#H50 season 6 finale promo McTreats

So many promos popping up last night, whew…Made some McYummos to snack on, while waiting for the full episodes. Are we ready to watch Steve get hurt?! Bring it on!

At least there´s one smile biglove


Butt action! 


Warming up the trigger finger 😉


Enormous guns. Slurrrp…glasses-smiley

New look! How can he look so hot with nerdy safety goggles!?



Scared of tomorrow already 

You can watch the rooftop action clip Here!

And rest of the clips on spoilertv Here!



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9 responses to “#H50 season 6 finale promo McTreats

  1. Cèlia Roig Comamala

    Thank you from Barcelona!!!These gifts make me very happy!!!😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gracenotpark

    Some very exciting clips! Alex just mesmerizes. And at least we know McG finally figures prominently in his own show.


  3. buttercup4u

    I knew you would catch that smile as soon as I saw it!
    THIS is THE perfect smile, EVER!!
    I seriously can’t remember when I last saw THIS perfect smile!!


  4. Wonderful gifs of an amazing tv character and fabulous actor made by our gifs Goddess Paula. The office got hot in an instant. I just hope we will have two great episodes tonight that we can rate them awesome.

    PS: Thank you Paula! I’m drooling over the keyboard.


  5. That white vest and those guns…Far too distracting 😉 I’m looking forward to this finale


  6. vanduyn

    The smile pic is the first one I capped from the preview! Is it killing anyone else the fact he’s chewing gum and then the safety glasses??? What’s wrong with me???? 😉


  7. lindae5o

    There is so much to go ga-ga over tonight, at least concerning our hero, Steve. Can’t wait. I hope the producers ended this season with a decent finale.


  8. Karen

    Man, I can not wait to see this episode tonight.


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