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Whiteout – #AlexOLoughlin and Gabriel Macht – Sept 2009

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The leading actors talk the extreme Manitoba weather, plus O’Loughlin touches on “Moonlight”
with Hit Fix
[Clip from the movie Whiteout]

Reporter: First of all. Thank you guys for sitting down. I’ve got to say, you are a traffic magnet sir. It is amazing how Moonlight is of the air for a couple of years, and it’s still got a very rabid active fan base

Alex: Yes sir.

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Reporter: What is it that keeps that fan base so … so energized and alive?

Alex: I think the character of Mick St John in Moonlight was …. I mean it was …. I have never invested more into a character in my career. I loved him so much and I really put that character together and I did a huge amount of work on that, you know. And in the face of adversity we had 4 show runners and it was just a … It was sort of destined to die a death at some stage.

I am surprised we kept it alive as long as we did. But the fans were there with us, you know what I mean. And I kept them posted. I tried to blog them as much as I can, you know. I tried to interact as much as I can in my busy life. And I’m inclusive and I love them for everything they do. And so … I don’t know, maybe that got something to do with it.

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Reporter: Gabriel, obviously this is adapted from the Greg Rucka graphic novel and you’ve had experience working with translated comics to the screen before for The Spirit. You had Frank Miller who is obviously such a strong voice with you on The Spirit, was Greg around on Whiteout?

Gabriel: When production is collaborative a lot of people are asking questions, and Greg came down actually just to hang out on the set and , you know we found that he was sitting in video village in the back and we’d be talking about dialogue and “Should he say this” and “Maybe he should say this”.

And the producers would throw in their 2 cents and then all of a sudden I was like “Guys, Greg is right here. Why don’t we ask Greg?”, you know.

And he came out and he is the most knowledgeable about it all. So it was actually a pleasure to have him on set. He was there quite a bunch and I think he contributed just some terrific stuff to the movie.

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Reporter: Now obviously when you’re working on that’s set in as extreme a physical location as this. And you are shooting in a place like Manitoba, there’s not a lot of acting. You guys a physically in these environments.

Does that … do you find that that helps, that it then when you got to Montreal and you are on the sound stages having that memory, is a big part of that?

Alex: Yeah, it’s a good … It’s an excellent point. It is something we’ve been speaking about today. You are absolutely right. It was smart the way we did it. We shot the exteriors and we got to know the environment and we spend actual time in minus 40 and minus 50. When we are on the sound stage we can, you know, it is already in your body.

But I mean it plays ….. Antarctica plays such a character in the film. I mean, it’s a very real living breathing dangerous character. You know it is dangerous, if not more than the villain of the film who is taking all these lives, you know. So it’s a ..yeah, yeah, it’s …. that in essence is the spirit of the picture

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