The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 119

We continue our story from here

I have decided that even though these posts are not proper reviews of the episodes, that I will write these recaps of Steve’s story, before I read any other reviews from anybody about the episodes. I want  these to cover my own perception, rather than to be influenced by stuff others say –  Not that it was a big problem in the past, because I have  always written my own feelings. But I have sometimes written things also in reaction to others, rather that just my own impressions on the episode…..

601 11

I totally enjoyed the comeback the writers made in the writing of Steve’s story during the last two episode of last season. And maybe that gave me, against my better judgement, a very high expectations for this season opener. As far as episodes go, it was not one of the worst by far, but as far as season openers go, not the best for me by far. Fact is, I was not wow’d by it, as I have been with the start of other seasons.

It felt like I saw nothing new – Maybe because the best parts of the episode were already shown in promos or written about in spoilers? 😦

But let’s get to Steve’s story ……

Just to put things into perspective, a recap of where we are in the story. The day before the wedding, Cath pitches up, back from nowhere after a year, and during which time she told  Steve to move on (which he did not do btw.). Now since her return the day before, the team hunted down guys with a nuclear bomb. They had an epic day of solving the case and saving the Island very dramatically. From there they went straight to the wedding where Chin was threatened by Gabriel. Regardless of all the major drama that day, they still managed to party the night away, just to wake up to another day having to solve a random case of murder ….. (poor Honolulu police department have no more detectives left to handle these random ordinary homicide cases it seems? Confused smiley 83 )

I am tired on their behalf, just writing all that down. But our team are superhero’s and even all the exposure to the nuclear weapon and narrowly escaping the nuclear blast the previous day, they just keep going. 🙂 I still think Hawaiian days are much longer than anywhere else on earth (because of the amount of stuff they manage to fit into a day)

With all that action, no wonder then that they just fell asleep in their clothes.

And by the way …. I think Steve & Cath need to make time for more than just talk!

And the reason I am saying that, is that our hero’s mind seems to be a bit muddled. He is planning wedding tux’s already and there has been no ‘talk’ yet. I think he needs to get laid first, just to clear his mind up and open up his rational thinking (A year without a girlfriend to help scratch the itches, can be a longggg time). Or maybe his confusion was just caused by the nuclear blast? 😀

It is not that I don’t want him to propose and he is quite correct in saying that it is long overdue – I also think he should have done it a long time ago. But I think he is putting the cart in front of the horses this time. First fill in the gaps of the past year, before popping the question and proposing to spend a lifetime together ……

  • Random trivia: Steve practicing to wear a wedding ring? :rotfl:

601 2

(Yes, we caught one teeny tiny screenshot of Alex still wearing his wedding ring. And some others were the tan line and indent it makes are very prominent – hiatus was long)


Well I don’t think Danny knows women very well. Not if he thinks a guy (Steve) is already getting married, even before asking the girl or getting an answer from her. And he really was a bit of an asshole about it. REALLY?? 😕

We will have to wait to see how the proposal pans out (and not jump to to many conclusions before we see what happens)…. because there are clearly a number of issues that still needs to be addressed around it. (I am just glad to see that there is some sort of personal story line for Steve again :popcorn: )

As far as the case of the week goes, nothing season premiere-worthy around it for me. Just another procedural executed in normal Hawaii Five-0 efficiency with Steve at the helm. 🙂 As can be expected, good all around acting, make-up and stunts.

The excitement about pirates vanished for me with the realization that the cast did not have some fun to dress up and play the roles of the pirates. And in the end the pirate story was actually much to do about nothing and fiction made up by and old man. Maybe if Gabriel was also hunting for the treasure and if there were a connection with the 2 stories there, it might have been more exciting?

And even with all the high drama always surrounding Adam and Kono’s relationship, their story still remain a bit boring to me (…. oops, sorry … see me run and hide  ). But really, they even spend their honeymoon at home?

But luckily, at the end of it all, Steve still left me weak at the knees……

 What more can a fangirl ask for?



And that was Steve’s story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:01

Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie

(Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil)

To be continued …….



