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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 140

We continue our story from here.

There is nothing majorly wrong with this episode, but there was also nothing really exciting about it. I have watched every one of the Hawaii Five-0 episodes many times. Some because I wanted to, and some because I needed to for posts. This episode is one of those that I will only ever watch again if I need to. It was entertaining to see it once, but that is it. But maybe that is what a TV procedural should be, once-off entertainment and nothing more.

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Things I liked about it.

  • Seeing Toast again. I loved how the character has grown over the seasons even though he has only been in four episodes.
  • I loved to see how Kamekona’s character has grown over the seasons as well. Together with his expanding businesses he has come a long way from being an ex-con turned informant and with each season growing to be really a big part of the show.
  • I also love how they have found real concrete things for Jerry to do. His character could have just been strung along like most of the female characters on the show are, but they have actually really found excellent and clever ways to incorporate him in the show. He actually developed from some sort of a recluse into someone who would go undercover with confidence.

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But all this leaves me with a question. I just wonder where the real growth for the main characters are? Am I too harsh to think that “guest” or part-time characters have grown more than the main group? Of course they have grown since the beginning, but in relation to minor players, has it been good enough?

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Things I did not really care for

  • Taking focus away from the main story with the sideline story of the marooned friends. Don’t get me wrong, I think the boat trip was an interesting idea for something to create some fun. But unfortunately without any connection to the rest of the characters, it just meant nothing to the story overall.
  • As a viewer, I failed to feel any connection with the villain’s motives and methods. There was just something missing in the details of this weeks’ story.

It was very generous of Toast to be so nice to these guys and to take them on a trip to the mainland. What can his motive be? They actually owe him one. Or is he trying to use Steve as his wingman?

For me it is really sad that the writers come up with some interesting ideas for cases and even side stories during every season, but most of the time the stories lack meat around them to really grab me as a viewer. Maybe this show was not meant to grab us, but just entertain us a bit with some mindless short-lived fun ……..


But then of course there is Alex! He grabbed my attention 5 years ago, and has been entertaining me ever since …….

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:22

I’ike Ke Ao (For the World to Know)

Written by: David Wolkove

Directed by: Bryan Spicer

To be continued …….



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