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Quote for the day: #AlexOLoughlin about Steve McGarrett

He’s pretty different. I mean we both have a tenacity. You know, we both have a kind of disci … We have …. I am pretty disciplined, me Alex, you know with most things. And so we share that with him. And then of course aspects of who I am. I mean I play this guy every day year after year, aspects of who I am, you know, are gonna show up in him. But ultimately he is like much ……. he is much less emotional than I am [laughs & snorts]. He’s much sort of tougher and smarter. All my characters are usually, you know, more of a person …. man, and more of a … you know, everything that I  am.

– Alex O’Loughlin about Steve McGarrett

Alex answering fan questions – 2013

red c al edited

Steve, Stan, Dr Andy, Mick, Kevin, Jack etc. – do you think any of them are more of a man than Alex? 😀


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