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#AlexOLoughlin Having Some Fun While Directing #H50 Epi 9:17 (Jan 2019)

In January 2019, Alex filmed the second of the three Hawaii Five-0 episodes which he directedEpisode 9:17.
Some interesting characters joined the cast and posted a lot of footage about it all – Michael Ironside, Nathin Butler, Tyron Woodley, Joseph Julian Soria
  • Posted by Michael Camp

mikeyyycamp Love these dudes. Blessed to be working with them and can call them life long friends now. 🎬❤️🙏🏻 #alexoloughlin#michaelironside #hawaiifive0


mikeyyycamp  Had to surprise my Aunt Tina. She’s always been a big fan of Alex and Hawaii Five O. I think this made her smile a bit. I really appreciate my good buddy Alex taking the time to do this video and can’t thank him enough for letting me be apart of Season 9 Episode 17 that he Directs. He’s insanely talented and an excellent visionary that really brings a script to life. Amazing experience and looking forward to many more! #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0
Link to Video:



  •  from Nathin Butler on IGStory
  • Posted by Nathin Butler on IG:

nathinbutler  Love workin with these crazy f#*kers! #alexoloughlin #michaelironside #hawaiifive0

Nathin Butler, Joseph Julian Soria, Tyron Woodley, Alex, Michael Ironside & Michael Camp

nathinbutler  Great mornin training sesh with ma dudes #jiujitsu #boxing #hawaii #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin

Joseph Julian Soria, Tyron Woodley, Alex & Nathin Butler


  • And Joseph Julian Soria Posted the same pictures as Nathin

jjsoria Last day of work on @hawaiifive0cbs . It’s been such a pleasure making new friendships and collaborating with these kids! So grateful for this experience! It’s been well worth the wait! You see, I’ve been holding out for years to come to Hawaii because I wanted to do so because of work. So I can have a #Workcation . And I’ve definitely made the most of this trip! #Aloha to the cast & crew of this show! And the #Hawaiian people! You treated me well! 🙌
Episode directed by #alexoloughlin#michaelironside#hawaiifive0

jjsoria  A little morning training with the fellas. #alexoloughlin #goodtimes #Goodpeople #jujitsu #boxing #mma #spar #TheChamp #tyronwoodley #UFC #hawaiifive0

  • From Lamart Logan – Celebrity Videographer
fasthandsproductions  🤔Hey…I thought I came out here to film some content, I didn’t sign a wavier for this shit! 🥴 #ChampCamp Hawaii-5o🌴🌊 alexoloughlin@twooodley #Bjj #contentcreator #hawaii50 #alexoloughlin
  • Tyron Woodley on IGStory
to full Video from Tyron Woodley
Link to our short video edit:
  • From Kurt Jones  – Cinematographer

First ep of 2019. Teaching my Director about focal lengths. “Show me a 21mm Al” 😂😂 Love working with this Mad Man !! #alexoloughlin


But the was not only footage from those who were in the episode, some fans also posted there pictures from the set.

  • From Dean Kawamura on Twitter
Dean Kawamura @El_Deano (#HawaiiFive0 sighting
  • From Smith and Kings Pub

Hawaii 5-0 will be filming outside of Smith & Kings today. We are still open for the college football championship game and trivia!

  • From ssarah_super on IG (Translation by Google)
ssarah_super #20190110 First post in 2019 🙂 🙂 It’s the first time I’ve seen a mid-hour in the aunt’s shop, and taking a mid-hour. I took a picture^_^;; Instead of dinner, eating snacks on a snack truck. Ordering –REGRAM # Mid # Hawaiian #Hawaii # Hawaii Five O # hawaiifive0 # Hawaii50 # season9 # 9 #CBS #Alex #AlexOloughlin # Alex Oh Se # kkuljaem # 🌴 # ❤️
(Looks like she loves the anti-aging app 😀 )
  • From Rin Rin (Translation by Google)

