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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (28 Feb – 5 Mar 2016)

Some interesting pictures posted and found this week. Many from a long time ago, but some new ones from this week on the set as well. Thank you to everybody who posted pictures and also to those who founds the rare pictures.


Life on the Set:

masi_oka Today’s shoot. Keeping the boat theme.From Masi Oka - set 2 Mar 2016

hawaiiandude77  And….action. #h50
From Shawn on set Mar 2016

why hello commander!

Thank you Amy for posting and Beem for providing the link.

  •  Picture posted by actor Matt Riedy (seen here between Alex & Jason) from the set of Moonlight in April 2008 (While filming the last episode)
Jason Dohring, Alex O'Loughlin, Matt Riedy and Christian Keyes on Moonlight (Epi 16)
(Please click on the picture to see the bigger than FB version of it)
Thank you Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin for the find.

Fan Photos:

jimdoi #tbt #hawaii50 #stevemcgarrett #alexoloughlin
James first posted a similar picture, autographed by Alex, on his old IG on 29 May 2015 (Not sure when it was actually taken though, but it looks like early Season 4)

Something interesting from the set:

bwallace808 Some Five-0 Season 5 action. @rickbrock Mad skills. #gripnation #griplife #hawaii50 @puttshots @justin.doing.things

This is how last year in May 2015, Paula captured that scene from Episode 5:24 that they work on in the clip above.


Trivia for the Week:

  • A bigger version of a picture that was originally posted very small and part of a collage from the 2013 Toy Drive got discovered this week.

The collage and some other old pictures of the event that we got in 2013

Newly discovered pictures from Kassity Cole    21 December 2013

Thank you Alex O’Loughlin’s Place for the find

The Hawaii Five-0 cast and executives hand out gifts to schools every year-end, but this time in 2013, was the last time we saw pictures of Alex being part of the event.

Alex & Friends or Family:

danieldaekim “Dirty Business” #AlohaFriday #H50

From Daniel

Some fandom laughs of the week:laugh:

Once again, all the

and thishttps://i1.wp.com/www.picgifs.com/smileys/smileys-and-emoticons/beating-and-fighting/smileys-beating-and-fighting-498920.gif

And frantic

  on the #H50 tag.

All because of the mention of that one name in the promo for next week.

And of course the producers are smiling all the way to the bank, about the social media attention and interest created for their show by the mention of that ONE name……

The words of a fangirl

We have this site and all our other social media pages (FB, Twitter, IG and Pinterest) connected to it, because we adore Alex and enjoy him as a person. We also think he is a wonderful actor with many more stories to tell still, to entertain us with. Apart from just enjoying Alex with other fellow fans, we do not expect anything or any rewards for it.  But this week some special ladies who has been following Alex for a lot longer than us, treated each one of us with a lovely pillow case as gift, given as a gesture of thanks and of them enjoying what we do.

pillowcase by Jill and Tammy

To Tammy & Jill from the group Gorgeous Alex O’Loughlin, thank you for the “thank you” gifts. We also enjoy your love for Alex and all you do to feed the needs of fellow fans in your group. We think you will both agree that on many occasions fellow fan-girls not only carry us in times of sadness, but also enjoy the good times with us and make it so much more special ……


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • man spitting blood gif
Epi 210

Epi 210

Next Week:

  • They should be finishing up with Episode 6:22 this week and move onto Episode 6:23.
  • Remember to catch a new episode (6:17) of Hawaii Five-0 this Friday.

Steve McGarrett




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