#H50 5.07 Showing #AlexOLoughlin´s Dedication to His Profession

Continuing with my Bluray gifs. This is the bit I was looking forward to, ever since we got it in the DVD extras. I had the need for better quality, even if it was just for a few seconds.




Uploaded this clip to our FB page. We ask you not to upload our BR clip, without our approval, elsewhere online.

No doubt about Alex´s acting skills and dedication here …




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16 responses to “#H50 5.07 Showing #AlexOLoughlin´s Dedication to His Profession

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these. I’m such a bad fan (cheap ass) that I’ve only purchased season 3 DVD set and don’t have a BluRay player. I respect your request to not copy/share these and h0pe others do as well. This stuff ain’t free folks.

    You girls are the best!


  2. cwtshjan

    Oh you are wonderful to us ailing Alex fans. We’re really missing him right now and you manage to come up with these goodies. Please know that what you do is so very much appreciated. You are very precious to fans like me who don’t know our way round computers like you clever girls. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Love you loads.


  3. You have no idea how much I love you right now! Everything about the epiCsode is amazing. Thank you!
    (And no, there’s no doubt. I wouldn’t be here if there would be any doubt!)
    ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. There wasn’t any doubt but it’s great to see it anyways 🙂 thank you for sharing those gems!


  5. While those of us that have been Alex fans for some time know about his dedication to his craft, it’s always good to be reminded of it. Thank you for this. He’s just so special.


    • Kath40

      I’m with you Janno I’m also a long time appreciative Alex fan. I just love these BTS showing us just how dedicated he is in putting 110% into every performance he delivers.
      Paula you wonderful lady, I’m loving these HD Blu-ray gifs ♥ I have the DVD versions so I’m so appreciative of all your efforts to bring us these higher quality gifs. ♥
      Thank You ((HUGS))


  6. karen

    Many, many thanks, since I don’t own the last 3 seasons on DVD. I have never questioned Alex’s acting ability. I guess a few naysayers have in the past. But he is doing okay in his profession, so it has all worked out for him. I’m happy for his accomplishments. Thanks again.


  7. karen

    Oh…and love the peek at the undies too.


    • Kath40

      Have to give the makeup department Kudos on covering his enormous back tat…above the undi-line. There is a peek along the undi-line hinting it must go farther down then we will ever know. 😀 How I miss the good ol’ days of a young starving actor willing to bare alot of skin on his way up the preverbal star ladder. No chance now of ever seeing the “full” back tattoo…were ever it goes. *sigh*

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  8. Karen

    Wow!! Just love the extra stuff that they put on DVD and Blurays. Thank you for sharing what is on the bluray.


  9. Paula, I think you’ve got the BluRays and the US-DVDs? Is it correct that the commentaries are not on the BluRay? Or is my information wrong?


  10. No doubt for sure in all you pointed – acting skills, dedication and commitment – or we wouldn’t be here, right?

    I appreciate and i’m thankful that you always shared the extras with us. Looking forward for your posts with the deleted scenes on H50 hiatus.


  11. lindae5o

    I thought there was no Blu-ray version issued for North America, because they didn’t sell well enough previously. Is that correct?


    • Linda, you’ve got to order the BluRays from amazon Germany. But I think they don’t have all the extras… Paula knows it all I think 😉


  12. Magnólia

    Belo homem e excelente actor! ☺


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