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40 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 119

  1. buttercup4u

    It’s difficult to have an opinion about the show and it’s stories because it’s fiction and not RL after all! 😉
    Surely Kono knew what she was getting into while falling in love with Adam! This couldn’t work out well (mom’s always tell s girls not to mess with the bad guys!)
    As for Steve, where’s the passion for Cath, where’s the hot-blooded and i-don’t-care-if-i’m-tired kiss after so many month (i’m sure navy man are used to hold themselves back for month while away!) but this… ;-( i want some ripped cloth !!!
    I love Chin, he was always a fav, he’s sad now, poor Chin! I wish he’d kick gabriels meaty butt for torturing kono like that, mmmfhh, that was ugly!
    As always, your review is entertaining and fresh, thanks!
    Let’s see what the new ep will bring!


    • I agree with you on the passion part – but the guy really had a tough 2 days, as I tried to illustrate. Or maybe he just had some performance anxiety 😆


      • buttercup4u

        I stopped somewhere in ep 2 and now I want to catch up with my “loses”!
        I will also come back here to see what you all think about the eps, it’s really about Steve, 😉 Alex!


  2. I am probably going to get blasted here but I didn’t like the scenes between Catherine and Steve…it felt forced once again. I know it’s not RL (as Buttercup stated) but she left him. He finally told her how he felt and she left him; that was a bitch move in my opinion. Now she shows back up and what? She expects him to welcome her with open arms? At least at the end of last season he was apprehensive but I guess being around her at the wedding…well I won’t say anything else (fear of spoilers) but it looks like they won’t last anyway. I have a feeling Cath’s return has an ulterior motive.

    As far as Kono and Adam? What? I thought after his brother died they were safe? What was this about buying his safety from the Yakuza, did I miss something?

    I know Danny doesn’t have a clue about women? Where was Amber (or whatever her name ended up being) I didn’t see her at the wedding. So he is a fine one to speak about relationships.

    As far as Chin and his being sad it probably brought up memories of his wedding. As far as kicking Gabriel’s butt, I don’t think he wanted to ruin Kono’s wedding by either fighting or getting killed.

    I look forward to see how this new GF/date is and if there are some sparks.Something has to be better than what is happening now.Sorry but the Catherine story line died for me when she walked away.


    • Hi Barb,
      I think your comment deserves a proper answer, so I will oblige.
      1) First of all the commenters here rarely blasts anybody for having an opinion. I might sometimes show some annoyance, but most of the time I just don’t reply to things that irritate me.
      2) Anything between Steve and Cath will feel forced to you (You can’t stand Michelle – and nothing you can say will make me think otherwise)
      3) I did not see Cath expecting anything from Steve as yet, since she’s been back.
      4) Steve never saw what Cath did as a bitch move, but as her trying to help people. Something he would have also done in a heartbeat if he was in that situation. She actually helped people who dared to save her life before. For me that is very noble actually
      5) The Yakuza told Adam to give them all the money from his dad’s businesses if he wants out, because they helped to set up Hiro’s business and helped him to get rich. They want payback of Adam by giving everything up he owns from his dad, if he no longer works with them.
      6) Amber’s real name is Melissa Armstrong
      7) Chin was not really sad – he was more worried (Gabriel threatened him, remember).
      8) Chin could not really fight Gabriel – he was held at gunpoint. And he just said shoot me. That would have even been worse at the wedding, if he got killed.
      9) I would also like to see where the new female will fit into the show and for how long she will be there. Good female characters can only be a plus for the show. Ellie, (Lori & Jenna) were also pitched as girlfriends for Steve when they first started out – and nothing really happened inthe romance department. We’ll have to see. If she becomes a girlfriend and/or just play a proper female character in the show – that will also make me happy.
      10) Maybe rewatch some of the old episodes, just to jog your memory about some of the stuff.


      • Foyeur you have blasted me before for posting things that possibly contained spoilers. I know we all have our opinions but sometimes I feel that if anyone goes against what you feel you get angry. I am sorry for posting my opinion and if it gets me kicked off then so be it.

        Also let me say, despite what you believe, I don’t hate anyone (real or otherwise) and I feel that they can all add something to the show. It is the writer’s that make me feel as though these characters are forced, out of place, etc. not the people who play them. I want to be clear about that.

        I am not the only one who has posted before that the relationship between Catherine and Steve felt forced, It didn’t feel forced until season 2 (towards the end) and beyond. I don’t like the way that they have portrayed Catherine just like I didn’t like the way they portrayed Lori Weston or Jenna; it didn’t mean I didn’t “like” them, I didn’t like how they wrote them into the script.. Look at the first few episodes of 50 and how strong the writing was….as soon as they started adding extra cast members the show lost it’s initial umph.

