The Steve McGarrett Story – No #93

We continue our story from here

By the looks of how well Steve’s torture injuries recovered, some time must have passed since his return from Afghanistan. He also seems to be in good spirits. He must have worked through  the trauma of what he went through over there…….

WoFat escapes from solitary confinement in maximum facility prison in Colorado…….. The team believes WoFat must have had some inside help.

Chin: I just got of the phone with the prison Warden in Colorado. Steve, you might want to sit down for  this.

Steve: Why?

Chin: WoFat only had one visitor when he was over there. Guess who it was.

Steve: My mother.

Chin: She went to visit him twice in the last month.

Danny: Wow. I’m gonna sit down actually.

Steve: Were her visits recorded?

Chin: No. Apparently their sit downs were sanctioned by someone in the DOD and they were ordered, non-monitored visits.

Danny: Let me get it straight. Nearly a year since your mother disappeared and she decides to go and see this nut job instead of her own son. You actually need this couch more than me. Why don’t you sit down?

Steve: This is all about WoFat’s mother’s grave in Cambodia.

Danny: Why do you say that?

Steve: Two visits in the last month. It’s right on the heels of our trip to Cambodia. Doris must have found out we went there and discovered the truth. I’m telling you she must have found out that she killed his mother, instead of his father.

Chin: If that’s true, maybe WoFat escaped to find him.

Kono: Guys, come and see this. We got a positive ID of WoFat a few hours ago. This was taken at a gas station near Colorado Springs.

[They look at footage of WoFat setting a guy on fire]

Kono: The driver was DOA at the hospital.

But first the team have more eminent business they need to attend to. The Governor asks them to escort a large shipment of money. A hundred million dollars needs to be loaded on a plane and they need to escort it to the airport. While they are in the car, Steve gets a call and Danny inquires about it, after he ended the call.

Danny: So?

Steve: WoFat is still in the wind.

Danny: You should call your mother. Ask her where he is.

Steve: You realise that hurts me, when you say that?

Danny: I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry. I was literally just trying to be helpful. I know you can’t even get in touch with her. Anyways, she avoids you like crazy.

Steve: Stop being helpful, okay!

Danny: Okay. Sorry.

Steve: Thank you.

Danny: Well, speaking of missing persons. Have you talked to Catherine at all?

Steve: You being genuine?

Danny: Yes

Steve: Okay, yes I have actually. We texted last night. She has a solid lead on Najib’s whereabouts and she’s heading to Hindu Kush.

Danny: Doesn’t sound like she is coming back any time soon.

Steve: Probably not till she finds that boy.

Danny: I’m genuinely sorry. I know that that is tough.

Steve: Thanks man. Yeah, it´s tough. But I get it. Catherine has been in the military half her life. She’s doing what she was trained to do. She’s not coming home till the job’s done.

Meanwhile battling a problem of his own, Grover’s daughter, Samantha, has been kidnapped by Ian Wright. And that is  where the team and Grover’s worlds collide. Ian forces Grover to help his team with SWAT gear, in order for them to get in to steal the money from Five-0, before it is loaded on the plane. But Five-0 was also fooled, because the agent that gave them the money, actually stole it in the loading process.

Now they need to work together to locate the money. All their leads lead them nowhere, until Ian actually helps them with the information of where to find the money.  A local gang help the corrupt agent. They manage to get into the gang’s compound and get the money back. While they are waiting to meet Ian to hand over the money for Samantha’s release, they get a call that Samantha is safe and walked into a police precinct. When they reunite with her she’s got some shocking news.

Grover: What happened to Ian?

Samantha: A man shot him

Grover: Okay baby, what man?

Samantha goes on to tell them that WoFat came to the house where Ian held her hostage and that he shot Ian without saying a word. He walked in and set her free. He then gave her a message to give to Steve.

Samantha: He wanted me to give you a message. He said that you and he need to have a talk.

Chin: He’s coming after you.

Steve: Let him

Interesting to me that WoFat came to Hawaii with such speed saying that he and Steve should meet, but up untill present moment he’s made no effort to make it happen. And he must have some real fantastic connection, if he could find out exactly where Ian was. 😀

In the end Grover gets fired from SWAT because of his conduct during the kidnapping drama, but Steve and the Team offer him a job with them.

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 422 –

O ka Pili’Ohana ka ‘Oi (Family Comes First)

To be continued here



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  1. colleen

    Hey ladies I just thought I would tell you that Alex and Scott are going to be on The Talk on November 7th! You who. 🙂


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