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#AlexOLoughlin on “The Doctors” – Oct 2009

Let’s continue with our subject for the week ……..

Alex O’Loughlin with his research adviser for ‘Three Rivers’,  Dr Gonzo Gonzales-Stawinski, on the TV Show ‘The Doctors’.

– Presenters: Dr Travis Stork, Dr Andrew Ordon, Dr Lisa Masterson and Dr Jim Sears.

– 2 October 2009.

Transcript of the video

Dr. Stork: Admit it a lot of what you learn when it comes to medicine, you see in movies and on TV, right. Well, that was a clip from the new CBS show, Three Rivers.

It is an extremely realistic look into the world of organ transplants. Dr. Gonzo is the inspiration for the show, and joining us now is the star of the show, Alex O’Loughlin. Come on out Alex.

Alex & Dr Travis Stork on set of Three Rivers

[Cheers, greetings, and hugs all around]

Dr. Masterson: Oh it is fabulous having you here and I also do think I need a heart doctor, with all these handsome men. I am having heart palpitations.

Dr. Ordon: You forgot your white coat.

Alex: I did. You know, I didn’t know what to wear. I thought I’d … I was going to bring.  I thought I should wear a suit.

Dr. Stork: We talked about it, because I was on the set and said, “Well you know, you could wear scrubs”. But I like it.

Alex: Well thanks, buddy.

Dr. Masterson: Are you starting to feel more comfortable in scrubs.

Dr. Ordon: He looks gorgeous just like that, doesn’t he?

D.r Masterson: I know.

Alex & Kate

[Cheers and clapping ]

Dr. Masterson: As a matter of interest, did you have to do a lot to prepare for this role?

Alex: This is the man who helped me with the majority of my …. All of my research actually.

I was talking to Gonzo yesterday; it wasn’t until I spoke to you on the phone, that I thought I could do this role.

I mean I read the script and I was like, “I can’t do this. I don’t know anything about being a doctor, or medicine”, or … you know and I spoke to Gonzo and I realised, you guys are people too.

[Laughs all around]

Dr. Ordon: You’re the doctor, but you got a shot at being the actor as well, didn’t you?

Dr. Gonzo: You know what, I did and I think it was two days ago that I was n set and Alex and I have a scene together. In which he’s … he’s in a bind, so he’s asking me for a favour to go procure a heart for him. And it was actually fun, but let me tell you something.

Acting is a bear. Operating on people and doing heart transplants – slice of cake. My heart rate would be lower, my blood pressure is lower. This whole acting business, cameras, and people watching you. Forget about it. I mean that is tough stuff.

But you know Alex …. Alex and I had a really good experience. You know, we met …. We initially spoke over the telephone and discussed his role, and what he was going to be able to do, and who was Gonzo. And what was the character going to be like.

So he came over to the Cleveland clinic and we hung out. And it was a blast. I mean …

Alex: It was great.

Dr. Gonzo: What you don’t know about Alex, is that he is a human sponge. He absorbs everything. So I only wish you extreme success with this show.

Alex: Thanks Gonz.

Dr. Stork: Well recently I was also invited to go behind the scenes of Three Rivers, to check it out the set and meet the cast AND play a doctor.

Alex O'Loughlin as Dr Andy Yablonski - Three Rivers

[Clip of Dr. Stork on the set of Three Rivers]

Dialogue from the clip:

Alex: Hey man.

Dr. Stork: Hi Alex, Travis. Good to meet you.

Alex: Good to meet you.

Dr. Stork: Have you learned some operating skills?

Alex: Dude I could fix that heart. If anyone breaks it, you come to me man.

Dr. Stork: Would you let this guy operate on you?

Alex: These are honest eyes.

Dr. Stork: You got to teach me. I don’t know how to do this.

Alex: Evidently the student is ready, because the master is here. So, you know, let’s go in.

Dr. Stork: Lead the way.

Alex O'Loughlin & Dr Travis Stork

[Insert of then shooting the scene for Three Rivers]

Dr. Stork: This guy is a good coach

Alex: [Laughs]

Dr. Stork: Thanks a lot for having me.

Alex: Pleasure man. Thanks for coming.

Dr. Stork: So the scrubs are fun, but it’s time to out on my light blue scrubs.

Alex & Dr Travis Stork - Three Rivers

[Cheers and clapping back in the studio]

Dr. Sears: The patient is dying?

Dr. Stork: I’m with Gonzo. I have to admit. I’m on set. I am nervous. I don’t know how.

Dr. Ordon: It took you three takes?

Dr. Sears: Probably more than that.

Alex: You were hiding behind a mask. It’s easy when you’ve got the mask on. Isn’t it crazy, you’re …. You’ve got all the stuff. And we want to make it real as actors. We’re covered in blood, doing whatever we’re doing and they’re like, your thumb …….

Dr. Gonzo: Fake blood.

Alex: Yeah, fake blood. Of course.


Alex: Your thumb is not in the right place. It’s like, we spend most of the morning finding where to put Travis’s [Thumb]

Dr. Stork: Yeah, five takes of, “A little higher. A little lower”.

Alex: Sorry, that’s crazy.

Dr. Stork: You are a great coach. And one of the things that I love about this show, is that it does highlight a very important cause. Something we talked about on the show, organ transplantation. I know you’re wearing a green band for a reason, right?

Alex as Dr Andy Yablonski - Three Rivers

Alex: I am. This is the Donate Life or Done Vida bracelet from Donate Life America. An incredible organization. I am now almost an ambassador for them. For which I’m …. I’m honoured to be a part of.

And … I realised the opportunity …. myself and CBS and Gonzo, for some community service, you know. And to be able to give back. I think it’s so important to ….. whenever we have a chance to give back, to do that. So, Donate Life has come on board with us. It’s terrific.

Dr. Stork: [to Alex] We welcome you to our family of doctors. I think you do a great job. And you bring energy to the show. [to Gonzo]

And certainly, you’re an inspiration Dr. Gonzo. You inspire all of us. Thank you for all your great work.

Dr. Gonzo: Thank you.

Dr. Stork: So a big thank you to Alex O’Loughlin and the entire cast of Three Rivers.

And as I said, especially Dr. Gonzo and the Cleveland clinic

The Video:


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