Five Questions for #AlexOLoughlin – March 2016

Alex O’Loughlin: I wanted Hawaii Five-0 to be filmed in LA


Article by Frank Rousseau

12 March 2016

The cop of Hawaii 5-0, the American show under the coconut palms, is coming back with the new Season 6.

Télé Z: Your action scenes are spectacular. Do you use a stand-in?

Alex: Stunts, I did many the first year. As an athlete, to challenge myself, but also for professionalism and to justify my fee. Now, I slowed down, but I still do a good amount. Even if it means taking a long time to recover!

617 armed

Télé Z: You are shooting in Hawaii which is considered as heaven on earth. Isn’t the isolation a bit boring?

Alex: As a younger person, I loved travelling and being in a different setting! I can spend hours observing nature. In Hawaii, I have a front-row seat! And, don’t forget that I am an actor. By definition, it is someone who is able to adapt.

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Télé Z: It is said that when you were shooting the pilot of Hawaii 5-0, adjustment was not easy…

Alex: That is true! I even remember trying to convince CBS to shoot the show in Los Angeles! It seems that I wasn’t persuasive! [Laughs]

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Télé Z: Between the pace of filming the production to get good ratings, you undergo enormous pressure. How do you handle it? “

Alex: The most effective way, is to be with my family. My children are the most precious beings. I love spending time with them. When I’m not shooting, I like staying home. I clear my mind tinkering.

617 profile cl ed 2

Télé Z: Are you more gifted to hold a gun or a drill?

Alex: [Bursts out laughing] I bought a fixer upper house. Even if I am not very good at it, I don’t listen to advice from my friends, who encourage me to hire professionals. I like doing everything myself. I’m so addicted that sometimes I take apart things, only for the pleasure of rebuilding them!

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Thank You to Cassandre for translating the article from French to English for us yesterday.

French article

And also Thank You to BeeM for the translation advice and the link to the online article: Here

There are some small differences in the wording of the printed and online articles. We used the longer text.


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13 responses to “Five Questions for #AlexOLoughlin – March 2016

  1. Alex certainly could be my fixer upper.


  2. THX ladies for this article. This is the 1st time I’ve seen Alex talk about trying to get them to film in LA! Just shows us we do NOT know everything about this man! (Love that we don’t!) I can’t imagine how different his life would be now if he could have persuaded them to make that location change! I also can’t imagine trying to make LA look like Hawaii and sooooo glad that they didn’t.


  3. lindae5o

    Thanks for the translation. Nice little article.


  4. gracenotpark

    Cool interview. Good questions, even tho we’ve seen em before. And Alex always gives interesting and thoughtful answers. You translators are lovely! Thank you. ❤


  5. Mahalo for the translation and article! Great job!


  6. Kath40

    Thank you for the article and the translation. 😀
    I didn’t know Alex tried to convince CBS to shoot the show in LA. I’m glad he wasn’t able to persuade them ’cause I can’t imagine LA passing for Hawaii. 😉
    Look at how wonderful his life is for having relocated to Oahu. A wife, kids, a home and a dream job ALL in paradise. ♥ Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy ♥


  7. EDP

    He can take apart and put me back together anytime!!! Love his passion for his kids and nature.


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