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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 141

We continue our story from here.

First of all, I just had to share this ….. :huhuani:

From Peter Lenkov on IG

He said it, not me 😀

After watching this episode I have one big question. Why do or would seemingly standup citizens and beautiful women fall in love and marry psychopathic murdering criminals? And on top of that, procreate with them? And then follow them half way around the world with their child. Are such women evil themselves or do they just yearn for any form of affection? Or is it the money and power? Or are some women just dumb and ignorant fools, or evil and clever bitches? Confused smiley 83

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Things I really liked about this episode:

  • Alex giving his 100% in a display of so many emotions during this episode (as always, once again). The guy just never phones it in. Week after week he just does his thing of being Steve McGarrett. And here again Alex his showing his skills as an actor, going from badass to kindness and care, and back to being the leader in a nanosecond. His face is a wonderful display of all the emotions storming through his brain in one scene.

Koala Smartasshttps://i2.wp.com/i70.servimg.com/u/f70/17/28/77/77/d6799810.gif

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  • Steve’s brand new shiny and crispy clean pants.


Koala Smartass: Perv!

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Things that made me laugh …….

  • A ‘red herring’ thieving, but not murdering perp hiding in the panic room, straight from the movie “Absolute Power”.

Koala Smartass: Shhh, you’re giving away your age when you remember movies from the 90’s

  • Chin really had a tough day. With very little sleep and what looks like a girlfriend who prefers the company of his room-mate and  ice-cream above some fun in the bed with him, he had to face the fact that his ‘worse nightmare’, ex brother-in-law is the father of a sweet innocent girl. And on top of that getting shot trying to protect her and then had to force himself from his hospital bed to protect her even further ……….

Koala Smartass: Agree, the guy really are too good for his own good. But that’s our Chin. On the other hand, the dude will really have to step up his game and use that ‘Greek-god’ body of his to rock Abby world  into a better nights’ sleep. Really not good for his stud image, if Jerry’s double fudge have to ‘rock’ her world at 3 in the morning.

  • Chin getting out of his hospital bed made me think of ‘Terminator’. Always recovering miraculously and getting up to fight another day.

Koala Smartass: But that has been part of the show since the beginning. Ever since Steve and Danny both got shot in the pilot without really slowing down in their fighting abilities, right through P Diddy’s miraculous recovery after being seriously shot but got up from his hospital bed and ran all around Oahu in Season 1, it has been part of the “superhero” Hawaii Five-0 world. “I’ll be back” can so easily replace “Book’em Danno” by now. 


  • Chin getting to the crime scene is his car full of bullet holes. Is his car some sort of comeback of KITT from ‘Knight Rider’? Did Chin summons the car  to the hospital from wherever it must have been towed away too after the shootout? And then the car also knew how to get him to the team? I see potential for spinoff and another sort of reboot – ‘Knight Rider – Hawaii’

Koala smartass: You’re really trying to be funny aren’t you? I just think that the bullets must have missed the car’s ‘vital organs’ as well, that’s all. 😀

Although Michelle Shioma seems to be a tough cookie in the interrogation room, I still wonder if she will be able to pull off her evil-assness in the outside world. I guess we will have to wait till the next episode to see her command her men. And what is up with her using her father’s last name? I wonder if she was never married, or just had some kids with random men while running the day-to-day business of her dad’s gangster business?

I see a lot of fans are excited about the new ‘supervillain’ woman, but I guess I have not really bought into her character yet. Will she meet her end next week, or will she be back for Season 7 to terrorise Steve and his team?

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And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:23

Pilina Koko (Blood Ties)

Written by: Eric Guggenheim

Directed byMaja Vrvilo

To be continued …….



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