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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 143

We continue our story from here.

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Okay, all of this will just be some random rambling ……… There are a lot to digest here. Take your time, and also enjoy all the gorgeousness of Steve that Paula got for us from the episode.

First of all, I feel that too many spoilers were given before the episode. It is fine when one can avoid them generally, but lots of it was in your face and gave away just too much of the actual story. (Sorry, just had to get that of my chest)


Secondly after reading many complaints about the final hospital scene, just a few thoughts:

  • donor of a liver would not spend much time, if any, in ICU, but a recipient would be there for at least a week (And Steve was not even a “normal” recipient, but somebody who suffered severe trauma to his body to get  there.). This means that Danny has been up and about in general ward already by this time, but Steve not. And since it is a week after the operation, that would maybe be the day Steve got out and into a general ward. This means it was actually Steve’s ‘release’ party, hence all the balloons and cards that would normally not be allowed in ICU, for him. I see this large gathering as the first time that the whole gang together (the Ohana) could see him, as ICU will normally only allow two visitors at a time and many times only the closest family (or in Steve’s case with no family there, maybe close friends). If you look at it that way, you might see the whole scene in a whole new and different light.

  • And the whole donor-gument. After watching the show for all these years, and knowing these two characters, that is more or less the same dialogue that I would have written for them to say. That is if I took their history of conversations into account. I really do not see how it could go down any differently, although most of what each one said were not even close to any truth (especially some of the complete untruths Danny mentioned about Steve). But it does not mean that I like any of what was said as a viewer, but I am used to it.


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  • Let me just move on and look at the most discussed subject relating to the finale. If anybody thought that Hawaii Five-0 will portray the physical difficulties of an organ recipient with any realism or accuracy, you and I have been watching 2 different shows for the past 6 years. In all this time, the only 2 times anybody really showed some long-lasting effect from their injuries, was the time Max got shot in the S3 finale and walked with a cane for a while and Steve wearing a cast for a second episode after he broke his arm. In every other situation, they recover within a few hours and not a second thought is given to their injuries.
  • In my opinion the same basic story for this episode, with the same emotions and drama could have been achieved with Steve being critically injured and fighting for his life. Maybe with even a possibility that he might need a liver if the repairs during an operation did not work, but an actual transplant for Steve just went too far. They could have advocated that cause of Organ Donation so much better by NOT involving the two main characters and turning it into something ridiculous.*dontknow*

  • And talking about hospitals, it has been a long time since I have seen any hospital and operating theatre scenes handled so unrealistically in a television show. Maybe it is understandable that there would not be any medical advisers on a police procedural, but at least get some basics right. Some of which even a non-medical professional could spot easily.


I wonder if they could have had better personal connection with hospital scenes in the show, if they did not kill of Dr Malia. Or even used a person like emergency room nurse (girl scout leader) Madeline from Episode 3:10 again, to make scenes like these more personal and part of the Ohana. They were ideal candidates and would have given us two more women that actually had some real purpose on the show in one or two episodes a season …….

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The things that made me laugh (or scratch my head)…..

  • Episode 2:01, Mokoto: “You have your father’s eyes”, then now in Episode 6:25, WoFat’s dad:You have your mother’s eyes”. Please writers, pick one and stick with it maybe?

Koala Smartass: Give the two old men a break. Maybe they could not see that well anymore. Most probably just making small talk anyway. Have you never heard people telling parents how much their newborn babies looks like them? The dad’s family and friends will tell him that the baby looks like him, and the mother’s family and friends will tell her that the baby looks like her. And of course both side are lying, because all newborns are cute, but ugly little things. It is just one of those things people do. 😀

  • Two men having major surgery, one actually fighting for his life, yet the girlfriends that they sleep with do not even bother to be around waiting for them to get out of surgery? And Steve’s good friend Ellie and Danny’s nephew?

Koala Smartass: When will  you ever learn that girlfriends are just plot devices. They will never be part of the “Ohana“. And I am sure Eric was there somewhere, but most probably we did not see him because he was chasing the nurses.

  • How does one get shot on the left side, yet none of the organs (stomach, both kidneys, pancreas & spleen) on that side and in between are damaged, but the liver on the others side is shred to pieces? Not to mention the damage to the one or two ribs that most probably got shattered by that bullet on its path to the liver.

For those of you who have not studied anatomy – just a basic diagram:

All vital organs are protected by the ribcage. And although not all the organs there are vital to stay alive, they all serve a purpose and injury to any of them will have long-lasting medical effects.

