#H50 6.24 & 6.25 – #SteveMcGarrett might need another liver

What a finale. Whew. The ending might have been better with less bickering, but I did find parts of it funny, at least Steve´s lines 😀 He threatened to cut out his liver himself, if Danny´s bitterness comes with it :huhuani:

I liked how they made the plane shooting, and Steve getting hurt, without too much drama. Just him being seriously wounded in silence. And speaking of “silence” the surgery scene with that lovely version of “Stand by You” was brilliant.

Since I decided to try capture moments from both episodes, I had to skip a lot of great stuff. I will make more gifs, when I have the time.

Kevlar yummos (those thighs!) were plentiful in 6.24 hands





Another boo-boo 😦


6.25 drama!


Have a sudden need for a pilot:sbava:





Poor baby *cry*



Surprisingly bouncy…


Feeling better already :heart2:

Season 7 will start with Steve getting a happier liver 


“The End”



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28 responses to “#H50 6.24 & 6.25 – #SteveMcGarrett might need another liver

  1. evowoman88

    I am not sure how I feel about this episode…

    And I haven’t watched it yet, just the spoilers.

    But a liver transplant. WTF were the writers thinking? That’s a major life change event. I know a teenager who got a liver and he cannot go in the sun for long periods of time. Along with being on drugs for the rest of his life.

    But, knowing the writing, everything will be back to normal.


  2. Oh what great gifs! You are fast. I love them. The moment Steve went through this swinging door I just knew you would gif him stopping it with his feet. That was absolutely perfect, and sexy, and cool, and skillfull…
    And I agree with your words about the last scene. He made his lines and the bickering (*sigh*) more playful, with a little smile, less harsh!


  3. Regina Filange

    I was anxiously awaiting to see what yummy gifs you would create for us out of these two episodes. I love him in aviator sunglasses. Soooo sexy especially with that killer smile. Pretty much any scene where he is wearing Kevlar is sexy as hell as well. I loved the last two episodes I thought that everything worked pretty well. Was kind of thrown off by the whole scene where they take Steve out of the country(I don’t want to give anything away to those who have watched) I wasn’t expecting that at all. I hope that doesn’t mean that a real end of the show is coming next season. I have alway been a McDanno fan. I love the way they bicker like an old married couple. I also loved how Grover was choked up about Steve. I was getting a little choked up too but knew that the next season can’t go on without our handsome leading man so they wouldn’t have killed him off. Steve has a large group of ohana and it was great to see that. I’m hoping that while the show is on hiatus that that is the time thatMax is gone, although we always wanted to know what happened to Dr Shaw. Maybe she’ll come back next season. Where was Amber in all of this? I thought her and Danno were good after the whole Valentine’s Day debacle. Why wasn’t she there in the waiting/recovery room. Anyway enough ranting and questioning. Overall great end to an ok season in my opinion. Let’s hope the action is kept up for the next one to bring the show back to its original greatness. With a little more shirtless, Kevlar and thigh holster wearing leading man.💋😜❤️💗🔥😋


    • Kath40

      [ With a little more shirtless, Kevlar and thigh holster wearing leading man.]
      The makeup department is gonna be busy with future “shirtless” scenes for McG applying the scars. Shoulder bullet wound S1, abdomen stab wound S2 and now new gunshot wounds with a liver transplant scar.
      I hope this doesn’t translate to Minimal Shirtless McG scenes do the the extra work. ;( assuming PL remembers just how much he has put our leading man through both physically and emotionally 😉


      • Foyeur already speculated there might not be shirtless McG next season. I sure hope the show´s inconsistencies continue, and they will forget the scars and give us some abs and pecs uncovered, still.


  4. Here are my thoughts…no spoilers as you already stated Steve got a new liver. I was a little ticked at Danny. Yes, he did a selfless act of donating a portion of his kidney to Steve….Steve almost died so it is understandable that he would get a lot of well wishes. Sure Danny’s name should have been on at least one card but the jealousy was something I couldn’t handle. When Danny was being “negative” I felt like he was lording over Steve’s head. Friends (and family) shouldn’t do that. I was hoping that Danny would have been a lot more positive since they were trapped in that building a while ago. Maybe Amber isn’t in his life and that’s why he reverted back? I also found it a bit sad that he talked to “Dog” the way he did….granted it was joking (I think) but his son is too young to know that.