I love # Hawaii Five-O of the encounter to # shooting # macro Garrett met (ૢ⁼̴̤̆ ꇴ ⁼̴̤̆ ૢ) ~ ෆ me to say whether I will to take photos with your mobile phone after I got to shake hands, a moment Kyun death ♡ ŐωŐ) for the time being I was going to change from the pop 💕iPhone 7 to soon iPhone X I think that you’ll in this state ✌✌ (➲ ᗜ ➲) ✌✌ #Hawaiifiveo #Mcgarrett # Hawaiifive0cbs #Hawaiifiveoscenes # Hawaii50 #Alexanderolachlan #Fiveo # Hawaiifive0 # americantv #hawaii

  • From Ryoui.t (Translation by Google)
ryoui.t Discovered after eating rice in Chinatown ✨
#hawaiifiveo # Shooting site #alex #smile #Mcgarrett Let me shake hands and take a picture together… #Happy
day I came back and watched the continuation of hawaii five o 
  • From Dan Baumann on Facebook
Dan Baumann (15 January 2019 )

We had a great time with Hawaii 5-0 crew. And one very happy hotel team member posing with the star!

Thank You, Bee, for all the links (and some of the IG story screenshots)!

(It is always good to know somebody saved all the stuff during those times when I was not online to report on it here.)


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#AlexOLoughlin at #H50 – SOTB 6 in 2015 (Transcript)

Over the years we have covered some of the Sunset on the Beach events better than others. Here are some of the footage of the 2015 event (SOTB 6) that we have never posted before.

Three videos covering the same interview with Alex.



[Lots of fans screaming Alex’s name]

Alex: Hi.

Nice to meet you.

Question: What do you love about Honolulu? What’s your favourite beach? Favourite restaurant?

Alex: Okay, my favourite beach is, probably … I like the Waimanalo beaches. They’re really beautiful and .. and … and that’s my favourite. My favourite restaurant, is Sasabune.

What else have you got? Come on girl.

Question: Any hikes? Hikes? Do you have any hikes?

Alex: Hikes?

Question: Do you like hiking?

Alex: I like running the Makiki trails.

Question: The Makiki trails. Favourite place to drink in Hawaii?

Alex: My house.

Question: Your house. Which is? In which area?

Alex: I am not going to tell you where my house is. What, are you high? It’s amazing.

Anything else?

Question: Your favourite place in Honolulu.

Alex: What?

Question: Your favourite kind of place in Honolulu.

Alex: My house, is my favourite place. 

[Walks off along the line]

Alex: Hang on a second.

Oh my god, it’s hot.


[Alex gets a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his face.]

Alex: Okay, thanks

[Fans down the line screaming – Alex, Alex]

Alex: [smiling] Oh, stop it, I’ll be right there.

Nadine:  What do you want to say to fans watching on periscope?

Alex: Sorry?

Nadine:  What do you want to say to fans watching on periscope?

Alex: Ahh, periscope. I heard about that.

Nadine: Yeah.

Alex: Thank you so much for watching.

Nadine: Yeah.

[Question from someone else]

Question: What do you most look forward to in the next year of your life?

Alex: Uhm, I mean … watching my kids grow. It’s the best thing in the world, you know. All of this is great, but it’s nothing without them.

Question: Can I ask what you are wearing, we are covering fashion.

Alex: My own suit.

Question: Suit by?

Alex: No, it’s a Gucci suit and a Tom Ford shirt.

Question: Gucci shirt … suit and Tom Ford shirt. And what is your favourite thing about Waikiki?

Alex: It’s the Duke statue, because me and him have the same birthday. How about that?

Question: Picture?

Alex: Yes.

[Alex pose for a picture]

Question: Thanks.

Alex: Hi, periscope. Thanks, guys.

Question: He just said hi to everyone on periscope

Link to video

Video made by AOLww.

From the periscope broadcast of@Nadinekam.

(Just note that not all the questions are from Nadine)

Video with the same questions from a different angle




From Star Advertiser – The same interview with Alex, but a longer video, with Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim section added at the end as well. And comentary by the reporter.


Video with a summary of what happened on the red carpet during the event: 

(At around 4:21 you can hear the fans screaming for Alex and see him walk down the line of fans for the next 3 minutes.)



Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku (24 August 1890 22 January 1968) was a Native Hawaiian competition swimmer who popularized the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing.

