men, you know. Those two little men at my place. I’m just glad to have .. have been a part of this like … a part of history. And I’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna miss it like crazy.

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#H50 Episode 8:13

At some stage over the years, we did not cover all the episodes of Hawaii Five-0 with pictures and some thoughts on it. For a few of them, Paula actually made drafts with screencaps, but I just never wrote anything with the picture, to do a post of it. This is one of them.

I do not plan to say anything about the old episodes, now that the show is done, but here is just a short synopsis to remind you of what the episode was about:

When a man accused of killing his wife threatens to kill himself, Grover reveals how he was once on the brink of suicide himself.

As you can see, for a number of beautiful reasons this episode made me forget a multitude of sins and kept me engaged throughout.

Even the clothes can’t hide that sexy body under it – it actually brings out the natural “superhero” look, I would say ….

Wow, just wow!

And these last pictures just once again shows us, Alex so naturally being Steve.


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They Say … #AlexOLoughlin love & respect his wife & children

Another one of Alex’s talents – doing the hairstyling of Tena, the hairstylist of Hawaii Five-0.
But what strikes me the most about her fun post and video of Alex, shaving her hair, is the beautiful comment about him which she added to it.
Once again it says so much about him as a person.
  • From Tena – October 2018

I am often asked which is my most favorite actor, I have worked with…by far, for his integrity, his leadership, his heart he wears in his sleeve, his love & respect for his wife & children & personally for his mad styling skills... no other than Mr. Alex O’Loughlin  #hawaiifiveO #mcgarrett #alexoloughlin #mcG #hairstylist #hawaii #hawaiifiveOCBS #gostylin #hi50

  • From Tena, talking about Alex directing his second episode on Hawaii Five-0 in January 2019 (Epi 9:17)

Such mad respect for this Gangst’a leading man, who’s directing our 1st episode of the year!  #alexoloughlin #babyblue #focus #hawaiifive0 #cbs

  • She also needed to help Alex (and Scott) age for Episode 8:10

Swipe left to see how I helped age Steve McGarrett last season on Hawaii five-O! From inspiration photos, measurement for the wig & touchups on set.   #behindthescenes#hawaiifive0#stevemcgarrett#hairstylist#hawaii#alexoloughlin#ilovemyjob#local706


2015-Season 6, Hawaii five-O welcomed me into their Ohana. This was/is my dream job with the best Cast & Crew of my career! ( On the island my grandmother grew up on, God rest her Hawaiian soul…) swipe left to see a glimpse of my first episode! #ohana #hawaiifiveo #alexoloughlin #hairstylist #aloha #hawaii #mahalo #bts


Tena worked as a hairstylist on Hawaii Five-0 for 4 years. (From Seasons 6 to 9)

You can scroll through her Instagram page and see all her comments about some of the other people on the show – including some beautiful comments about, Michelle Borth, Sarah Carter, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia and Scott Caan who helped her style someone elses hair on set.



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Some #H50 Fun On Hollywood 411 (Season 1 Finale – 2011)

The cast of Hawaii Five-0 got interviewed on set, by Audrey Cleo from TV Guide, during the filming of the Season 1 finale. She asked some questions about the end of Season 1, and got some fun remarks back from the main cast, which included Alex, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan, and  Larisa Oleynik.

Who knew? Alex can knit! And from Grace’s comment, it is clear that even back in Season 1 already, the fan fantasies of a McDanno romance were a big joke on set.


Audrey: I’m in beautiful Oaau, visiting the Hawaii Five-0 set where I’ve got the secrets, scandals and spoilers of the season finale.

To Alex: This thing isn’t even on, so

Alex: Right, I’ll just forget about it.

Audrey: Yeah. yeah.

Alex: We can have some beers.

Audrey: So, who dies?

Alex: Right. I’ll tell you everybody dies.

Audrey: Ah-ha

Alex: You’ll be blown away.

[Clip from Finale]

Grace: McGarrett and Danny get pregnant. [Fake laughs]

Audrey: [Laughs]

Grace: And Kono kills Chin Ho.

Audrey: Don’t think that’ll happen on the Season 1 ender, airing tomorrow night on CBS. But we do know that head Five-0 hottie, Alex O’Loughlin aka Steve McGarrett, finds out whose been leaving hints about his parents murders.

Audrey: Is the person who’s been giving Steve those clues, someone we already know?

Alex: Yes, he gets double-crossed. He gets lied to. He gets … he gets set up.

Audrey: I hear that Chin might actually get his badge back? What’s like the percentage chance? Are we talking like, 60/40?

Daniel: I’d put the odds at pretty good.

Audrey: Pretty good?

Daniel: Yeah, but that’s just between you and me.

Don’t tell anybody.

Audrey: We can tell you, one major character will meet a grisly end. 

Scott Caan’s character, Danny Williams, might also be saying Aloha, and heading back to Jersey.

While Chin may get his badge, looks like McGarrett loses his.

[Clip from Final]

Audrey: And as always, expect losts of action.

Audrey: What was the most dangerous stunt that you had to do? For the season final?

Scott: I had to kiss Claire Van Der Boom.

Larisa: We did have an explosion, yesterday.

Audrey: It’s a physical role too. I mean, this is serious stuff.

