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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (13 – 19 March 2016)

From everything posted, it looks like it was a busy and full and long week on the set of Hawaii Five-0.

Thank you once again to the people who posted pictures of Alex during this week and also to those who found the rare ones that were posted without tags.

Just one complaint again this week: It still fills me with sadness that so many local people from Hawaii insist on spelling Alex’s surname as “O’Laughlin”. If somebody can tell me why they do that and with it solve that mystery, I would be really grateful.:sad:

Life on the Set:

danieldaekim Thespians #H50
Alex on set 16 March 2016
  Scene at the hotel with AoL.
Alex on set - 17 March 2016
Phillip Gagle

Getting ready for our “Hawaii Five O” – Set Call”. – Behind me is MaGarret and Danno, And Kono (Grace Park), Chi McBride, and Daniel Dae Kim (my favorite Actor) – in the foreground (me sneaking these pictures.). PRG

From what I could see these pictures were found by

Deb Stevens Burnstedt   OMG! We just saw a taping of Hawaii 5-0 and Alex O’Laughlin (Steve McGarrett).

From Deb Stevens Burnstedt - Alex on setFrom what I could see this picture was also found by

Janie Gueso They were so excited to meet these celebrities!!…and our girls were glad to meet the cast of Hawaii 5-0 too…Five-0 with the EWA BEACH CARDINALS On set - 19 March 2016From what I could see this picture was also found by

Fan Photos:

Alex & Angie - March 2016A very special moment for Angie who is a very loyal fan of Hawaii Five-0 and of Alex and has been spending a lot of her time on not only her own fansite for Alex (Angie´s Alex fanpage) , but also assisting Wendie as co-admin at Five-0 Redux and helping as co-admin at Fans for Donate life. It is really a pity that Alex did not know all this about Angie when she got these few short minutes with him for the picture.

Of course what makes this pictures also more interesting is that it was taken by publish photographer Scott Caan. 😀


fxpapa Alex and Dylon hanging on set big shoot out day

Alex and Dylon on setFrom what I could see this picture was also found by Alex O’Loughlin’s Place

News for the week:

Hawaii News Now: 

The TIM school – that’s the UH Travel Industry Management School – is marking its 590th anniversary with a gala fundraising dinner. It’s 5 p.m. March 31 at the Sheraton Waikiki, and the Legacy in Tourism award will go to an entertainment figure for the first time, “Five 0” executive producer Peter Lenkov.

Congratulations to Peter and his team!


Some Trivia for the week:

  • CBS announced that Hawaii Five-0 Season Finale for Season 6 will be 2 hours on Friday 13 May. (Remember that it is not a 2 hour finale, but 2 separate episodes (6:24 & 6:25) like last year.)

h50 s1 bts promo photoshoot

  • About renewal: Please take note!
  A CBS spokesperson for #H50 told me just a moment ago that any decision will be announced in May and not sooner.

There you have it from somebody who have contact with the people who know. We will have to wait until May before we get news of renewal. We therefore ask that people refrain from making false statements or claims on our pages about the renewal. We will wait for official confirmation of renewal or not, and will post the news immediately when it becomes available.


Something Pretty from other fans:

  • Picture posted by @BeeM

beems black mcg

Alex & Friends or Family:

  • This week a number of people in the Hawaii Five-0 Ohana celebrated their birthdays. First of all Grace Park celebrated her 42nd birthday on 14 March.

Grace Park Birthday celebration(I spot some interesting people (actors) on this picture)

  • The next day (15 March), Grace and her husband Phil Kim joined Daniel Dae Kim and his wife Mia with some colleagues and friends for dinner, for what looked like Mia’s birthday celebration.

Dinner with friends

  • And then on 18 March, Dennis Chun also celebrated his birthday.

Alex and Dennis at a fundraiser in Dec 2013

Best wishes to those who celebrated their birthdays this past week!


  • A”new” old picture from SOTB 6 posted this week:
Alex & Malia with Billy V at SOTB 6

Laugh for the week:

  • The official twitter account from CBS for Hawaii Five-0 keep on entertaining us with their lack of knowledge of the show …….

The funny thing is that the tweet was only deleted and replaced after Julie Benz herself replied with a comment on the tweet that she did not know who Jennifer was, but that she loved her character, Abby.


The words of a fangirl:

Alex O’Loughlin’s Place  – Just found an old folder in my computer of some very old pictures of Alex. Nothing new, but some people might have never seen them before. Will be sorting through them and posting them as I go. There are over 2000+ pictures, so they will be going up periodically. Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

 Thank you for posting these old pictures. There are a few that we have never seen before, like some of these above.


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • is steve mc garrett alive?if not what did he die from


Next Week:

  • From what I read online it seems that although they already started filming Epi 6:24 the previous Saturday, that there was still filming for Epi 6:23 done during this past the week. Apparently there will also be some scenes filmed this weekend. I guess the might be finished with 6:24 by the end of this week. Then just one more episode to be filmed before hiatus.

207 double mcg profile



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