Koala Smartass: My theory is that as a ‘Moses of old‘, who threw down his staff and parted the Red Sea, some sort of miracle happened when the writers threw down their pens, and those ribs and the organs parted for the bullet to pass right between them all and hit Steve’s liver and shatter there.

Just a more serious sidenote from me here. Of course a bullet could enter on the left hand side of the abdomen and reach the liver to cause serious damage, but then there would be a lot of damage to the other organs and ribs as well. Not all of them vital organs (unless both kidneys got damaged, which would also be fatal). The practical thing about that damage to those other organs are complications with  recovery, and it could cause health problems on the long and short-term for that person. Those are the things that were never mentioned in this episode, and will most probably never be mentioned ever at all. And that is what makes it so stupid.

  • What happened to,“Put pressure on the wound to help stop the bleeding”? Or find something to keep his body warm? But no, the writers have Danny tell the drug dealer to rather feel for a pulse? What will it help them in mid-air to know if Steve is still alive or not? Rather try and help him to stay alive I would say.

Koala Smartass: But if he knew he was dead he would have landed in a safer place. He needed to know. But then again he never got an answer, and without an answer from the drug dealer Danny just instinctively knew Steve was still alive, because that is what he tells the others straight after the crash.

  • An unconscious person just endured a crash in a plane and got flung around, but you only give him a neck brace once he is lying down and not before you move him around? By then if he broke his neck, your actions could have either killed or paralyse him already. I would suggest emergency procedure training for the Five-0’s.

Koala Smartass: I think we should rather send the writers (or directors) for that training.

  • Steve got shot in the arm from side on – then what? Did the bullet just bounce off, of him and fall to the ground?

Koala Smartass: Maybe his humerus bone is so strong that the bullet just ricocheted of him? He drinks “Bulletproof coffee” regularly after all.

  • I actually laughed out loud when I saw that after the plane came to a standstill they showed a picture of the broken off landing gear next to the plane. Weird, because the landing gear was never lowered for this water/beach landing.

After the crash

Koala Smartass: Oy, you can really nitpick much.

  • It might be a good idea if they tell the emergency personnel actors where the wounds are supposed to be and not have them fiddle around all over the patients abdomen (although on that abdomen I would also like to fiddle around ). Neither on his clothes or logically was there ever a wound on Steve’s right hand side. The bullet went in and never came out (it fragmented in his liver).

Koala Smartass: I think some of them are actually real emergency personnel and because they know anatomy, they got confused over where the wounds would be after somebody told them that it is a “liver” injury. (or maybe they were just  trying to hide some of the forbidden back tattoo? I saw a peekaboo of it. 🙂 )

  • So Danny needed the emergency people to tell him, Steve lost a lot of blood (whoopy) – I thought he saw it  for himself?

Koala Smartass: What other dialogue could they have given him. Maybe that was their only choice?

  • Most unrealistic operating scenes I have ever seen – no intubation, and some weird preparation for the incisions? And Steve’s abdomen seem to be untouched – would he not have been cut open for a laparotomy earlier to assess all the damage? There was no exit wound, so they at least had to try and find the bullet and with it saw what unrepairable damage there was to the liver.

Koala Smartass: Dummy, cutting people open to save their lives is so old school. They just scan people and then know that the liver is damaged so much that it needed replacement and that all the other organs are okay. #notsosureaboutthat

  • Why did the doctor announce the status of the two men at the same time. I am kind of sure Danny’s operation would have been finished long before Steve and that he would already be out of danger long before then. And as I have seen others complain also, a better choice of words from the doctor would be, that the operation was a success and that Steve is out of danger for now, but that the next day or two would be crucial to see if his body can function with the new liver.

Koala Smartass: Don’t spoil the BIG Ohana moment with your analysis of the situation.

  • Kono visiting Steve and no post-op tubes and drips and drains and stuff on Steve? And no ICU bed, just lying there like a corpse in a ‘supply’ room? (My knowledge might be old, but many times after such a long operation the patient would also still be on a respirator to help them breathe)

Koala Smartass: Have to agree with you here. It felt like a scene that they added at the last-minute without real preparation or thought. 

  • In contrast to the Lou and Chin’s scenes of remembering what Steve meant to them, I found the Kono scene a bit forced. It was emotional and well done, but had no real personal story behind Kono’s praise of ‘the Boss’. A Bro-hug from Max at that time would have felt more real to me.

