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#AlexOLoughlin & #H50 – There is a Time for Everything ……

I know my next sentence is going to shock several people, but I suggest that you read till the end of the story before you pass judgement on it…..

Paula and I have been looking forward to this day for a number of years already. Yes, the day when Hawaii Five-0 ends. Not because of some hate for the show and there is also no pleasure in the fact that so many people now need to find new jobs. But we were anxious for it to happen because there is a time for everything in life. A time to hold on and a time to let go. A time for endings and a time to make space for new beginnings.

We can only imagine what a tough decision it must have been for Alex to make, to let it all just go. I even think that on many occasions he might have hoped that the Network would make the decision for him and cancel the show. Not only is he leaving a high paying job, but also the fact that so many of his friends and colleagues that he cares about will now also be in the same position. The entertainment business can be highly volatile. There are no guarantees – even for a lead actor. So many actors never find that big show or project again.

“At the moment I can’t imagine working any longer than tomorrow. Because there’s just so much work. But we’ll see, we’ll see. I want to do other things sooner rather than later.”

– Alex O’Loughlin

 October 2013

The fact remains, the cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 had a good run. A better run than most in the business. Having a job, learning new skills, meeting new friends and contacts and having fun while doing so for 10 years. And now it is time to let go and use that which Hawaii Five-0 gave them all to move onto new adventures and new heights. Hopefully, Alex also got noticed and made connections while on the show with those who can offer him something more in his career.

“I have an end date. I signed two more years, seasons seven and eight, and then I’m done. I got too many injuries to contend with. This show is really important to me and I’m pretty sure the world can see that with what I bring. I really care about these characters, I’ve never phoned in my performances.

Every single day, no matter how tired I am, I give it everything I can to make it as good as it can be but that takes a toll. I think if I’d have been an actor who didn’t care, I’d have less gray hair and I’d be a lot less tired. But I’m really tired. I do a lot of heavy lifting on the show, I have a harder schedule than anyone else but that’s just the way it is for number one. That’s cool, but it has to end.”

– Alex O’Loughlin

ET Online

November 2016

We know that Alex went back on his word once his back problem got better and he stayed on for two extra years. Back on his word to give Hawaii, the crew and the cast some extended time with the economic advantage of having the show for them.

It also gave him time to expand his duties to be writer, director and producer as well. Hopefully, extended experiences that will prove to be good for all of them in the long run.

Moving beyond Hawaii Five-0 will for us here at Intense Study also be a new but challenging adventure, and it might not be an easy one. I know for us there is no monetary implications like for those who worked on the show. We do it purely for our own fun, but we also care about Alex’s future.  We would like to see him happy and fulfilled in his work. As an actor, he has given us so much pleasure over the years, and of course, we would like that to continue.

It will be hard to find information about him, especially and specifically because he is not on social media and he does not share his career that way. We will purely have to rely on those we know of who share information about him, random sightings and media reports about his career moves.

It will also be hard because even if he starts filming a movie or anything else tomorrow, it will take months or maybe a couple of years before it will be released and receive any attention. At this time, my wish is that he already has something lined up and that we will hear news about it soon …. but not holding my breath on that one.

We know that many fans followed Alex’s career just because of Hawaii Five-0, and many of them will have no interest to follow him now and they will just leave. Just like many left when he became Steve, and others because he moved to Hawaii and others because he got married. We know fans, in general, are fickle.

But some devoted fans have been here long before us and who we know will stay to follow his career for many more years to come. We will all have to rely heavily on one another to gather and share information about him. Hopefully many will also leave the stupid quarrels about Hawaii Five-0 behind and just enjoy Alex with us.

Most of all and the reason why we have been looking forward to this day is for the new fans who will discover Alex and his work when he gets involved with new projects. Those who will squeal like we did when we first started here. Those who will want to go back after discovering him and will be swooned by Mick, fall in love with Stan, enjoy the youthfulness of uninhibited Jack Flange, experience the brilliant naked madness of Michael Carter, fall for the goodness of angelic Dr Andy and join us in an incredible journey with adorable Will Bryant. They will be able to page through the more than 2000 posts here on Intense Study and come to adore Alex and his Steve McGarrett just as much as we do.

I cannot wait to see what new character Alex will bring to life next and with it to welcome that audience who are waiting beyond network television and  Five-0  to discover him and will hopefully do so in the years to come!

And even more so I can not wait to see the excitement that this new creative challenge will bring for him.

Congratulations to Alex and the whole creative and production team of Hawaii Five-0 on a job well done. You have entertained millions of fans all over the world for a period of 10 years (and beyond with all the re-runs to come).

We can only wish all of you the best for the years to come!



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