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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 135

We continue our story from here.

After thinking about it long and hard, I have decided for the time being, not to expand too much on my thoughts about the show and the episodes in these Steve posts ……

617 (64)

I hope you enjoy all the beautiful pictures of Steve that Paula selected for us from the episode …

617 (32)

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The one development in Steve’s story of course, is that now he knows what we got to see when Cath left. He’s got the knowledge that Cath is working undercover for the CIA. It can either be good or bad, depending on if the writers actually plan to expand on it and use it effectively – sooner rather than later.

Will it just be another “Doris-frustration” of lost opportunity to actually give Steve a story, or will they give Alex the chance to show us how he and Steve plays this one out? I doubt …….

617 (82)

All I can say is that after two-thirds of the episodes of this season, I am completely underwhelmed by the direction that the show is taking  …….

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 6:17

Waiwai (Assets)

Written by: Eric Guggenheim

Directed by: Maja Vrvilo

To be continued …….



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