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#AlexOLoughlin talks with Entertainment Tonight – 29 April 2009

Alex O’Loughlin: From Vampire to Serial Killer

Entertainment Tonight interviews Alex O’Loughlin!

“Moonlight” hottie Alex O’Loughlin returns to CBS tonight for a guest-starring role on an episode of “Criminal Minds,” in which a serial killer sends the team a videotape detailing one of his crimes. On the tape, he includes a plea, asking them to help him stop his killing spree. But first, ET checks in with Alex to get his take on his turn to the dark side.

Found on Moonlight Fanblog

29 April 2009

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ET: This role is quite a departure from Mick. How do you think your fans will react to it?

Alex: How do you think they will react?

ET: I think they may be disappointed. You are not as sexy as you were in“Moonlight.”

Alex: There is more of that coming up. There is plenty of that.

ET: Is that why the part appealed to you – because it was so different?

Alex: Absolutely. I didn’t go to leading man school. I went to drama school. I don’t want to play the same role, every role I get. The other thing is, my true fans, emphasis on the word true, will follow me wherever I go. I thought it was a well-earned breather between roles. 

ET: Did you do any research on serial killers?

Alex: Not so much on serial killers, as on OCD. I did a lot of research on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

ET: Right, because this character had to open doors twice and not step on cracks.

Alex: There is more to it than that. OCD is an anxiety disorder. The patterns that people have … you yourself might have some patterns that you are not aware of. A lot of us do. The patterns that people have in their daily life, such as putting their sunglasses on with both hands, or the way they tie their shoes. There are patterns that we have in real life that ease an anxiety that is inside of us. This is an extreme case of it. 

ET: CBS seems to love you. You are doing the new pilot, “Three Rivers,” for them. Can you describe your role and talk about the series?

Alex: We have already done the pilot. The character’s name is Andy Yablonski. It is based on a real-life character called Gonzo Gonzales-Stawinski, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon I have been shadowing for the past couple of months. He has become a great friend of mine.

My character is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He is a staff surgeon, but he is being preened to become head of surgery at Three Rivers Clinic, set in Pittsburgh. It is called Three Rivers because there are three rivers in Pittsburgh: The Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio, but it is also told from three perspectives: The donor’s perspective and the grieving family, the recipient and their family and the surgical team. 

It is very different than “Moonlight.” It is not about vampires, but there are equal amounts of blood as my last show.


ET: When you worked on “Moonlight,” you worked with the American Red Cross for blood donation.

Alex: That is something I am hoping to take on to my next project. I want to take it to another level and work with Donate Life America, which I will be working within affiliation with Gonzo and CBS. I want to put something together and do something special for that.

ET: With ‘Twilight’ now and “True Blood,” do you think that “Moonlight” was just one year too early?

Alex: Many people say that. If they put it on now, maybe less people would have watched it because people are watching the other vampire projects. I just think they pulled it off too early. I think it is a show that took a minute to find its legs, but once we found our legs, our numbers were consistent and we won some awards. We were doing really well and then they cancelled it. 

ET: Nina Tassler said at the TCA [Television Critics Association] press tour that when they studied the fan reaction to the series, you tested better than the show.

Alex: That is lovely to hear. It is always funny when you hear things like that, because what do you say besides thank you? I don’t get it. I get up in the morning and my hair is all hanging in my face and poking up on one side, I need to shave and I look older than I am. When I stagger into the kitchen to get my breakfast, I don’t think, “Oh, look at that handsome guy. Look at that talented special creature.”

“The Big Wheel” episode of “Criminal Minds” airs tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS. 



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#AlexOLoughlin & @GabrielMacht – 2009 Interview for ‘Whiteout’ (Transcript)

Alex O’Loughlin and Gabriel Macht – Interesting to look back at the days before they both starred in two hit TV shows. Alex as the lead actor on Hawaii Five-0, with a 240 episode run and Gabriel as lead on a 136 episode run of Suits, with the difference being that Gabriel ended up also as the executive producer of his show and being able to steer the direction of his show.

This is only one of the few delightful interviews they did together for the movie Whiteout.