Alex: I’m sort of beat up and I’ve got like a torn shoulder. Look at this.

Audrey: Oh my god.

I just really want to touch you …. [ touching his shoulder again]

Alex: She just wants to touch my arm. [Laughs]

Grace: They don’t do needle pointing. They’re dealing with criminals

Audrey: Hawaii Five-0 team might be doing needlepoint. I think – spin-off.

Grace: Oh well, Alex knits.

Audrey: Is that why he has Kinesio tape on his shoulder?

Grace: [Laughs]

Audrey: Is that from all the crocheting that he is doing?

Grace: I know.

Audrey: I don’t think I got a clear … [hinting to touch his arm again]

Alex: I’ll show you .. when we cut.

Audrey: Okay.


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#H50 – Being deleted …. What happened to Alicia?

We continue with our series of deleted scenes from the show ….

One character on Hawaii Five-0 who seems to have gotten the short end of the stick was Alicia. So many scenes of Steve and Alicia having contact with each other, got deleted. And then the character just disappeared never to be seen or heard of again.

Did the writers want to give her a bigger role in Steve’s life and then somehow got cold feet about it all and retreated? Or did the actress, Claire Forlani, get another more permanent role somewhere else?

Claire in the role of Alicia appeared in 6 episodes of the show in Seasons 7 and 8. We will have a look at the timeline of her story and add some of the deleted scenes with it.

Episode 7:02

We first meet Alicia in Episode 7:02. The team needs a profiler to help them catch the Chess-piece serial killer. This serial killer story was an arc that started in Episode 7:01 and carried on until Episode 7:17 when Alicia killed the killer.


Episode 7:03

When FBI Profiler Alicia Brown finds a body in her bed, she is forced to join McGarrett in the hunt for the chess-piece killer.

Episode 7:04

Five-0 must find McGarrett and Alicia when they are kidnapped by the serial killer they’ve been hunting.

  • From this episode, we have our first deleted scene: Alex and Alicia trapped in a sea cave.


Episode 7:05

  • We never see Alicia in this episode, but from it, we get our second deleted scene. Steve leaving Alicia a voicemail.

Voicemail: You’ve reached Alicia Brown. Please leave a message.

Steve: Hey, Alicia. It’s me, it’s Steve. I … I’ve just been thinking about you. I wanted to make sure you were okay. I also wanted to let you know that we have alerts out to the FBI, Interpol. We’re going to find Gray, Alicia. You have my word for it

Anyway, look, if  … if you want to a call me, just you go ahead, okay. Call me anytime. Bye.

Episode 7:17

McGarrett and Five-0 once again become entangled in the twisted mind games of serial killer Dr. Madison Gray when she stumbles into HPD covered in blood that matches Alicia Brown’s and claims amnesia.

They realise that Dr. Gray knows where Alicia’s daughter Sienna was. Alicia thought her daughter was dead, but she was kidnapped and held captive for all these years. Steve helped to save  Sienna, Alicia’s daughter from her captor. Then one evening, Alicia shoots Dr. Gray when she comes to their house.


Episode 7:18

  • From this episode, we get our 3rd deleted scene. Alicia leaving Steve a voicemail.

Alicia’s voice:

Steve, it is Alicia. I just wanted to say hi. We are settled in now in Vancover. It’s cold. It’s cold, but it’s nice. Sienna, she’s better. You know, some days are harder than others, you know. She likes it here, so that is good. 

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that we are doing okay. And to say thank you. I know I’ve said it already, but we’re just really grateful to you Steve.

I hope I get to hear your voice again. I’d like that. Until then, take care of yourself okay.

Episode 8:05

  • And then we as viewers just see her pop back in Episode 8:06, to stand trial for the murder of Dr. Gray.

  • And in this episode, we also get our 4th deleted scene. Steve dropping Alicia off at home at the end of the day. She just got the news that all charges against her were dropped. Remember it was the Halloween episode.

Steve: Does … does Sienna know?

Alicia: No, I wanted to tell her myself.

So, are you coming in?

Steve: No, I think I’m going to leave the two of you to celebrate. just the two of you.

Alicia: ‘Cos, I mean, I’ve got two full bags of candy in there. I’m kind of intrigued at the idea of you on a sugar high.

Steve: I’ll call you tomorrow, alright?

Alicia: Okay.

Steve: I’m sorry. What is this face?

Alicia: I know it was you.

Steve: First of all, maybe a sent a text to the Governor to give her the heads-up that you were assisting the Five-0 Taskforce in this investigation. I mean, it’s possible I pressed upon her the importance of that assistance. And that we may need to call on you again in the future.

If she said something to the prosecuting attorneys, it’s got nothing to do with me.

Alicia: Come here.

I want to thank you for respecting my wishes and not getting involved.

Steve: You’re welcome.

Alicia: You’re a good man, Steve McGarrett.

Episode 8:06

Alicia once again helps the team to solve a case. She shares drinks with them all at Kamekona’s shrimp truck. And then disappears into thin air …… if I remember correctly, never to be seen or heard of again.

We would have liked to hear about Alicia again …..

Just another interesting (female) character “killed” by the Hawaii Five-0  curse of people in Steve’s life, just vanishing?



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