506 – Steve got played

Not quite as good as previous epi, but still enjoyable. And we still didn´t get Steve in a costume for Halloween! Why not?! 😦 I´m still wishing for Steve to dress up as a vampire (for some odd reason).

Jerry´s trouble is now taken care off, though I think Steve and D could have been a bit quicker to figure out the shooting, in front of Jerry, being a hoax.

Biggest surprize (to me) was bringing Ellie back, so soon. Though they where only fishing, but at Steve´s place and then she makes him gut the fish and cook for her…. It appears Ellie is making passes at Steve. I think I hear distant violins (and slightly louder Peter, yelling “They are just friends. Just Friends!”)


Take that Danno!506-selfie

They are just friends, fishing together, having a beer. (How far to the bedroom? 😉 )

Cheers to baiting!



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19 responses to “506 – Steve got played

  1. My only thought on this episode and I said it out loud at the end is, just friends? Right…. I am looking forward to next week and staying spoiler free, I want to be surprised. 🙂


  2. gracenotpark

    LOL!!! 😆
    Yeah just friends…I think Peter enjoys irking fans. And for the record, NO single woman would wanna be just friends with McG. I don’t blame Ellie…


  3. E b

    Did Steve forget he had a girlfriend? Who happens to be in danger? Someone he promised would not be in it alone but is? Don’t like Ellie being forced in like this!


  4. I agree Eb it all seems so forced. I can understand her being there for the warrant but then to carry it to fishing at his house? Please. I am NOT making ANY judgments against the “new” character but until they resolve the Catherine issue they need to stop. The story line felt muddled…or forced something, I don’t understand why there is the need to bring in another (background) female character whom they need to bring in to fill story lines.

    Maybe its just me but I am NOT feeling the chemistry between the two (Ellie & Steve), am I wrong? I also thought that they should have done more with Danny. I think he was an afterthought.

    I am looking forward to next weeks episode and will continue to hope that a few story lines will be taken care of next week including Catherine.


  5. evowoman88

    Surprisingly, I actually liked this one because I’m not a fan of the Halloween episodes. My husband said this morning that McG has a new girl.


  6. karen1228

    It was a good episode. I actually liked the Chin/Kono/Grover angle more than Steve and Danny. Hopefully w/some of Jerry’s problems behind him, he won’t be as prevelent ( though it was funny when he asked if they could handle things w/out him). As for Ellie, time will tell. I think they’re ok together, not feeling any fireworks coming on – right now she’s just a female Danny (w/out the added snark). I really wishPL would be honest with the fans, say MB isn’t coming back, mention her, write her out and move along.

    Next weeks episode looks really good. We’ll get some long over due emo from Alex! Can’t wait.


  7. karen

    The Ziva/Tony “thing” was finally addressed on NCIS, and in a good way. I wish Steve would get a call saying Cath was killed, and he actually mourns for her…at least during the episode. I like Ellie. Just not sure they have enough chemistry to be a couple. She might be pushing him, but I’m not getting any vibes from Steve that he is the least bit interested.


  8. spurschick

    I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when Steve and Jerry were in Ellie’s office. Dude, you just met her and you’re already asking for favors?! Like this is all that Show can do with the women in his life?! I’m glad that she couldn’t get it done and then scolded him later for going behind her back. And I have to say that I wasn’t too surprised to see her so soon. I said last week that it was odd that they had worked in (relatively) same circles for years but had never met, yet now I expect her to suddenly be involved somehow in a lot of their cases. Definitely convenient for Steve who, unfortunately, has been characterized as someone who will ask his women to go above and beyond to do favors for him.

    I did enjoy the story with Kono, Max, etc. better as It was more Halloweeny and I tend to like those type of fun procedurals for holiday eps. I thought Show was kind of sh/tty to have Steve meet Eric Dickerson without Danny. The guy is recovering from losing his brother… way to kick him while he’s down.

