Just an update.

Hi everybody. There is a lot to show about the last episodes, but we have so much time during the hiatus to discuss things. Real life is keeping us a bit busy at the moment, but we will try to have our photo recaps of the last two episodes up somewhere during the week – Hopefully. 🙂

Steve - Episode 6:25

At least we got one new recent picture of Alex this week.

Thank you Enson, we knew you would help the “starving” fangirls with some fresh footage.

Enson Inoue at Hilton Waikiki Beach.

From Enson


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10 responses to “Just an update.

  1. Take your time, we’ll still be here 🙂


  2. Thank You Foyeur.Your the best you and Paula..Just post when you have time.Know you girls need a break every once in a while.lol Happy Summer to us all..loves ya Lucy


  3. Karen

    Take your time and post when time allows to you. Thanks to all involved with this site.


  4. You are doing such a great job with the photos and stories. Thank you so much! And, I love, love the hiatus photo. I was starting to go into Alex withdrawals, but you fixed that!


  5. We are not going anywhere at all? No way and no how!


  6. Kath40

    You ladies spoil us so much with your devotion to running this site with all these pictures, gifs and stories. Thank you SO much ((HUGS))
    Now we are going to be in the withdrawal stages of the hiatus. We’ll have to keep a look out for people like Enson and those who just so happen to “bump” into Alex wherever he may be to get our fresh FIX of our drug of choice Mr. Alex O’loughlin. ♥
    He’s very addictive and there is NO CURE. You’ve been warned 😀 hee 😀


  7. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Just faboulous !!!! Love him too much 😋


  8. cwtshjan

    Anything, anytime, anywhere. I’ll wait as long as you like for more Alex. Love what you do. thank you.


  9. buttercup4u

    I am looking forward to this with you this summer, I won’t go anywhere because this place has beauty all over over and over it! 😉
    Thanks to all of you working here, and doing funny comments, (or serious one !!)


  10. Audrey

    I haven’t been on here very much this past year. LIke you said real life gets in the way. I love comment, every photo. Your site is awesome. Thank you for your hard work.


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