        I didn’t hear the part about Adam paying back the Yakuza so thanks for filling me in.

        As far as Catherine leaving….to me, it was a bad move. YES I understand her wanting to save her friends son and to set things right but I think they handled it wrong, just my opinion. I think they should have mentioned her more than what they did or had Steve comment more about how he felt, something. It was as though everything was swept under the rug and then BAM she shows up again. I was also annoyed that she, despite no “talk/explanation” was back in the crime fighting mode. I would have thought that she would have stepped back not knowing how Steve or the others felt…to me that was awkward.I blame the writers for that NOT the characters.

        Buttercup said “I love Chin, he was always a fav, he’s sad now, poor Chin!” I did see him as sad and that was my reflection from seeing this episode. He was worried but was probably a little sad remembering his own wedding.

        Who knows what the season holds but I am looking forward to it no matter who sticks around, who goes, etc. I like the show and I (for the most part) like all the characters…I just get annoyed with the writing.



        • I will not get in an arguement with you, because you will just go on insulting me here on my own place of enjoyment.
          I said my say. Take it or leave it.
          We do not throw anybody ‘off the site’ – it is not our policy to do so with any fangirls of Alex. Even if people don’t agree with us. People who no longer comment here, leave on their own free will.
          We are here to enjoy Alex with others! 🙂


          • Foyeur

            First I did post a link to a spoiler and you asked me not to post them without waning the others that there are potential spoilers….so maybe there was a misunderstanding on that issue.

            I never meant to insult you that wasn’t my intention…I do feel (in my own opinion) that if someone doesn’t agree with you then we are the bad guys…after all you said it:

            “I have decided that even though these posts are not proper reviews of the episodes, that I will write these recaps of Steve’s story, before I read any other reviews from anybody about the episodes. I want these to cover my own perception, rather than to be influenced by stuff others say.”

            To me that came across as no one else’s opinions matter except yours…to me that makes me nervous to post anything in fear of “insulting” you. We all have a right to our opinion and we have a right to express them….even if we don’t agree. There are others on here that have posted their (negative) opinions about Catherine, Lori, etc. and they aren’t attacked: (you said to me today) “Anything between Steve and Cath will feel forced to you (You can’t stand Michelle – and nothing you can say will make me think otherwise)” I never once said that I didn’t like Michelle….I have said I didn’t like the character (later seasons) because of the writing….the same it was with the two other female characters Lori & Jenna. The writers, in my opinion, placed these characters in places they shouldn’t have been you even said so yourself.

            Let me finally say that I love the show! It is a great show. We ALL have our own perceptions and opinions on the show and it’s characters. PLEASE know that they are just that our OWN perceptions/opinions and we have a right to post with out repercussions.

            I am sure that I am not alone when I say thank you for all you do for us on this site…it’s hard to interpret people’s emotions in the written word. So if we can all agree to just move on and feel we can all post freely then I am all for it.


            • “I have decided that even though these posts are not proper reviews of the episodes, that I will write these recaps of Steve’s story, before I read any other reviews from anybody about the episodes. I want these to cover my own perception, rather than to be influenced by stuff others say.”
              If this is what you got from it >>>>>>
              “To me that came across as no one else’s opinions matter except yours…to me that makes me nervous to post anything in fear of “insulting” you”
              …….You clearly do not understand what I write or understand what I mean at all and we will never see eye to eye. And there is no use for me explaining it to you either.
              You can post freely if you wish, but also have to accept that I might feel free to answer you. Although most of the times I just feel it is not worth my while to even respond in any case. If you see proper answers as blasting – that is not my fault. That is your own feeling. And anybody is welcome to have a look back at any communication between us from before. It is all here for all to see.


        • And BTW, I very politely just asked you to rather just post links to spoilers and not the detail of it, in order to accomodate people who would rather not he spoiled. If you took it as being blasted – I really can’t help if that is how you feel about a proper civil request.


