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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (7 – 12 March 2016)

The filming of Season 6 of Hawaii Five-0 seems to be speeding to an end and they might even be finished by the time we get to watch the next new episode on the 1st of April. Thank you again to the people who posted or found pictures  this week.


Life on the Set:

  Our new M.E.?

Alex on set - 10 Mar 2016

bklyngirl726 This is what happen when I missed my flight in Hawaii #worthit #noregrets #bigfan #hawaiifive0 #alohaspirit #mahalo #alexoloughlin #humble #grateful #makeithappen #downtownhonolulu #dreambig
Alex & Lisa Vigra - 10 Mar 2016
  • Some old picture found this week:

(I think it was found by Alex O’Loughlin’s Place  – Thank you)

Alex & Kimmy on set - Sept 2014 (Epi 4:09)

Alex & Kimmy on set – Sept 2014 (Epi 4:09)

  • Some more old pictures of Alex & Kimmy as well as her in the episodes.

(Apart from these two episodes above, Kimmy has been a background extra in a number of other episodes, including 5:07 where we see her walk by behind Jenna and in 5:04 where we see her as one of the shoppers in the mall scene)

Fan Photos:

  • Alex eating at Benihana, Hilton Hawaiian Village:
4g.kila Me, some coworkers, and Alex O’Loughlin A.K.A. Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett from #Hawaii50


News for the week:

  • Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 returned to television in France last night. We got an article with ‘Five questions for Alex’ from a French magazine, and we were wondering if there are any of the French fans who could translate it for us into English:

If you can translate it for us, please contact us on our e-mail: intense.study.aol@gmail.com

And we just got the translation, thanks to a fan 🙂 We´ll post it within the next couple of days.

Something Pretty from other fans:


  • I feel a bit nostalgic this week, and I miss the good old days when there were numerous beautiful Alex edits and rare pictures of him posted all around social media regularly by Mymaximus, Silvia, Terry, AOL Fans World and the girls at AOLww (and some others). Thank you to the few who are still around creating and posting some of pretty …….

From AOL Fans world

Alex & Friends or Family:

Happy birthday to Alex’s stepson Spike who celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday. From a picture posted by Spike’s father, Luke Stedman, it looks like the little guy had some fun on the beach with his dad for his birthday.

Here are pictures taken by Tina Mahina Photography of Alex with Spike at the Walk to Defeat ALS in September 2014:

The words of a fangirl:

Thank you to those fans who remove and delete fake Alex O’Loughlin pictures from their pages when they realise that they have mistakenly posted a fake picture. However it is so unfortunate that so many so-called fans (especially on Pinterest) insist on keeping these pictures on their Alex O’Loughlin boards and with it fooling unsuspected new fans with it. *cry*

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • who did alex o’loughlin play in the holiday
Alex O'Loughlin - Kissing in The Holiday

Alex O’Loughlin – Kissing in The Holiday

Next Week:

  • I actually do not really know where they are with filming the episodes now. They were on set yesterday on a Saturday again, so I imagine they are trying to end this season’s shooting early. I thought that they will only finish Episode 6:23 this week and move on to Episode 6:24, but according to someone at the filming yesterday, they were already busy with 6:24 on Saturday. At this rate I think they might even finish filming and break for this years hiatus at Easter Weekend already.
  • There will be a break of 2 weeks in the broadcast of new episodes and we will have to wait until 1 April for Episode 6:18 to air.

Steve - Epi 617



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