Koala Smartass I think you are actually just a bit pissed off because she did not make some sort of love declaration to him. (#McKono shipper you)

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  • Then the one BIG question that bugged me the most. Why were they flying with the drugs to Oahu at all without the drug supplier already in custody? They already caught the drug dealer selling the deadly stuff on the island. They also have the pilot flying the stuff there for him. And the pilot introduced them to the seller  of the drugs. What else did they have to accomplish by flying the drugs to Oahu? Who else did they need to catch back home? Why did they not just arrest the guy when they picked him and the drugs up on Green Island Atoll ? Surely being in possession of such a large shipment of drugs is cause enough for an arrest? If I were them, my concern would be, how he got the drugs in that remote location? Who supplied him, or did he manufacture (cook) it there? That laboratory or his suppliers would be my target if I was Five-0, not transporting the drugs to nobody.

Koala Smartass: Don’t confuse this ‘perfect’ story with logic!

The things I really liked about the episode …

  • Great acting all around by everyone (well almost everyone).
  • Good stunts and visual effects.
  • Although some seem to think that Alex was just lying still for most of the episode and not doing much, I think him acting unconscious and injured were done extremely well. No thespian myself, but I would think that it can sometimes take more energy from an actor to play half dead, than just being a normal person standing around talking, because it is so unnatural.
  • Showing us that Steve is still sharp and as a soldier have ability to assess where they took him. (I love Navy SEAL Steve and miss him dearly)
  • The Morocco visit is some sort of sign that the McGarrett history will be revisited in the next season. It is at the core of the show and hopefully will be good.

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Obviously the meeting with WoFat’s father serves the purpose of adding another dot to be connected in the McGarret/Fat history and story line. After all this story is actually what started it all and should always be part of some focus of the story (in my opinion). My questions about it however are, why was WoFat’s father such a high value target for assassination 40 years ago, and what made him so dangerous as to go to all the trouble to have him incarcerated for so long under such mysterious circumstances? And what makes him still so important that they would go to all the trouble to get Steve from the other side of the globe to visit him?

My personal feeling about this finale story was that it was some sort of  “fan-build” episode. (And I am not a big fan of those) Let me explain what I mean: Fans want Steve to suffer from PTSD and because he has apparently not suffered enough loss in his life already, let him nearly die, lose his liver and his carefree health forever and bring him back to reflect on his life. Some fans do not think Danny is good cop material or badass enough, so let’s show them that he is super badass. Some fans say that Danny is a cold-blooded killer for killing Reyes, so let’s show them how much restraint he can show. Some say that they always make Steve the hero and the one who fixes the ‘broken toys‘, so let us make him the victim and let us show them that Danny be all badass as well and the hero for a change and “save” the broken Steve. Some fans are desperate for Steve and Danny to share everything and be married, but we can’t make them gay, so we’ll let them share a liver and be tied forever, ‘until death do them part‘. Some fans feel Danny bitch and is an asshole all the time, so let us make Steve look ungrateful and act like an asshole for a change……

My verdict about this season finale. Maybe it was intense and full of personal moments, but worst story for a finale ever in the six seasons (mainly because of the ridiculous transplant). I really struggle to see how this could lead into another action packed season opener, or a new season with all the normal action, on this as the basis. As much as I advocate better story arcs and meat around the stories of our main characters, most of what I saw written in an interview with the Executive Producer, makes me think it sounds like the makings of a big fat soap opera for next season (and I am not talking about the Cath storyline as a soap opera at all).

I sincerely hope I have it all completely wrong.

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Having said all that, as an Alex fan my wish is for him to be part of something extraordinary. If this whole transplant twist will be used to give Alex more time off from the show, I will be extremely happy and totally sad at the same time. If it will give him time to pursue some real career enhancing projects, I will be in seventh heaven. But of course it will be pure torture to watch the show if he is missing in action for large parts of it.

But if not to reduce his time as Steve, please let there be a better storyline and focus back to him as the main character of the show. My wish for it is to be better, because if it is better, Alex can shine more and build his career on something good and solid. Yes, even if it means we might no longer see badass, risk-taking, jumping off high buildings McGarrett.

My Desire is Only for the Chief

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:25

O Ke Ali’i Wale No Ka’u Makemake (My Desire is Only for the Chief)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov & Matt Wheeler

Directed byBryan Spicer

To be continued maybe …….


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