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#AlexOLoughlin …… They Say I’m a Sex Object

Part of another funny interview with Alex and Jennifer at the Press Junket in March 2010 for the movie The Back-Up Plan.

This time with Associated Press.

The two of them talk about the dogs on set, and the shape of their bodies for the movie …..


[Clip from The Back-Up Plan – Stan arrives for their 1st date]

Alex: So much time was spent on this movie, with Jennifer and I …

Jennifer:  ….On those dogs…

Alex: ……. like frozen in action and the dog trainers going, “Nibbins …. nibbins”, and clicking.

Jennifer: “Nibbins” “click” “click” “click” .. “Nibbins” “click” “click” “click”

Alex: And throwing bits of  food at it. And this dog is like …

Jennifer: In between our dialogue, right. So I will be like, “Hey, how are you?”

Alex & Jennifer: “Nibbins” “Click, click,  click..”

Alex: And I’d be like, “Good thanks Zoe”

Jennifer: Crazy town.


[Clip from the Back-up Plan – Stan & Zoe walking into his farm house]

Alex: You just can’t take it seriously. I mean, it’s like I got fit before I did the movie. And they got me a great trainer, Jeff Blair. Who has become a great friend and my fulltime trainer. And look what he did to my body.  

You know, I was  270 pounds when he met me, and then he tore me up. And they said, “Take your shirt off”. And I did.

And now people are like, “You’re a sex object” And I‘m  like, “Well” … okay.


[Clip from filming the Back-Up Plan – Zoe at Grandma’s wedding]

Jennifer: I got much bigger than our little Zoe did. Yes. I was like 50 pounds and my nose was like this big. It was crazy.

Alex: Yeh, whatever.

Jennifer: I was.

Alex: Okay, maybe you got bigger than Zoe did. But I’ve seen pictures of you ….

Jennifer: The last month …

Alex: I’ve seen pictures of you when you were pregnant. You and Marc and stuff. You were still beautiful.

Jennifer: No, there were some good ones and  then at the end.

Alex: Crazy.


Jennifer: Like two weeks before I gave birth we went to this big event. And when I look at that picture now, and Marc looks literally like a …. like a little person.

Alex: Like a child.

Jennifer: Like a child. And I looked like a gargantuan Amazonian women with a huge nose and a belly like this. And I am kind of towering over him with all this hair. It’s crazy.

[Clip from the Back-Up Plan – at the playground]

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