The City of Honolulu commemorated this Waikiki Beach burial site in 1990 with a 9-foot cast bronze statue of Kahanamoku by Jan Gordon Fisher that shows Kahanamoku with outstretched arms in front of his surfboard and honorary Hawaiian spears, and includes a dedication plaque and a historic information marker.



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#tbt – #H50 Represented at “Change of Command Ceremony at Pearl Harbor” (2014)

Posting some Hawaii Five-0, throw-back moments that we never covered before.

On 11 July 2014, Alex and Peter Lenkov, together with two other co-executive producers, Jeffrey Downer and Bryan Spicer were invited to attend one of the formal military ceremonies on the Island.

After three years as commander, Capt. Jeffrey W. James, transfer command of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to Capt. Stanley Keeve, Jr. during a change of command ceremony on Friday, July 11 2014

Here are some of the pictures from that day:

  • From Peter’s IG

(On the way to the event, Peter took and posted this picture)

The “Arizona Memorial…and Al”  #AlexOLoughlin



  • @jayahh_1of  shares this pic on IG

“A s/o to #AlexOLoughlin who stopped by our historic event”

  • Picture from Aiden (James) Laprete

There were a lot of these events which happened before we really regularly covered all the news around Alex and the show. We will be doing a few of these post during the weeks to come.


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#AlexOLoughlin At The Paley for #H50 – ET Canada (Transcript)

ET Canada interview – 23 March 2019 on the carpet, at the Paley centre.

Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin shares how the cast celebrated their 200th episode and gives a shout-out to the show’s  executive producer, Peter M. Lenkov. 

ET: How does it feel to have the longest-running reboot in TV history? That …

Alex: Do I have that?

ET: You do. You’re one … one of the show.

Alex: That’s the thing? That’s awesome. I mean… 

I’m very proud to be part of this. It’s kind of extraordinary. In …  in …. in the larger sense, it sort of got nothing to do with me. You know what I mean?

Like … I’m a conduit, for a bunch of it. And I show up and I do … I do my job, but I’m just like a cog in the wheel. So … but to be a part of it … to answer your question. Is … is … It makes me proud, man. It’s a big deal. And … and… it’s … it’s… it’s a big deal. It doesn’t happen much.

ET: You had 9 seasons

Alex: Yup.

ET: That’s a huge accomplishment. How did you guys celebrate as a cast? The 200th episode?

Alex: We just got hammered.

ET: Good answer, that – hammered and cake, right. I mean, what else is there?

Alex: Yeah, we got hammered, we ate cake. You know, it’s funny, you get 200 episodes in, and that’s something you can only understand if you’ve done 200 episodes of television. It’s a LOT, of television. And you sort of … we sort of all just got there and …..  “Oh my god! We’re alive. We made it”.

We’re a little greyer and a little like, not quite as pretty. But, sort of limped over the line and went …. And we’re also doing an episode that was set in the ’40s. It was all period. And it was all like, you know, suited and booted in the ’40s with the fedoras. That was really sort of surreal.

ET: You’re still looking good. Tell us. Can we expect more crossover episodes with the other two shows?

Alex: I … I literary don’t know the answer to that. That’s way above my paygrade. But yeah, I’m not sure.

ET: Come on Peter

Alex:  Yeah, right.

ET: I mean, you should pitch it.

Alex: I don’t know how? … I don’t know how that dude …. Peter’s … You know it’s funny, in this business, there’s like… a lot of sort of really smart people out there. You know you read a lot of scripts, that are really smart.  I work with actors, sometimes, I’m like, “Man, you’re incredible”, like…

But then, you meet a mind…… that is. … He has the capacity for something that not a lot of people do. And that is to produce original content, even though it’s a reboot … they’re reboots … it’s still original content. ‘Cos they’re all very different. But just in perpetuity. It doesn’t stop. And I don’t know. I don’t know when he sleeps? But it’s pretty incredible.

ET: Do you ever take working in Hawaii for granted?

Alex: Oh, every day. Of course.

ET: Are you over it?