  3. Great recap and mwah for these awesome screencaps. Lots of pretties in this epi.


  4. karen

    Good, bad, or otherwise, I will faithfully watch H50. I will watch not only for Alex, but because I love cop shows, and would have watched it even if Alex was not McG. I try to take the epis for what they are without analyzing them. Maybe I’m just an easy sell. After all, the writers must be doing something right. The show is still here. (insert smiling smilie here) lol


    • I also like many of the cop shows and used to follow quite a number of them religiously (I do with Blue Bloods now) – But never for one single person only (before H50).
      But I would most probably have watched H50 just sometimes, if I had nothing else to do or watch (If Alex was not in it) For me that is the difference.
      None of my family or friends, who all watch a lot of Television shows, follow H50 at all. 😦


      • gracenotpark

        I only watch for Alex too…not the kind of show I usually follow. In fact It is the only cop show I watch. So as long as he’s in it, I’m there. I truly love his work…and him too. He’s just an awesome person.

        I will say one thing about those who dislike Cath being back and who were so upset when she joined 5-0 (People seemed to mostly like her until then. In fact, liking Cath was a frequent reason given for hating on Lori, cos they felt she was clearly there to replace Cath.)…almost all of the anti-Caths have a woman problem. They prove it when they say they also hated Lori and Jenna. And they claim it’s righteous dislike, because Show inserted these unwanted women into the team and THAT’s the problem. The women woulda been fine if Show hadn’t made the mistake of injecting them into the untouchable “Core 4”. But that’s untrue. Nobody bitched about Max getting tons of time, cases with the 4, even his own ep in S1. And when Grover joined, he was accepted as Jenna, Lori, and Cath never were. And now Show seems to be making moves officially to add Jerry to the team. Jerry’s been campaigning since last season and McG is now talking about it as possible. And his joining would be the most ridiculous, but no mass bitching about it. No hate-on Jerry campaign. So it’s ok for males to bust in on the Core 4, but no girls allowed?

        There’s a word for that. And a show that is soooooo heavily misogynist, both its staff and many of its fans, would bore and outrage me, if Alex weren’t in it. I really truly do watch ONLY for him. But I would adore to have more women in the mix. On the team and in their lives. Long overdue!


        • I don’t think those that don’t like Catherine, Lori, etc are bad people. I don’t like Danny either he is way too whiney and negative..and I think that there is too much of some other characters. Max fit because he added to the story line. Did he need to be shot when they killed off the Captain, no but then he fit when it came to the bank robbery episode. I think ALL the characters fit in certain stories but dont need to be added to be almost every episode to make it work.

          I like the show, love Alex, DDK, and Grace Park…I personally don’t feel that they need more characters as regulars because the show can stand on its own. I think they added these characters to compete with other procedural shows but by adding them they messed with the formula.


          • gracenotpark

            I don’t think the chronic women-haters are bad people. I think they literally have a prejudice problem. That can be overcome when folks are educated. Now I will say, SOME of em are downright mean. So yeah maybe some of em are bad people…at least online. They may be kind and lovely in the flesh. Who knows?

            The fact remains that the women have been treated way differently by the fans and by the Show. Fans are unforgiving to women characters, and producers are less likely to support and champion them when fans attack. And when given that 5-0 badge, particularly, fans begin a downright hate-on campaign for women. They may bitch at the beginning about the men, but eventually they deal. I Think people should be self-aware enough to own their prejudices.


  5. NKC

    As to the pirates, you do realize that Alex was the captain.


  6. Vixhen

    This was a great review of the season opener. I was so disappointed in the storyline. I was just super excited to see Steve in a tux and the dancing???? OMG…I just about fainted. I really want Steve to have a woman in his life, but I’m not sure if that should be Catherine. I have no ill will against the character, but I just think that ship has sailed. And how on earth could they bring her back and not at least have them get horizontal (minus their clothes)??? Please, please, please 5-0 writers…give us something good this season. If I were writing this, Cath and Steve would have been late for that wedding. Seriously…they’e been apart for a year!!! Or they would have got in some alone time and Steve’s tux would have been off and on the floor as soon as Kono and Adam said I do. My fingers are crossed hoping this season is a lot better than the most recent ones.


  7. Gail Lessard

    Did anyone else wonder for a moment, why they would have McGarrett fight and then kill a woman as a season opener? What made the writer’s minds go into this direction?


    • I don’t really see anything ominous about him fighting and killing a killer who happens to be a woman. He took out the guy and then he went on to the woman. They were both killers themselves and rather dangerous people. Woman can also be bad and she was trying to kill him. He fought and killed other women before. Even in the epic 100th episode.