For Collider

8 September 2009

Interviewing two people at the same time is hard. The reason is, when you’re interviewing just one person, you can focus all your energy and questions on that individual. But when you have two people ready and willing to answer questions, you’ve got to come up with stuff they both can talk about and you never know if they’re going to play off each other.

Sometimes you only have the time to ask one question because they’ll keep going on and on. Trust me, it’s a challenge. Thankfully, when I sat down to speak with Alex O’Loughlin and Gabriel Macht for their new movie “Whiteout”, not only did they play off each other quite well, we had enough time to ask some individual questions.

So if you’re curious what making “Whiteout” was like and what they have coming up, take a look at the interview after the jump.

Also, since it’s not online, Gabriel revealed that he’s been cast in Edward Zwick’s new film “Love and Other Drugs” opposite Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.



Alex: It’s not attractive.

Gabriel: Just don’t pick on your teeth. They are alright.

Steve: What we were discussing prior to the camera rolling – Food, in-between interviews. What’s your personal favourite?

Gabriel: Of?

Steve: Food?

Gabriel: Food! Uhm, actually … what’s my personal favourite. I was talking about this the other day. [To Alex] You might get a kick out of it. Crumpet, with some margarine and Vegemite on it. It’s actually…

Alex: Oh!

Gabriel: Yeah.

Alex: The word crumpet made me laugh. When you say it… crumpet

Gabriel: Sorry.

Steve: Okay, well

Alex: ‘Cos, you’re kind of crumpet. You don’t have crumpets here.

Gabriel: No, they’re  … the closest thing is an English

Alex: They’re the greatest thing. They’re an Ozzie thing.

Gabriel: My wife is Aussie, and …

Alex: There’s the connection right there.

Gabriel: And the Vegemite, or the Promite

Alex: Vegemite… Promite is good too?  But crumpet is a … how would you describe it? It’s kind of … It’s like a muffin, but it’s kind of got holes in it. They bake it and then they stop baking it. So, then you reheat it, and it’s kind of doughy, holey, crispy on the bottom. Oh. It’s delicious.

Gabriel: It’s really nice, yeah.

Alex: Can’t get them here, though.

Steve: I was going to say, I like… I like muffin tops. You know muffins?

Alex: It’s another… Well, yes, it’s a different thing, but it’s similar … it’s in the same land. You would find the crumpet and the muffin top, living in the same land.

Gabriel: They’re cousins  …. they’re cousins.

Alex: Absolutely. At least.



Steve: I suppose I need to ask you a question about the movie at hand, or…

Gabriel: Oh, please don’t.

Steve: [Laughs] I guess we can talk about  …no, no, no … I’m going in. When … when you … obviously, you knew this was going to be a physical shoot, when you were going in. But how did it compare to your preconceived ideas of what it was going to be?

Alex:  I don’ think you can prepare yourself for minus 50 degrees, you know. I mean, you can’t … I’d never been in that … unless you had been there I suppose. But you can’t … you think you have an idea of, “I’ve been in the snow before” I’ve done this, I’ve done that … No man.

You know, it shuts down. Your body shuts down. Your mind changes. You know, your rhythm shuts down. Your breathing patterns change. Everything shifts. And so, it’s … it’s .. it benefits … for me it benefited my performance and my experience as an actor in the film, because I was subjectively experiencing the climate as a character. But, you know, I don’t think …

Gabriel: You see your blood pressure actually drops, right?

Alex: I think so.

Gabriel: Yes, so if your blood pressure is dropping, it’s sort of the antithesis of what you need to do as an actor. Because …

Alex: Which is like…

Gabriel: Which is such an intensity that you need to sort of create. And so, that’s a challenge actually. I forget about that.

Alex: Yeah.

Steve: Well, there was a lot of challenges, when I was looking at the notes. With the filming in the show in the show and filming at the sound stage. What was the hardest thing … and I rarely ask this, but what was the hardest thing that Dominic asked you guys to do, in the shoot?

Alex: Getting naked and running across the ice, when it was minus 35.

Steve: Really?

Gabriel: For me …

Alex: Yeah, dude. Didn’t you see the movie?

Steve: No, I did.

Alex: I was, yeah …. I was part of the Polar Bear club.

Gabriel: In the very beginning, there’s 20 guys, for 3 minutes there…

Steve: I …

Alex: You were so overwhelmed by courage … the courageous act …

Steve: The male nudity, just makes me, you know…

Gabriel: Look the other way, right?

