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A Heartfelt Message From a Member of #H50 Crew – Justin

Over a period of a decade of working together, it is clear that the cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 formed one big Ohana. I think some of them saw more of each other than their own families back home.

Here is another look into what this group meant to one of them over the years, not only at work, but also in his private life.

  • From Justin

I didn’t want to say anything but felt I had to show my gratitude. I don’t know why I’ve been so blessed with so many great people. I met a lot of them when I was just a punk kid and they’ve all played integral parts of the man I am today. I’m so grateful to have done all 240 something episodes of this show with some of these amazing people.

I remember having this same feeling after LOST, thinking what now? Soon after I was working on Pirates of the Caribbean and got a call to come do this show. I thought it would be a good few more months of work so rather than wrapping pirates I jumped to Five-0. Here we are 10 years later.

Through all the other shows and movies, five o has always felt like home. I went through the darkest part of my life and I’m only now catching my breath. These are the people who held me through all of it. Without them I wouldn’t have stood a chance. Even though I fucked up time after time they were patient with my growth and always accepted me with unconditional love. These were the people who loved me until I could love myself. These are also the people I celebrated some of the greatest times of my life with and I cherish so many memories.

If I don’t see some of you ever again know that I love you all and will never forget the time that we had. -J


  • From December 2019

The great Dan Henderson. Thanks for a great night @tjaythompson@bellatormma and Alex!

  • From December 2018

What an amazing moment to be apart of. Gracie/Inoue reunion for the first time in a decade. #roycegracie#renzogracie#eganinoue#alexoloughlin#ensoninoue#bellator

  • From September 2018

The boys Pc: @uhlaynuhneumann


  • From October 2018

Thank you to these boys and so many others for holding me down and making this birthday great. My life is so different than this time last year but I’m truly be blessed to be back on my feet. Love you my brothers. I’m so grateful for all the amazing people in my life


  • From July 2018

My best friend and brother for life, thank you for everything you do #gratitudeposts


  • Posted July 2018 (On set 2010)

TB 8 years ago on location with Alex and downer, thank you for sticking by my side the whole time. #babies #ifiknewbackthenwhatiknownow


  • From May 2018

My brothers. Thank you Alex, your mentorship has changed my life and B your dedication and consistency in everything you do is inspiring, love you guys

Justin, Alex & Brian




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