    I really hope that they address the Cath issue soon. I’m sorry, but if a guy invites me to his house to fish and that leads to him cooking me dinner, I am definitely thinking that we’re in the early stages of something and I would be ten kinds of pissed if he was hiding some other type of relationship. Unless I had known the guy for years and we had established a completely platonic friendship, it would definitely put ideas in my head. I’m fine with Steve moving on, but we, the audience, need some closure from the previous relationship. We’ve seem Danny and Chin go through the motions. Let’s have it with Steve too.


    • Thanks Spurschick and Sandra…we need closure. I also agree that they are moving Ellie in way too fast. I don’t know if she will be a love interest, a cast member (recurring like the doctor) or if they will add her next season ~ we hope for a next season. We shall see…I just hope that they give Steve the closure he needs….more therapy sessions nothing wrong with him being human.

      Lastly, I think Ellie is way too soon….they need to use her down the road and not try to shove her down our throats. We are intelligent fans and I think that they did wrong by both “Lori” and Catherine” they wanted them to be there (full time) so badly that they ticked more than a few fans off.

      As much as I may get slammed for this…I don’t think any additional characters are needed on a “full-time” basis. The show is about the four core people. Yes, I know they all need a break and that’s where the back-ups can come in. They didn’t do (even though I can’t stand either one) the other two aforementioned women any good by forcing them into the script. We all know that there were certain scenes that didn’t flow all because they felt the need to add these characters…jmho.


  9. Sandra

    If Catherine is really not coming back this season, that will certainly give Ellie
    enough time to try and get her hooks into Steve, but I really think that although he is a man, I really think he is an honorable one and will do the
    right thing. Of course, I could be all wrong and in an upcoming episode
    he could roll over and it could be Ellie, not Catherine. Also, I read yesterday
    that CBS says it is too early for a decision for season 6. Paula, help me
    out here, any ideas?


  10. I think show forgot to tell us that in this, season 5, that Cath never actually existed 😉


  11. I agree, PL needs to resolve the Cath issue soon. But, having watched for 4 plus years, I have learned to not put too much faith in PL doing the right thing. The writers are mostly male, so I expect the writing to be male centric, and males don’t always think with their big heads. Sooo..I prepare to be disappointed. Yes, Steve should be honorable, but I don’t think he should have to be a monk until the writers get their sh*t together. I may be in the minority, but I like Steve/Ellie chemistry. I think he needs someone with a little spunk. I am not a Cath hater, but she is most likely gone and I’d like to see Steve have some joy in his life. Even if the writers would resolve the issue with Cath, there are still many people who would not be happy. :/ Whatever gets Alex the most screen time, with the least amount of clothing, is the plot I choose. 😛 Call me shallow, horny, whatever…I am still an adoring fan of Alex’s, and support him 100 percent.


    • evowoman88

      Let’s face it, some of these so-called fans aren’t going to be happy with any changes. I wanted Catherine to die because I knew we would be done with it and move on. But, that’s not looking like the case.


  12. Can I please address how delicious his bare legs are and I love all the bootyfull gifs you made, Paula! Hitch and grin in db-mcsmurf gif>>> (THUD)

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    • The booty, helicopter slide, is funny to me cause it sort of shows Alex hiting the ground with the rope suddenly hanging loose 🙂 and Danny is aiming his gun at Steve! That´s a big no-no, surely? 😀


  13. Sonja

    Since this isn’t a real time series I’m good with the progress of the Steve/Ellie relationship. I really like her and it’s about time Steve gets some joy in his life. I mean he is a gorgeous and sexy guy and deserves more than living like a monk … I’m sure he’s still mourning Cath but also moving on and that’s a good thing. Yeah, PL needs to give us some closure from the Steve/Cath ‘thing’. And however he’s doing that … there will be bad reactions from fans. He can’t be everybody’s darling … that’s for sure. We will see …
    Thanx Paula for those awesome gifs … love them all!


  14. I’m not a fan of Ellie, just for the fact that I want to see Danny and Steve get together! I hope they do stay friends.


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