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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (20 – 27 March 2016)

Lots of loud action on the sets of Hawaii Five-0 in the city this past week. Many fans had the opportunity to watch some of the filming. According to information on social media they finally wrapped shooting Epi 6:24.

There were such a lot of pictures taken and posted this week, if I missed any of them with Alex, please let me know.

Thank you to those who post their pictures with tags, it makes it so much easier to spot. Thank you to those who find those pictures that are not tagged. Your hard work never goes unnoticed.


It is a pity that so many posters become shy once they realise that their pictures became viral and then change their accounts to private. We cropped their pictures, because I guess they don’t want to be seen.


Most of the pictures on here have been edited for better colour and clarity and some swapped to display correctly.

Life on the Set:

bellahoelk What’s better than Cowboys, cops, and Indians- Hawaii 5-O

Team on set - March 2016

From Star Nisa on Facebook
Thank you   for the find.


lit.ricca // i met alex o’loughlin from hawaii five – 0 || best day ever!!! he made my day #h50 he used my phone to take the picture

alohaz.ricca Tb to the day my dreams came true!!😇 || i met the Alex O’loughlin️ ft. Grace Park (Kono) in the bkg from Hawaii five-0 || thanks to Aunty Joyce & the crewman, Caleb, for making this all possible!

Alex on set - -

Robert Warner   Hawaii Five O crew in front of my restaurant last Saturday. See the Windows exploded out on the city bus and the bullet holes? They actually blew the Windows out right there. Glass all over our courtyard and street. I was in the kitchen prepping for our Saturday night dinner. Whole street was closed down all day. So much crew everywhere.They’ve shots scenes in front before but this was much more extensive. Many don’t realize that Five O means fiftieth state. Aloha, Chef Robert.
From Robert on set
Thank you  for the find.
Congrats on season 7 Thx to H50 team for bringing Hawaii back to me for another season #H50 #jeffreydowner @PLenkov
 Alex with Janice on set

Fan Photos:

shannonaf Alex!#hawaii50 #alexoloughlin #shaka #hesasweetheart #local #thisismyhawaii

Alex with Shannon Phillips

   Meeting Steve McGarrett in Chinatown today!
Alex on set in Chinatown
Thank you @BeeM for the find.


  •  Alex and Martin Starr aka Toast shopping – 3 March 2016 (Toast will be back in Epi 6:22)
Alex with Julia & Martin
 Thank you to    for the find

   Missed him by a day! My girls met the delightful and talented #AlexOLoughlin today. #HNL

Alex - 26 Mar 2016
brandonriveraloha#bogartscafe finally met #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 #H50 #Hawaii50
Alex - - Mar 2016
Thank you surfbelle2  for the find

News for the week:

Season 7

  • With the news of the renewal, lots are being said. Wendy Burbridge wrote a nice summary for her Five-0 Redux in the Star Advertiser this week: Rolling a lucky number seven


Something Pretty from other fans:

From Sabrina -

Alex & Friends or Family:

We would like to wish Alex’s wife Malia a very Happy Birthday today

(27 March)

15 Nov 2015 - Photographer Kelli Bullock -


We are kind of sure that Alex and the boys will spoil her with lots of love and treats.


Next Week:

  • They will start filming the last episode – 6:25 this week and should be finished by 7 April when the wrap party is apparently planned.
  • And remember to tune in on Friday 1 April, for the next new episode – 6:18




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