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#AlexOLoughlin on The Daily 10 – April 2010

I love it when I get to see old interviews with Alex that I have for some reason never seen before. This one is loads of fun ……

Alex with Catt Sadler on the Daily 10,

on the day of the Premiere of The Back-Up Plan21 April 2010.

alex jlo bday cr

Catt: He is starring opposite J. Lo in the new movie, ‘The Back-Up Plan’. Super cute.

He is the star of the much anticipated Hawaii Five-0 remake.

And when the ladies in the office found out he was coming in today, they went bananas. And a lot of gay men too, by the way.

Alex: [Laughs]


Catt: Welcome the hottest Aussie in town, Alex O’Loughlin.

Alex: Thank you.

Catt: Do you like seeing yourself in the clips? Does it make you uncomfortable, or have you got used to it?

Alex: No, it’s … you kind of …. I never really get used to it.

I see it and I go, “Oh that’s right, where were we that day?

Catt: Like, “I know that guy”.

Alex: Yeah, I know that guy.

Catt: Alright the movie is called ‘The Back-Up Plan’.

Alex:  ‘The Back-Up Plan’.

Catt: Great reviews. If acting hadn’t worked out for you, what would be your back-up plan?

Alex: I’ve been asked that a lot lately actually and I don’t know. I’d really … I probably should get one, shouldn’t I? I probably should get to … I don’t know. 

I’ve done a lot of stuff. I really like … I really like building, you know. Maybe I’d become a builder of houses.

Catt: A carpenter?

Alex: A carpenter.

I really like  …. I really like teaching kids too. So, that might be something.

Catt: Alright, J. Lo told us that it was actually her assistant who helped get you cast, because she was such a huge fan.

Alex: [Laughs]

Catt: Roll it Fred. Watch this.

[Clip of interview with Jennifer]

Jennifer: I say to my assistant, They’re going to sent you a picture and a reel from this guy, Alex O’Loughlin. She was like, ALEX O’LOUGHLIN! OH MY GOD!”


Catt: Oh my god. Is that like a common reaction that you get now? All the girls totally freaking out? Has to get really old, huh?

Alex: Well I don’t really …. Apparently it happens; you know when I’m not there. But I don’t really see…. They don’t do it to me, you know what I mean.

So it’s a kind of … it’s strange to think that that’s the reaction that you have with people.

Catt: I witnessed it. It goes on.

Alex: I’d take your word for it.

Catt: I’ll tell you first hand. So are you and Jennifer good friends now? Do you stay in touch since the making of the movie?

Alex: Yeah.

Catt: How’s that relationship?

Alex: Great. I mean we’ve both been really busy and you know I’ve been doing lots of other things. But we’ve come together a lot you know for press on this.

And we’ve got the premiere tonight so ….

Catt: Yes

Alex: So. You know, I’ll see her and the gang there. But yeah, we’re great pals.

Catt: Okay, we’re going to play a little game now.


Alex: Okay.

Catt: We’re going to see how well you know your co-star. You ready?

Alex: [Laughs] Okay.

Catt: So you do a test. Alright, Jennifer has twins.

Alex: Yes.

Catt: What are their names?

Alex: Max and Emme.

Catt: Good, good. Give me some. [They high-five] Nice.

Alex: Alright.


Catt: Alright, this one I didn’t even know. I had to do some research. How many times has Jennifer been married?

Alex: Seventeen.

Catt: [Laughs]

Alex: No, let me go … three, three?

Catt: Round-up, twenty. You’re right, three.

Alex: Three?

Catt: Three, well done. And this one, if you don’t get it, I’m losing all respect.

Alex: Okay.

Catt:  Right here we go. Finish the lyric from one of her hit songs. “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got …. “

Alex: Oh, “Cause I’m just Jenny from the block.”


Catt:  [Laughs] And you say it with that Aussie accent. So cute.

Okay, last one. Jennifer used to date a) Diddy, b) 50 Cents, or c) Michael Bolton?

Alex: [Laughs] I really want to say, Michael Bolton, because that would be an awesome coupling.

Catt: Nice match.

Alex: But I know it’s Diddy.

Catt: It’s Diddy, alright, alright.

Okay, I feel really bad about this. I have to get a little sexist now.

Alex: Okay.

Catt: My job is rough, yes. In the movie, dude, you take your shirt off. How many times? Did you lose track?

Alex: Seventy-Four.

Catt: Okay, you’re more shirtless, than you are ‘shirt full’. What was your workout regimen? Were you working out all the time? Skipping on carbs? What’s …. What’s the deal?

Alex: Yeah, it was kind of a really strict regimen actually. They gave a trainer and stuff, because of course every dairy farmer is ripped.

Catt: Yeah.

Alex: You know, and I was like method. You know, I’ve got to get really fit to be this guy.

But it was good. It was an opportunity to …. to get fit and to get really fit.

You know, I’m really like … I’m an active guy. And, you know, I’ve always been athletic and so it was kind of like ….

Catt: Okay, I’d like to personally thank you.

Alex: Thank you.

Catt: Thanks for that. I do appreciate that.

Alex: You’re welcome.

Catt: We met back in 2007.

Alex: We did.

Catt: On the set of your TV show, Moonlight.

Alex: Yeah.


Catt: How has your life changed since then? It’s been a while.

Look at you there, long hair. Maybe ten more pounds even?

Alex: Yeah. [Laughs] Yeah.

Catt: Sorry, did I ..?

Alex: No, no, no, it’s fine. The weight drop is not intentional. It’s just Hollywood stress, you know. So it’s like … How’s my life changed?

It kind of has and it hasn’t. I’ve done a bunch of work since then. Of course, I’ve had a haircut. I’ve got a few more grey hairs, you know.

But it’s … I’ve changed as …. I mean we all change every day. You know, change every day. But I’ve changed as an actor, and I’ve learned a lot more and I’ve sort of learned a lot more about the industry and all that. And here we are.

Catt: Your star is definitely rising. Thank you so much for coming in.

Alex: Thank you.

Catt: Give it up everybody. Alex, thank you.

Is there anybody who still have that interview clip of Alex with Catt from the set of Moonlight, which they did for E! Online in 2007? The one that they show in this interview?

We can not recall that we have ever seen it before.



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