Alex: I understand.

Gabriel: You were waiting for me to come on stage.

Steve: It’s not…

Gabriel: Because, I had a no-nudity clause.

Alex: I understand.

Gabriel: [Laughs]

Steve: [Laughs]

Steve: Okay, I’m going to switch subjects, because you guys obviously been answering about, Whiteout all day. Okay, but you both are involved with a lot of other stuff. Is there any that you want to, sort of mention to your fans, of what you have coming up?

Gabriel: I have, three movies coming out next year.

Alex: Really!

Gabriel: Yep. I’ve got a movie called “Middle Men”, which is about the internet porn business in the late ‘90s. Which is a great comedy-drama, crime-drama. It’s a lot of fun.

Steve: I’m in.

Gabriel: Written and directed by the guy who wrote, “Midnight Run”, George Gallo. So, it’s a lot of fun. And then I’ve got an independent film…

Alex: Well, we need to get to mine, so …

Gabriel: …with Rebecca Hall …

Alex: Let’s wrap this up.

Gabriel: And Amanda Seyfried in. And then I’m going to do the next Ed Zwick film, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria …

Alex: He is busy.

Gabriel: So, it should be fun, yeah.

Steve: I’m…

Gabriel: This guy doesn’t have anything coming out.

Alex: Nothing. I’m on a new…

Gabriel: What’s your back-up plan for that?

Alex: Oh, very funny. I’m on a new almost very, very hit TV show. Almost, which will be called Three Rivers. About organ transplant medicine and organ transplantation. And, I have a film coming out with Kate Beckinsale called, “Whiteout”.

Gabriel: You’re in that?

Alex: I am. And I also…

Gabriel: Did you wear a hood all the time?

Alex: Yeah, I’m not telling. And I sort of have a film with Jennifer Lopez, coming, called The Back-Up Plan. You should stay tuned.

Steve: I understand. I’m definitely getting the signal. So, listen folks, thank you so much.



Link to the video:


Some thoughts:

  • Of course, blood pressure actually goes up and not down, in extreme cold, as they mention here. And because of it, your heart rate also excellerates.
  • Interesting trivia, is that James Caan was also in the movie Midnight Men with Gabriel.


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Jennifer Lopez and #AlexOLoughlin Interview – The Back Up Plan – 2010 (Transcript) talked with Alex O’Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez about their movie, The Back-Up Plan. The sexy singer, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen two years after giving birth to her twins Max and Emme with (then) husband Marc Anthony. Lopez admits that she is lucky to work with handsome co-stars, and that being a mom to twins Max and Emme has changed her for the better.

Reporter: Congratulations, guys.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Alex: Thank you.

Reporter: The movie is so hilarious, but Jennifer, I have to say, that with your film career, you always get the hot co-stars. What’s up with that?

Jennifer: You know what? You know what … Some people are just lucky. [Laughs at Alex]

Reporter: And you’re one of them.

Jennifer: Yes, thank you.

Reporter: And when you guys first met. How did you know that it was going to click? Because in these romantic comedies, you need that chemistry.

Alex:  Yeah, I mean you meet people … it’s like …. It’s like anything. You go to a bar. Then you go to a party, or whatever.

Jennifer: It was just like that. We went to a bar…

Alex: It was just like that. We went to a bar and got hammered. No. You know, when you meet people and you’re either like, … you’re either like, “Next” or whatever. Or you’re bored, or you’re like, I’m not really. Or you’re like, “Oh, you’re funny”. Or you’re right…

Jennifer: Or, “You’re cool”.

Alex:  “You’re cool”

Jennifer: “I like this. This can work.”

Alex: Yeah, that’s when we met. And you’re like, either there could possibly be a friendship there,  or there’s not. We did, you know. We were buds and we were like … we were laughing at each other in no time. We both had a sense of humour. And we were both kind of looking for…..

…. and the other thing was, that we talked about the movie. I remember you being very clear with me about the …. How you felt about the script. And how you … your artistic vision. And your … you know the arc of Zoe and Stan. And I was like, “Right on”. And that was how I saw it too. So, that was really important.

