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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (24 – 30 April 2016)

It is really heartbreaking not to have any new footage of our man Alex. Not even a new old pictures popping up anywhere during this past week. So you can understand that I am a bit cranky …..

I will use this weekly post to talk about sharing pictures and some of the stuff that has been bothering me (and friends from other fan pages) a bit lately. A request for courtesy towards the creations of fellow fans ……


Sharing Photos:

Just a friendly request. I know we are also guilty of not doing it all the time, but please post some information about old (and new) pictures when you post on IG and other places. I have lately seen so many people thinking that 4 and 5 year old pictures are new, because people just post them without any information (like this picture below from 2011). And when people ask when it was taken, the page owner sometimes does not even know where it comes from, or in some cases not even bother to answer (and if we do try to answer these questions, some bitches delete our answers because we ‘interfere’ on their pages).
I am not saying that you have to give all the original credits of where a picture came from, but just a time and place or occasion would be nice. This helps new (and old) fans to get to know Alex better and tells his history with more accuracy.
Alex in Hawaii - 5 May 2011

Alex in Hawaii – 5 May 2011

I know we also post lots of pictures without information because they are mostly edited pictures or used in posts, but we usually know where they come from and when they were originally posted. We also try to answer as best as possible if people do ask us. It is a learning curve for all of us. We would not know things if others from the past did not share the information, and the same apply to the fans for the future ……

Promos and spoilers for the week:

  • From Spoiler TV: Click on the link to find sneak peaks and promo video.

Reposting creations made by others:

  • In 2014 @mymaximus posted this stunning cropped picture of Alex from the GQ photoshoot. With time, effort and skill we  created something a little different from it and reposted it like this: (Click on the link)

Pic for the day – Thank you MM

Then this week I saw it posted on Twitter, with just a colour change and our name cropped out…..

Is it really your creation now, when you just changed the colour tone and erased our signature?

Have a look at these the pictures below. To erase the original watermark you see here on the picture on the right, and create the picture on the left, takes a lot of time, money, skill and love for the subject from the creator. Is it fair to just crop the name and repost?

We really do love it when people repost our creations, because it is a big compliment for our work. We like to share everything about Alex with as many fellow fans as possible. But next time when you just cut or crop the signature at the bottom and repost it as your own picture, think about what you are actually doing. If you do have to  crop it to fit on Instagram, just a kind reference to the site where you originally got it from would be a nice a thoughtful gesture.


We rarely mark the animated gifs that we make and post on our pages, but they also take lots of time, money and skill. Just a small reference to where you get them from when you repost them elsewhere, would also be a kind gesture to show us that you appreciate our time and effort.

Thank you:

And after the all the ranting, I want to thank those who so regularly share the links to our posts and pictures. We appreciate everybody who participate in sharing our love of this gorgeous man, Alex.

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • “in his family jewels”

Next Week:

  • Remember to watch Hawaii Five-0 Episode 6:23 this Friday, 6 May.

jogging al dl


Just to illustrate what I am talking about. This just happened. Somebody deleted our signature and posted this picture that never existed, as their own. I commented on it.  And if you go to that account you will see our comment was deleted and we are now blocked from the account. ……

Instagram - Screenshot

This picture with just Alex was never taken

– We made the photoshop in March from this picture:

Season 5 Promoshoot

(Link to original post and you can read the comments there)



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