    The episode where Danny’s car was stolen showed me that a bit of Danny rubbed off on Grace, am I wrong?

    I loved that Steve did have everyone there…I guess he and Lynn aren’t seeing each other as she wasn’t there. Also Ellie wasn’t there and they are supposed to be “good” friends. We shall see what next season holds.

    I loved the episodes and I will re watch for more detail I kinda skipped through the episodes just to see what happened.


  5. karen

    Major surgery and Steve isn’t intubated? So funny. Got a feeling season 7 will be the last. I was happy with 6 seasons, so this is a bonus for me.


    • buttercup4u

      The last 10 minutes of this ep made me think that this was actually supposed to be the end with this s6 and Steve was going to die (with all the flashbacks)!!

      I need to rewatch season1!!!


  6. This was awesome. I was spellbound during both episodes.


  7. NOTE: If you haven’t seen these 2 episodes you shouldn’t be reading this post!!!

    Loved, loved, loved both eppies! #624 was so action packed that I would find myself not breathing! Not sorry that Gabriel died, time for a new baddie.

    #625… so much to show in such a short time, but with TV Magic (all of those things that happen off screen that seem like a magician was at work or magical recoveries, something we see on H5-0 all the time!) they got everything in. After all of the action in the previous hour I was actually relieved not to see a long, drawn out air battle! The time was better spent in the emotional zone. Alex got a bit of a reprieve with this one, he got to lay quietly when on screen while we got to see the rest of the crew react to the possibility of his demise. We fans (I did, for sure) needed this, we needed to see and feel the real love these people have for each other! Kono and Lou’s responses were so heart-felt, I needed a couple of extra tissues for each of their scenes. I would have liked to see a tad less hospital bickering, it’s bordering on annoying for me now, BUT my favorite line from that scene was from McG and I’m paraphrasing here, “If I have to, I will cut this liver out of my body myself!” With most characters, that would be hyperbole, but I could see McG doing it! And couldn’t they give Danny ONE balloon? Just sayin’. One last comment about the post-op hospital scene; McG might have received all of the cards, balloons, flowers and well wishes plus he had so many friends there, his ohana… but no blood family, none of the women in his life (Lynne, Ellie, Catherine, Mom, Mary); while Danny had his kids.

    I expect to see this life changing and challenging event influence next season a great deal… Peter likes his themes and story arcs to play out over a season. Thank you for all of these fantastic gifs!! They are awesome!! I’m off to rewatch both eppies now!


  8. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Omg so great can’t wait until September


  9. gracenotpark

    I question whether anyone tied to this show did even an ounce of research on transplantation. 🙄 I think they’ve painted a jumping shark into a corner. 😆 But hoping they at least focus on McG next season. Go out on a high note, Show. If you don’t know how to do that, read this blog. These two ladies know what the audience wants. 😉


  10. This episode was definitely written to work as a series finale if necessary. PL has hinted at the season 7 opener and a more contemplative McG. However, if they go back to things as usual and ignore the life change this is for him, I will be livid. Handling the serious part of the transplant can be done now that they don’t have to wrap everything up in one episode. The track record with this writing crew doesn’t have me entirely hopeful, but we can always hope. I mean, I doubt a surgeon would ever announce “he’s going to be fine” in the hour after he patient received a new organ. So many medical things completely overlooked, besides the other bullet holes in McG…. Drives me crazy… but AOL and SC did great jobs in this one. For some reason, I particularly liked SC in the ambulance.


    • Ocean

      Danno was fabulous in the ambulance. Just with his forlorn expression he conveyed how much he actually loves Steve.


  11. vanduyn

    When he (Peter) finally finished the season finale he knew there was a season 7. Actually if you know anything about liver transplant you would know even a fourth of a liver is viable. The liver rejuvenates itself so that part is very believable. There is a EW article you can read where Peter actually says he wrote a different finale then once he knew it was renewed he changed it. 🙂


  12. Ocean

    Love love love the part when Chin told Lou about how Steve got him through Malia’s death. And in 6.24, the building-jumping scene was fantastic!