Reporter: That’s great. And Jennifer, you know, big-screen come back for you. I can just imagine how this rang true to you on so many levels.

Jennifer: Absolutely. I mean, you know, having just gone through a pregnancy myself, and then for this movie. It was almost like perfect timing. It was just spot-on. And for me to play this character. And it really helped me. It really did. I mean emotionally and physically, how it felt, was so fresh in my mind.

Reporter: Was it kind of strange getting back into that again? What kind of cravings did you have? Or … when you were pregnant?

Jennifer: Ah-ha

Reporter: Did you crave … any crazy cravings, like Zoe, did?

Jennifer: Oh, um …. No, Zoe had enough cravings, I think, for about 5 pregnant women.

Alex: Yeah.

Jennifer: I didn’t really have a lot of cravings.

Reporter: Oh, no. Okay. Lucky you.

Alex: I’ve heard of stories of where women crave. Like … like the weirdest… like, I want a veal schnitzel right now! Covered in peanut butter and like …

Jennifer: Yeah

Alex:  … Like glucose syrup.

Jennifer: Yeah. I think some people just use it as an excuse to really pig-out.

Alex: Just to be disgusting.

Jennifer: Just be like, “I’m just gonna EAT. This is my opportunity. I waited for this my whole life”. But I wasn’t one of them.

Alex: Because men do that anyway. I mean … It must be so difficult to be a woman sometimes …

Jennifer: Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Alex: … because men are just like, “I want a veal schnitzel, with glucose syrup”

Jennifer: Yeah.

Alex: But women don’t get, like … it’s … its’… you know. You guys don’t feel free to do that.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Stan and his baby girls

Reporter: And Alex, any … you know, Jennifer has got two beautiful twins. Did this give you baby fever at all?

Alex: Maybe … I’d love to… You know, I am a father. I am a father of one son …

Reporter: Okay.

Alex: … who’s the …. centre of my everything. And I would love to have … more, you know. He’s 12, you know. And he’s … he’s so … Yeah, I’d love to …. If the time was right. You know and if I met the right person, I’d totally be up to have, you know, a little footy team.  You know, take them around … buy a minivan

Reporter: Yeah.

Alex: You know. But, yeah, I’m not quite there.

Reporter: Jennifer, for you. What’s the best thing that’s changed since becoming a mom?

Jennifer: The thing that’s changed since becoming a mom? I mean the best thing, …  it’s just better. My life is better. You know, everything about it. I mean, it’s harder. ‘Cos it’s more challenging. But it’s everything is just so much more complete.

Reporter: Excellent. Congratulations guys.

Alex: Thank you.

Jennifer: Thank you.


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2008 – Interview with #AlexOLoughlin on WDEF News 12 for #Moonlight (Transcript)

In April 2008, news anchor at the time, Joe Legge, got to chat with Alex about the restart of Moonlight.

This is their interview:

Joe: Moonlight returns to WDEF News12 on Friday night with all-new episodes. The show features a vampire who moonlights as a private investigator, using his supernatural abilities to help the living. Alex O’Loughlin stars as that vampire, Mick St John, and joins us now. Welcome, Alex.

Alex: Hi. Thank you, Joe.

Joe: Great to have you here. You know, Moonlight’s been on hiatus for a little while. Can you give us kind of a quick refresher about the show?

Alex: Yeah, yeah. Well, it’s a show about a character named Mick St John, who is a …. Who met a woman in the ‘50s, and fell in love. And asked her to marry him and she bit him on the neck … on their wedding night. And, he kind of never looked back. And he is … he’s .. he’s a reluctant vampire. He’s not happy about this situation. And he’s sort of…. He’s never really come to terms with it.

But he’s learned how to live .. you know, in this modern world, with this curse. He doesn’t kill people. He’s learned new ways of getting blood and all the rest of it. And so, .. and he’s become a private investigator and he’s learned a way to use his powers for good. And to help … help the living. And the … there’s a bit of a love story in there as to.

Joe: Well some folks at home maybe thing. “Oh, Moonlight is just another SyFy vampire show”. Tell me why it’s more than that.

Alex: It’s much more than that actually. It’s  …. It is a vampire show, but it’s not …. It’s not like a monstrous vampire show based in fantasy. It’s … our sort of catchphrase is, “We walk among you”.

