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#H50 10:21 Steve Feeling Lost? (Sorry Steve, wrong Hawaiian based show)

Before I say anything about this episode, I just want to comment on things I have seen on social media about it all. People saying that all these things about Steve wanting to leave had no build-up. I am amazed!! Last week we posted the summary of Steve’s Story and it can clearly be seen that this has had a build-up for a while already …. at least for 2 or even 3 seasons now I would guess. Adding on loss after loss after loss.

A while back people were screaming that Steve needs to show symptoms of PTSD with all his losses. Now when he is admitting that he needs a break from it all, those same people scream that this has not been coming, no build-up, too sudden? A hero can maybe handle one or two things, but in the end, it is the sum of it all that gets to him. He is not breaking, he is just wondering if he should not cut himself some slack and try something else.

When you have built a family and all your friends only around your work, and have nothing outside of it anymore, it creates a problem. And on top of that, when your work keeps you from healing because it is filled with death and fixing other people’s problems, then, unfortunately, you need to maybe leave your work (even just for a while or forever). But you also have to leave that “work” family as well, because they became part of the problem. Especially when that work-family even lives with you in your house. NO life of your own, because the job even follows you home. Your choice is AS SIMPLE AS THAT….. LEAVE. You take yourself with you, but you give yourself a break.

Koala Smartass:  For once we agree! A very wise man said: “If you want different results than what you’re getting, you have to try different approaches”. #JustSaying

#TheLastSuper? #TheMagicTableIsCrowded

Sorry, I was busy jotting down a few thoughts about the episode to accompany Paula’s great screencaps, when our old “friend” the  Koala Smartass decided to pitch in and rain on my parade!

So let’s get going with some random quotes and thoughts (and replies from the Koala Smartass) from the episode …..

Steve: “Love you, Pops.”

Koala Smartass: Yes, it is great to see that after everything, Steve still feels the need to express his love to his dad.

Steve: The last thing I need in my life right now is another mystery.

Koala Smartass: Remember, Steve, your mom taught you tricks when you were young – that was a great thing the two of you had, wasn’t it? Maybe she had one more trick up he sleeve!  #MaybeTheMysteryIsGood #TheresAlwaysHope

  • Hopefully solving this mystery of the cypher, will end it all. End the Wo Fat, Doris, John and Joe saga, once and for all!! And help to give Steve some peace …

Steve: Maybe I’m just feeling a little lost right now.

Koala Smartass: Great to admit it Steve – that is the starting point of healing.

  • Steve is driving Danny’s car to the crime scene from his dad’s grave? Was he teleported to the punchbowl earlier? No car of his own there? (Sorry, but I just had to nitpick a little)

Koala Smartass: Maybe he was beamed there by Scotty? #SorryThatWasJustTooEasy 

Why did nobody guard the woman and her kid – they were witnesses in a murder? Dangerous criminals are involved and their vehicles were seen in the neighbourhood.

Koala Smartass: Maybe Steve does not have everybody’s back after all? #MaybeItsNotEvenHisBack

Danny: I don’t know. I mean, you know, he’s been running nonstop for the last ten years. You do this job long enough, you get… you get burnt-out. I didn’t think it would happen with Steve, but it happens.

Koala Smartass: Yes Danny, he is just human after all. Maybe, just maybe you left him one too many times to carry the load alone? #AreWeStillTalkingAboutSteveOrAlexHere?

Tani (to Junior): Right, but you know, he’s been through a lot this year, and… you can’t honestly tell me that you haven’t noticed a change.

Junior: McGarrett’s the best soldier I’ve ever worked with. He’s able to compartmentalize things, and if he’s got something to deal with, he’ll deal with it in his own way.

Koala Smartass: Exactly – he did not need somebody to invite themself and try to babysit him at home for months.

Steve: All we can do as leaders is make the best decisions with the information that we have at hand.

Koala Smartass: At least he knows that and will hopefully cut himself some slack about the deaths of his mother and Joe, for which he felt responsible.



Just a sidenote – These moving camera shots around the office, during this episode – NO, JUST NO. It is annoying and distracting.

Captain Ingram:  “And as someone who still wears a uniform on occasion, you know what that means.”

Koala Smartass: We must have missed those occasions lately. When did we last get to see Steve in uniform? The show really lost that angle of Steve’s story a while back already.

  • I really found this funny. Somehow Cole knew exactly where the exchange was supposed to happen. So I guess we can be glad that Steve & Danny told Cole precisely where the drop off will be, all while discussing with him why he was NOT going to be used as bait. LOL

Koala Smartass: Yup, I got nothing. But you are killing the vibe with trivial stuff. #MoveOn

  • Did Hector really think Steve would send Cole alone to the exchange and not take precautions? Hector did not know Cole was no longer with Five-0 at the time.

Koala Smartass: Just your general H50 dumbass criminals, I guess? Not thinking that the cops will not just leave it to chance.

Danny: I think this guy might be crazier than you.

Steve: I think you might be right.

  • What exactly did Cole do in 5 minutes that was crazier than the things Steve have done over the years?

Koala Smartass:  Guess the show is really trying super hard to push this character as McG 2.0 (Steve on steroids? #NoPunIntended)

  • So, Cole went AWOL, 4 years ago already? And Steve got him off with just a warning.

Koala Smartass: Steve really does have clout it seems.

Cole: Well, it just so happens I know a guy that’s a wizard at that kind of stuff.

Koala Smartass: For those who were wondering, please notice – he said a guy. #JustSaying

  • So Danny calls Steve at work to come home to have a drink – at his own home? I really found this a bit funny. Where else would he have gone to after work? Why was Danny himself not at work anymore and already home?

Koala Smartass: Maybe Danny called him and suggested a date somewhere more romantic, but then Steve suggested drinks at the house? You know Steve is not very romantic after all #LOL#SorryNotSorry

Steve: Look, man, I don’t know, … I don’t know when it happened, but something changed. I’ve been here doing this for so long now, I… I kind of feel like I’ve been protecting everybody except for myself… Does that make sense?

Koala Smartass: Makes perfect sense Steve, as FOYeur summarize it in the begining. Why did it take you so long to admit it? – RUN, STEVE, RUN! #SorryForrest

Steve: It’s more than that. And I can’t do that here anyway. I got too many memories.

Koala Smartass: Exactly – RUN!! #ButPleaseNotJersey #DannysFamilyIsThere #MyDoorIsAlwaysOpen 😀

Steve: I really thought that the restaurant would balance things out. But when it closed…

Koala Smartass: “Closed?? I thought they sold it to Kamekona and Grover’s brother was developing recipes there or something? #MustHaveMissedSomethingAlongTheWay.

  • So the cypher must be really important if someone knows about it and wants to steal it. Must be somebody who knows what Doris might knew secrets and pass it on to Steve – exactly at this time?

Koala Smartass: Looks like Steve’s nemesis is the “Omnipresent One?#OnlyGodCanKnowsThisMuch #ButHeIsNotSupposedToBeYourEnemy

*Trident* 😀


And here we are ….

It looks like Steve is finding the answers and the way out of the hole he is in.

Hope to see Steve smiling again without a frown – at the end of next week …..



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