  13. karen

    Interesting how some of us hated these epis and some of us loved them. There WAS a lot of gaffs in these last two hours, but that’s okay. I forgot about the bullet wounds. lol


  14. Karen

    I really enjoyed both episodes last night. So much emotions was felt in that show but as the last episode of Season 6 was going on in that back of my mind I was thinking that is was good thing they negotiate for a 7th season because the ending of that episode could have been written to accommodate the ending of the series. So glad they were able to agree for a 7th season.
    Once again the episode also showed that even though they argue A LOT and a lot of fans are getting tired of it, Danny and Steve will always be there for each other in a time of needs.
    Oh by the way, just LOVE the gifs!


  15. I don’t want to be negative, but I didn’t like the way the last episode ended. For the first time ever, I am on Danny’s side as to why no one showed any gratitude for what he did for Steve. He gave him the gift of life. I really would have liked to have the last line of the show be “Thank you Danny.” I’m a nurse and I’ll be interested to see how quickly and easily Steve recovers from a liver transplant. And, where was Melissa and Lynn during this whole hospital time? But, this is TV, and I am glad to get a 7th season. I do love that the team shows such love for each other.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. lindae5o

    There was some stuff to like about these two episodes, but a lot to dislike, too. I got tired of the endless gunplay. We know the writers don’t know the meaning of realism, but they must be on drugs or living in never-never land.
    How did Abby get away from the gunman? Why did no one ask Gabriel how he survived falling from a window onto a car roof in that earlier episode?
    I only watch HF-0 because of Alex, but I thought Steve should have shown more gratitude to Danny. The way it was written was just mean-spirited, IMO, and as annoying as Danny being an endless whiner.
    PL said in his EW interview, that the new season will start with Steve (and presumably Danny, too), leaving the hospital. I hope any hurt feelings will be mended.
    Alex was as gorgeous as ever. He never disappoints. The team Ohana was heart-warming.


    • buttercup4u

      I agree with what you’ve said – so many open questions and inconsequneces, it’s the first time I really am disturbed with the way an ep was done!
      I am ok with over-the-top action but this …!
      Steve is great and handsome and hot – as ever!


  17. buttercup4u

    And yeah, dam* that man goes under ours skin 😉 !!


  18. NINA

    Je sais que certains trouvent que les épisodes manquent de réalisme mais ça n’a pas d’importance c’est une Série ! donc peut importe si Steve va avoir du mal à combattre après une greffe , c’est un héros ! et comme tous les héros il surmonte tout (blessures tortures trahisons…) ça a l’avantage de nous faire rêver et de nous sortir de notre triste réalité parfois .
    Et puis moi j’adore Steve/Alex et je me suis habituée au reste de l’équipe donc je passe très facilement par dessus toutes ces incohérences j’ai très envie de voir la saison 7 et de retrouver tout ce petit monde imaginaire;-)
    Merci pour tous ces gifs et toutes ces infos.(et pour celui ou celle qui pourra traduire correctement mon propos)


  19. I love Steve and Grover better. Both really love one another. Those are the real friends. Danny and Steve IMHO, have grown apart despite the last two episodes. Despite S.C. not being in them a lot. For his own real life family!
    I for one have not missed the carargumnts. As really they are going way too mean spirited.
    Steve should had showed more gratitude. I for one did feel sorry for Danny. As Danny did not get cards or letters, or applause like Steve did.
    As Danny is the one that delivered the liver.
    Danny is the one that nearly shot the guy out of love and respect for Steve.
    Danny had gone out of his way to land the plane when he was not a pilot.
    Sure he is a whiner and complains and too much drama.
    But other than that, Steve can be such a bullying, ungrateful, jerky “friend” along the way as well.
    He could had given Danny the remote at least. But no, Steve and his control issues.
    Season 6 was one of the best up there with seasons 1,2, and part of 3.
    Season 4 was the worst.
    Season 5 medicore.
    Chin is my favorite and that he sadly can’t catch a break. Now that he may have to raise Gabriel’s daughter on his own.
    Wonder what will happen with Adam and Kono once he gets out of prison?! Resume their lives!
    Jerry getting a badge, do not think so. He is not cop material.
    Hope Max does not leave the show!


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