You know, and it’s … it’s about vampires who are maybe .. who are closer to humans than perhaps we’ve come across before. The make-up is very simple. And …  and we’ve tried to make them more accessible  … or accessible as a bloodsucker can be, I suppose.

Joe: [Laughs]

Alex: But … but … but it’s about … it has a wonderful … it has a wonderful love triangle in the show. It’s got a great romantic element. It’s got lots of action. For the guys … like I love the action in the show. And it’s got … and it’s got some really great dramatic storylines, you know.

Joe: You sure have some pretty committed fans. Going on to great lengths. Even organizing a blood drive, I heard about, to secure a second season.

Alex: It ‘s …

Joe: What do you make of it?

Alex: It’s fantastic.

Joe: Yeah.

Alex: I’m so thrilled. I mean, it’s just wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in anything that is philanthropic, you know, in its nature. You know, and you know, something to help the community.

And so, that it’s fan instigated … these guys have taken upon themselves to do this …. this wonderful thing. And now we’re affiliated with the Red Cross. And I am a spokesperson for the American Red Cross. And so… and .. and I’m delighted. And I’m also … it’s … it’s a great honour to be able to do this too.

Joe: Well, your character lives between two realities, the vampire world and the human world. Which to you have more fun, playing in?

Alex: Oh, the vampire world.

Joe: [Laughs] I know, obvious question, wasn’t it?

Alex: Absolutely.

Joe: Why so?

Alex: It’s … it’s so much fun. I mean it’s a real  … you know, it’s like inner child stuff. You really .. you really get … get to PLAY. You really get to let go of all your inhibitions. And when, I put the make-up on, and the eyes in, and the teeth in, it’s like I’m wearing a mask. And I can truly let go and transform into a different character. It’s like I … I can give myself the permission to do that. And so …. so, it’s terrific. You know what I mean. It’s…  it’s great fun.

Joe: Like putting on someone else’s skin.

Alex: Absolutely. It really is. It’s really great.

Joe: Well, Alex, we’ve got to run. Thanks for joining us today.

Alex: Thank you for having me.

Joe: Moonlight returns to WDEF News12, Friday night when Mick has to choose saving someone special or staying human. The show airs at 9 o’clock. And WDEF news, this morning continues in a moment.


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#AlexOLoughlin with Grace: Sunrise on KGMB9 – 2009 (Transcript)

Alex speaking to Grace Lee in Hawaii about the start of Three Rivers.

What makes this interview so interesting and funny, is that it was done the year before Alex actually moved to Hawaii and made Honolulu is the permanent home base. Who would have guessed back then in Sept 2009 how his life would change within that year? By the end of 2009 Three Rivers got cancelled and early the next year Alex found himself in Hawaii shooting the Pilot episode for Hawaii Five-0.

Sunrise on KGMB

Grace: Well, you know him as Mick St John in CBS vampire drama, Moonlight. And beginning this Sunday, actor Alex O’Loughlin will headline a new television drama. It is called Three Rivers. And he joins us live with much more. Good morning to you Alex.

Alex: Good morning Grace. How are you?

Grace: I’m doing great. Now, it’s kind of interesting. You’re going from a vampire investigator, to a transplant surgeon. So, they’re kind related, right? They both deal with blood. [Someone laughs in the studio with Grace]

Alex: Lots of blood, yeah. It’s just not … I’m not drinking it anymore.

Grace: That’s good.

Alex: I’ve gone and seen somebody about that, and I’m in a 12 step fellowship about that.

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: …. just for today.

Grace: That would be a scary place to be. With everyone else in the 12 step program, I think.

Alex: Right. Can you imagine though? I’m in the middle of an operation, I get the heart in, we come off bypass. The heart starts beating and I’m like, “Thank god for that” [and shows how he drinks the blood]

Grace: Yeah, exactly. It’s like. “That blood infusion package, isn’t for the patient. It’s for me”

Alex: Yeah, I’ll have a packet of O-neg, and just you know …

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: Yeah.

Grace: It’s got to be interesting to play a transplant surgeon. Because there’s got to be so much pressure on guys like this.

Alex: It’s incredible, you know. My character, Andy Yablonski, is based on a real-life character, called Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski. He’s …. He’s a staff-surgeon in Cleveland. At the Cleveland clinic.

