#H50 10.05 – Steve, failed as Halloween monster

Halloween gives the writers a time to have some fun with the scary stuff. And in that regard the show was real fun and entertainment.  I do not have much else to say about it. So for the most part, the pictures will have to do their thing.

Good things for me about  the episode:

  • Max came back for a Halloween visit.
  • The team working on more than one case is never nice, BUT at least communicating with one another during there different stories helped me once again for keep the focus.
  • There was great flow in the episode and it made it easy to watch. The cast in the episode really work well together. No weird uncomfortable and forced moments that are cringe worthy between characters. Just fun.

Bad things about the episode:

  • Max came back, but he did not share screen time with Steve. ( Alex and Masi hugging would have made my day.)
  • Creating a monster who brutally kill people who scared him, and then later having us feel sorry for him and his circumstance that made him into a monster just felt off. For that matter any killer can maybe then argue that, what life dealt him made him into a killer?  I felt cheated.
  • How can they imply that the adoptive mother loved this child if she let him sleep on the floor with not luxuries. It is one thing to keep somebody isolated to protect them from the brutality of human kind, but totally different to deprive them of any stimulation of fun.


I am amazed that Steve knew exactly where to find the sister and that Junior knew exactly where to dive? Felt like I missed some part of the episode.

Alex and Kimee should share more screen time together. Even if they say nothing, they create good quality viewing. 🙂

As you can see, not much to say. It really was fun and entertaining with some good ideas for story.

Just a pity that the deeper story failed for me in the end with weird detail.


Just some trivia: 

The song at the end of the episode, was the David Bowie song “Heroes” done by Gang of Youths.

Of course David’s eyes also looked different like the characters in this story. You might think that he had the condition called Heterochromia, where humans have two different coloured irises, but that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t that his left eye was of a different colour (both eyes were blue), it appeared different because the fixed pupil did not respond to changes in light, while the normal pupil did.


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14 responses to “#H50 10.05 – Steve, failed as Halloween monster

  1. I agree with you — the monster story was a fail. But I love that the whole team got into the Halloween mood and dressed up. Well, most of them. Love Eddie’s costume!
    Also agree that Steve and Noelani are great together. I think she has a secret crush on him (like the rest of us, haha.)
    Wonder what is going on with Alex’s voice? It sounds like his vocal cords are strained. He’s always had a soft voice but it sounds more raspy now.
    Thanks for the review and excellent pictures!

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  2. stevemcgarrettlover

    I loved “not so scary” Steve! So adorable!


  3. gracenotpark

    David Bowie’s eyes actually were both the same color, blue. BUT he and his bestie had a fist fight as teens, and Bowie got popped in the eye. It permanently damaged the pupil in his left eye, which remained forever dilated. It made that eye look brown, but it was still blue. The tiny remaining blue part was just overwhelmed and overshadowed by the ginormous black pupil. Apparently, after the immediate trauma of the injury, it did not hurt. And he could still see. Then he died, and I am still not over that.☹️

    Love the Alex pics in this one! I thought he looked even better than usual in this ep. ❤️

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  4. mamayorkie

    I am not ready to share my feelings about this episode. I found certain things disturbing so until I get my thoughts together I will spare you all.

    Something positive. No Danny and no one cares enough to ask.

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    • You have me curious. I tend to not look to closely to anything in episodes these days. One touch on the surface.
      As for not asking about certain things, this was me saying something without saying anything:
      “No weird uncomfortable and forced moments that are cringe worthy between characters”.

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  5. Really very dark for an usually light hearted show
    But still Eddie is so cute
    Steve went from being awkward to loving children ha ha!

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  6. D. Havard

    One disappointment is that we didn’t get to see Steve/Junior in Halloween costumes. (The mask didnt count.)

    How about Steve as Dred Pirate Roberts? All black outfit with tight pants and shirt opened to waist. Sigh!

    Didn’t like the Elephant man as the monster. Story was badly written and didn’t make sense.

    Loved the scary moment in the morgue! I wanted to scream at Nolani “girl, have you Never seen a horror movie? You don’t wander around in the dark!”

    Your pics are amazing, as usual.

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  7. CassG

    I didn’t care much for this ep. Not too many redeeming factors except for Eddie. I loved seeing him included in the mix. Didn’t care for the storyline at all.


    • Kathysr

      I didn’t care for this episode either. The two storylines were hard to follow. That “loving” mother kept her son locked in a dungeon for his entire life. Why would she do that? Keeping him inside the home to keep people from being cruel to him is one thing, but locking him inside a vault? She treated him like an animal. Her behavior was never explained. Weird.

      Eddie was hilarious as the not so ferocious lion. The Halloween party was fun. Nice to see Max and his son. Nolani in the dark morgue was scary!
      But the storylines? Blah. They’ve done much better Halloween episodes in previous years.


  8. I had a problem with Steve and the mask , I can’t picture him deliberately trying to scare kids, Alex’s voice last two episodes he sounded more hoarse. Also he didn;t look well to me in the episode before last. and junior sounded hoarse in that one too, i know Alex has allergies, so maybe that or a cold, Loved seeing max again , Did not like the story line with the monster, Max’s son was a good actor also.And flippa losing maxs kid and not telling anyone come on. Twice now people creeping into the morgue and stealing bodies, once again believable stories would be nice , Loved your pictures by the way and Alex and Nolani together ,is a great combo,


  9. For those who are worried about Alex’s voice. Remember these episodes were filmed before SOTB. And that weekend I think he was fine again.
    So maybe it was just a cold or something.


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