H50 CBS pics galore started! #cbsinstagramtakeover

Maybe we will be getting daily treats throughout the entire week! Nice 🙂 They really should post some videos too. Many requested it especially of Alex playing his guitar. Wouldn´t that be wonderful?
Here´s the pics with Alex (the coloured ones already posted by others, so I chose to do them b/w), so far 🙂




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7 responses to “H50 CBS pics galore started! #cbsinstagramtakeover

  1. Marnov Fucup

    Aww, so sweet… These are happy Halloween treats!


  2. gracenotpark

    Hee! 5-0 has created a divided fandom for itself, but I do believe there is one thing everybody agrees upon…we wanna see and hear Alex on guitar! 😆


  3. Love what you did with the guitar pic, thank you!


  4. I would love to hear Alex playing his guitar 🙂


  5. Sandra

    Sadly, we probably won’t get more. This was a CBS event for all of their shows and each show did it for the day they aired. It started Monday and ends tomorrow. H50’s day was yesterday. It was promotion because November sweeps started on Friday and CBS wants to win the advertiser war. I would have loved if they could have done a video with sound when Alex was playing his guitar. If only—– *sigh*


  6. Sandra

    I did also until my friend told me how funny NCIS:LA’s Instagram was and so I looked it up and here is the CBS press release:


    I agree-BOO! 😦


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