And he …. I did all my research with him and I …. He’s become one of the core inspirations of my life. And a very, very dear friend, as well. And these people are AMAZING. I mean, not just Gonzo. I’m sure physicians all over the world. But what they do, for a living. How they deal with death every day. Their perceptions of life and death. Their philosophies on God and the afterlife. And if there is on. And their, just their … I mean, they are the most amazing people. And one of the biggest things that I’ve learned from these. Is that … is how to love the unlovable. Because that’s essentially what physicians all around the world do.

Grace: Hmmm

Alex: You know, they love everybody. They …. they … they can give unconditional love to everybody. I mean, it’s incredible.

Grace: You’re just full of love. I like … I like it a lot.

Alex: I myself, am not full of love. Especially, it’s [looking at his watch]… it’s early here.

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: [laughs] No, but it’s just ….

Grace: I could see you are rubbing your eyes during the commercial break.

Alex: [Shows how he rubs his eyes] No, but it’s … it’s been … it’s been a great … it’s a challenging role for me. That is a challenging place to get to. To be able to reach out and touch and give that. ‘Cos, I mean, it’s not … it doesn’t come naturally for me. That’s not who I am. It’s not … so it’s great in my life. I get to experiment … I get to play all these characters and ….and … each one of them challenges me in a different way. And that’s the key challenge with this guy.

Grace: Alex, I’m going to ask you something that I read about you. It said that you were actually up for the James Bond role, but Daniel Craig actually got the role

Alex: [Rolling his eyes, and laughs]

Grace: How do you prepare for that? Do you have to like look in the mirror and do the, “Bond, James Bond” bit?

Alex: [Holding his hands like a gun] That one?

Grace: Yeah, yeah. [Laughs]

Alex: Yeah, look that was a while ago now. And it’s funny. Because, I get asked about that so much and it … it’s like the job I job … I didn’t get. It’s like, “So, tell us about the job you didn’t get”

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex:  … “that you weren’t good enough for”…

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex:  … “That must have been … that … and that was a huge job too, right?”…

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: ….“That must have been a monumental disappointment!”…

Grace: Alright, I am sorry

Alex:  …“How does it feel then?” …

Grace: I’m sorry, okay.

Alex: [Laughs] …. “Let’s go through that again. Let’s do a blow by blow, shell we?”

Grace: [Joking] Yeah, what about that horrible break-up you had? Shall we talk about that too?

Alex: “Yeah, let’s do that. Yes! This is the best interview, ever!” [Laughs]

Grace: Alright, okay. I officially apologize, Alex. Okay, I won’t ask anymore.

Alex: No, it’s … Grace, look I’m …. Basically, they said you’re talking to Grace in Honolulu, I was like, “That sounds so nice”

Grace: [Laughs] Wipe those tears away.

Alex: That was a long time ago.

Grace: Tough it up.

Alex: Okay [Wiping his fake tears]


Grace: You’re a transplant surgeon now.

Alex: I’ve just .. I’ve been crying all morning, now. You know what, that was a big … That was a big audition. You know, I flew to London, for a week, I think. With Martin Campbell. And I met the Broccoli family, who you know, own the empire. I was … I guess I was in the running for it, and it went to the best man.

But it was an incredible experience. The actual screentest was at Pinewood studios. It went for 11 hours

Grace: Oh, wow!

Alex: We essentially shot a day of the movie. And it was … it was .. it was … it was the most excruciating “audition”, I’ve ever been on. But it was incredible. It was so much fun. And by the end of the day, I’d …. I really sort of felt like … I felt like I got under the skin of the character.

Grace: Yeah.

Alex: And I know that if it comes up again, I’d know where James Bond is within me.

Grace: Where you’ll go with it.

Alex, I am sorry, my producer is yelling at me. We ran out of time…

Alex: Yeah, they’re yelling at me too.

Grace:    I don’t want to mess up the rest of your interviews today. I do apologize. Make sure to tune into Three Rivers with Alex O’Loughlin. The show premieres Sunday night. Right here on KBMG9 at 8.

Alex: [Alex salutes]

Grace: Thanks a lot Alex

Alex: Thanks, Grace.


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