Alex: If I don’t take working … I’ve I don’t take all of it for granted, I don’t get to complain. And you, sometimes you need to have a bit of like a “Agh”. And then you are, “Okay, I’m over it. Let’s move on”.

ET: Right, so tell me what do you complain about when it comes to Hawaii?

Alex: I try not to complain. …..

ET: The sunsets? The sunrises? The beach?

Alex: You know sometimes, at the beginning of the season, when it’s summer …. It’s hot out there man. And we’re all like geared up with all the tactical Kevlar and everything. And I’m rolling around on the concrete, tackling people and stuff.

That gets a little, you know … like I’m putting on my 6th T-shirt for the day, ‘cos of the sweat. It gets a little moist and warm. Aside from that, man… we’re pretty dialled in. We’re very, very … I’m very very fortunate. Very lucky.

ET: That word, moist .. oh, boy.

Alex: Did I say moist?

ET: You did. You just did. You just said moist

Alex: I meant … what I meant, I meant, … I meant, moist …..


Link to video


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#AlexOLoughlin – Interview at ‘Sunset on the Beach’ with Star Advertiser – 2013

HonoluluStar-Advertiser film and television reporter Mike Gordon interviews “Hawaii Five-0” star Alex O’Loughlin on the red carpet during the season four “Sunset on the Beach” premiere in Waikiki, Hawaii, on Thursday, 26 September 2013.

For – Star-Advertiser
video by Stefanie Nakasone.

Mike: What do you think of this crowd tonight?

Alex: You know what, I feel like I say the same thing in a lot of interviews, cause I am asked very similar questions and no not at all. But it is a very valid question and it should be the prominent question.

I get to this thing every year and I am gobsmacked, you know.

Mike: You’re what?

Alex:  I’m gobsmacked. I am always waiting to roll up and there is like a few drunken bums on the beach and a couple of tourists that fell asleep in the sun.

Mike: [Laughs]


Alex: I mean look at this. People have come from all over the world.

Here’s the thing about what happens tonight, that I think is the most important part of tonight – The most important thing about this show is that we get to employ hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of local people. Okay?

Mike: Sure.

Alex:  And we get to keep money in the local economy. And we get to feed young Hawaiian families. And we get to pay young Hawaiian mortgages. And we get to send young Hawaiian .. [Oh ..there’s my phone] …. and we get to send young Hawaiian people to good schools, because their parents are working, right? That’s the most important thing about the show.

The most important thing about tonight is that there’s people from all over the world who are representatives of the fan base of Hawaii Five-0, who travel all this way, once a year to show everybody else how much we love you the rest of the world.


Mike: Would you have ever expected after the first season and the big event here, that you would still be drawing crowds on the beach?

Alex: Dude, I did not expect it the first season. You know, I was like ….  We are doing a TV show. You know what I mean? We’re not the Oscars, you know. We do what we do. It’s …. I can’t put into words what … how amazing it is to me, you know.

Mike: I couldn’t think of another show that does this. I figure this is unique in TV.

Alex: Yeah, I don’t … I don’t think there is one, and that’s why I know what you are saying. ‘Cos if there was one, I could go online and look at the interviews from the actors, and copy what they say. [Laughs]

Mike: So what can the fans expect from tonight’s episode?

Alex: I haven’t seen it.

Mike: You haven’t seen it?

Alex: I can’t remember what I did.

A lot of stuff happens. There is like a hostage takeover. Catherine like, gets into big trouble. And there’s some pretty gnarly stuff going on with Wo Fat.

Mike: Yeah. He …..

Alex: Did you watch the last one, last season?

Mike: Yeah.

Alex: We pick up where we left off. So, hold onto your hat.

Mike: So this season is going to be …… What can we expect from this season overall?

Alex: Well, I’ve only been teased to episode 10 myself, but we have got a lot of developments and characters. We have got a lot of developments and characters arcs. Relationships. Catherine and McGarrett relationship is going strong. She gets spanners thrown into her personal life. We look at how the relationship deals with that. Things she doesn’t know that McGarrett does. McGarrett starts trying to find out whether Wo Fat is maybe related to him.

Episode 401

Link to video


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