  8. vanduyn

    Excellent review FO Yeur! Maybe they were trying to show Steve’s trepidation with becoming involved 100% with Cath again. People complain if he rushes in and complain if he doesn’t, basically a no win situation.
    I felt as though Chin was more worried about what lies ahead for Kono and Adam as long as Gabriel is on the loose and with good reason obvi!
    How much did you love Grover pointing out to Danno how his marriage turned out with the pop can ring?? LOL
    I also watch 5-0 for Alex. I’m sure most of you have heard me say this before, but personally I don’t care who comes, goes, lays or prays. As long as I get to see Alex every week, I’m good.
    I had no problem with him beating that bitches ass and subsequently killing her. I do have a problem with people that try to hurt Steve 😀


    • Colleen

      I agree with you! Anyone that’s trying to hurt Steve needs their butts kicked so when he was fighting that girl I was like “Come on Steve, Kick her ass!!!!!”


    • I also think that they have been showing a very honest reaction from Steve since Cath’s return. He is cautious, but he also knows that he should have given her something more solid to come back to, a long time ago already. And he is preparing himself to do so.


  9. New voice – I haven’t posted here before.
    While I think Cath’s story line was convenient for the writers, I do applaud where it was going – she wasn’t going to passively wait for Steve, but pursue her own life.
    Now that she’s back, it’s all about him. Naturally – it’s his show. We will see his point of view.
    Her point of view could show her being wary of him (her uncertainty about her welcome) like a moth attracted to a flame.
    I see a couple of different story lines.

    1. She stayed away because she was pregnant so there’s a child out there somewhere. She’s trying to gauge Steve’s reaction to her, first, then bring in the child. The child is safe with grandparents or something so we’re not bringing a toddler as a hostage or anything, but Cath needs to figure out how Steve feels about her. The child is NOT a bargaining chip; just the reason she came back. The child is now the most important person in her life. It is better for the kid if Steve is in her life, but she’s not going to force or blackmail Steve into marriage.
    Basically she’d end up being a character that floats in and out of the series, like Rachel for Danny.

    2. Forgetting story 1, above, she could take the initiative and propose to Steve. She’s just getting up the nerve to do it, or waiting for some sign from him that he is thinking along those same lines.
    She’s … how old? She needs to make a decision. Is she so passive that she would wait for ‘orders’, that is, let Steve be the commander in this situation?
    Imagine all the car conversations about THIS development!

    3. She could accept. Boring.Then it would be all about Steve … what? they were living together before, right? Same-old, same-old. Fan-girl solution but dramatically difficult, as the writers would have to write her in as wife, without having the drama of Adam’s backstory (a Five-O husband).

    4. She could decline. She’d have to use the old ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ palaver to save his ego. There’s no one else in the picture, no external forces moving her one way or the other, she could just say that she didn’t want to play second fiddle to the job. End of her story,
    He would have lots of story line showing how he missed her… then the following week go back to old job-fixated Steve.

    Should be interesting!


    • Hi Colleen – Welcome here with us. 😀
      Yes, those are some interesting theories that you have.
      I am also interested to know why the writers made the effort to bring Cath back after they basically written the character off in S4. I hope it is for some very, very, very good reason.
      Maybe for some good story in the future being set up as you suggest with the kid?
      Or maybe just to finally say goodbye to the character with a good reason behind it.
      For me it will be great if it provides Steve with a good personal story and something for Alex to show his acting skills. That will make me a happy fangirl 🙂


  10. I enjoyed it…and loved how Danno spilled the beans in the most weird place…cracked me up…I laughed out loud. 🙂 Now the whumpage, made me sad…I know Kono can handle it, but don’t touch Adam…bless his heart..he handled it well…but was still sad. 😦 So what did I do, I watched S5 Eppy 7 right after it for my McWhumpage fix. 😉


  11. buttercup4u

    I like the car scenes btw Steve and Danny, it acutally made me smile for a chance! Especially Steve’s face, althought I think his decision to propose a bit of a hurry, won’t it be better if they talk first! I mean, first things first!
    To many sidestories, let Kono do her job at five o and come home to a shirtless Adam and have some quiche(!?!) in the jacuzzi ( (-;) ) I’d rather have that than seeing her tooth on the table!
    I love Gabriel, he is just so … bad – I can’t find the right words but he gets under my skin! He really is the bad guy your mom warns you in highschool but you can’t let it go! I just wish he had a better story, maybe it will come!


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